Welcome back to the first week of January! 

We could tell the children were ready to get back to being with their teachers and friends. On Tuesday we let the children have a true open play day. They were so happy to have all their toys and books back that we just let them explore the room and have them choose what they wanted to play with. We also had Spanish. It was Sienna's first time attending Spanish class and she really loved it. The Spanish instructor even stated "I think she's ready to take my job!"

We also had the pleasure this week of meeting two new students to our classroom. Nico and Grey! Nico loved our yellow school bus while Grey loved listening to music and shaking along.

Today we played with snow inside the classroom. We placed it on a tray, provided a few tools for those that did not want to touch it, and observed how they carefully placed it on their fingers and swirled it around.