We are back in action after the Thanksgiving break! This week we went to the park, and since the weather has been beautiful, we ventured out of our buggy rides and roamed a little bit by the grassy area. On our way back to school, something wonderful happened when we decided to stop by the Christmas tree post. As we were looking at the trees and touching them, the vendor said we could take the branches of the pine trees for FREE!!! So exciting! We got to use some of the branches today to paint with. 

This week we have also been listening to different kinds of music. On Monday we listened to Bollywood from India. Laura listens to it when celebrating a wedding, or at different family functions. We saw a couple of kids swaying back and forth to the music. We were all surprised when Isabelle got really into it. She would shake her hips, move her shoulders, and clap her hands. Today we listened to music from Israel. We captured Barak and he was turning around and holding the radio, with a huge smile on his face. Such beautiful moments! Here are the pictures of today.