Yesterday we went to the market to get a few pumpkins. A big one, a small one, and a white (also small) one. Today, Laura helped us carve out the big pumpkin. She cut out the eyes, the nose and the mouth. She also showed what the pumpkin looked like on the inside. The children were really intrigued. They touched the seeds, tried to put the small pumpkin inside of it, and each had a turn holding the stem. Some were courageous and tasted the inside of the pumpkin too!

Also we had music with Evan today. He showed us what a Marimba looks like. I even heard little voices singing along to his songs while Evan played his guitar. When it was time to dance, John went right ahead and showed some of his moves. When Isabelle saw John dancing, she went on to shake her shoulders and little belly. The other children were more comfortable just watching (for now...).