As we document the different experiences and identities of each child, we are celebrating how different and similar they are.   Some of the children are articulating their friend's name.   Their names shape their identity, how it is spelled and enunciated.   Names are crucial in developing their sense of self.   It will be our next connection to our identity theme.

We also began a footprint activity.  The children are enjoying the tactile experience, as the paint is applied on their feet and they feel the sensation of the paint.  Once they are covered with paint, they gently stamp their feet down onto the canvas and make an imprint of their foot.  Each foot size is different and is an amazing representation of how quickly they are growing. 

We are continuing and almost completing the different aspects of each child's identity: 

  • The children are recognizing, and some are articulating their facial features. 
  • We are almost finishing measuring their heights with unit blocks
  • We are in the process of arranging and accumulating a page with each child's picture, the name of their culture, ethnicity, or how you represent yourself. There will be two questions:  How you say hello and goodbye in your language.  

As we celebrate with each child, we are learning to connect with them.