In our most recent exploration of identity, the children's names, we have discovered that the children are recognizing and articulating their peer's names.   A panel was created to investigate the meaning of their names further.  The significance of each name will always be a part of their identity.   For example:

Remy- Remy's name came from my maiden name, Remenaric; my father's nickname was also Rem (also based on our last name), so we wanted to honor my dad and my family name with Remy.

Nico- He is the fourth Enrique Peral, named after his great-grandfather born in Cuba in the 1920's. The name was chosen because of family tradition. His middle name Nicolás means "victory" or "victorious". We chose this name because we wanted to call him by his middle name and have a name that could be easily pronounced in English and Spanish.

Marco- My name is a reflection of the Italian origin of my last name. My Dad thought it sounded good too. My second name, Armand, is after my grandfather and I am the only boy in my family to carry on our name.

Ellis- Ellis is named after his great-great grandfather on his mom's side. His middle name, Nisar, is after his great-grandfather on his dad's side. We wanted his name to reflect generations of his family.

Ellie- My name comes from the Greek word eleutheros, meaning "free".

Discovering, identifying and acknowledging their similarities and differences, are to be embraced as they grow and develop.  We will continue to learn other facets that bridges to their self-identity.   Some highlights of what we have completed: