We're going on a bear hunt!

We're going on a bear hunt!

Hello parents!

In lieu of parent teacher conferences this week, I did not send a blog post. Thank you all for understanding! Here's an update of the week. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

We read the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt and did a follow-up literacy-related activity in the sensory room. I re-arranged the sensory room so that most of the furniture was against the walls, giving us a big open space for our activity. In the book, a family goes on an adventure in search for a bear. The book is great for 2's and 3's because the author uses repetitive language as the family goes through obstacles such as through a forest and snowstorm. It also does a good job with exposing the children to directional concepts like over, under and through. Re-telling stories is something we have just starting doing in the 3's class. 

To help develop reading comprehension and sequencing skills, we went on our very own bear hunt! Following the story, I introduced the children to the teddy bear hunt activity, where they went through the different parts of the story as told in the book. The children walked through tall grass, swam through a river, made their way through a forest, and snow storm before they arrived in the cave where the teddy bears were sleeping. I set up the room with materials to represent each of these areas along a path on the ground--fake grass for the grassy area, blue tarp for the river, leaves and sticks on a green rug for the forest, a white poster board with cotton balls for the snowstorm, and the dark cozy corner for the cave. As the children moved through the path in different ways (walking, hopping, crawling, “swimming”), we replicated the sounds that were repeated in the story (e.g. swish, swish), until they found a teddy bear picture in the cave. We will continue to choose stories to re-tell with whole body movements in the weeks to come.

Specialists: Spanish and Yoga

During Spanish class, in addition to our routine songs, we discussed Thanksgiving and learned a new song about turkeys! In yoga class, Lakshmi had a special surprise for us- a skeleton! We observed the skeleton model's bones from the skull bone, to the bones in its elbows, shoulders, legs, toes, etc. The children were able to make the connection from the bones in the skeleton to their own bones. 

Going for a Walk!

We planned for a park day but since it was so windy, we went for a long walk instead. During our walk we talked about different things we noticed with the trees and leaves on the ground. During our next walk, we plan on bringing bags with us to fill with leaves, sticks, rocks, and acorns. 

Have a great weekend!

I have a stick!

Six Little Monkeys

As part of our morning routine, we sing a variety of songs and finger plays in addition to discussing important events or projects for the day. This week, Noah suggested we sing "Five Little Monkeys." Instead of sitting down and singing the song, we acted it out! The friends helped count 6 children, therefore there would be six monkeys jumping on the bed. Each time a monkey fell off the bed, all of the children counted how many of them were left over until there were no monkeys left.

Sensory Exploration

The children spent so much time at the flour and baby oil sensory table this week. It was so messy and so much fun! The children worked together to build a volcano with the flour mixture, which continuously erupted. The best part of the volcano was that the friends built it over and over again!

Show and Share

Noah and Gabriel brought in two sticks to school that they found outside. They were so excited to show their friends that I asked them to share the sticks during circle time. Noah and Gabriel passed the sticks around to each friend. We discussed how we could use them at school. Some ideas were to use them as props for building in the block area, for painting, or for playing the drum! Encourage your child to search for sticks, rocks, acorns and leaves this weekend and bring them to school! We can't wait to see what the children find in nature and how we can use these items in our school environment. 

Spanish with Patri

- Identifying animals in Spanish with the song, Old Mac Donald Had a Farm in Spanish

Math and Manipulatives

We were busy this week working on different kinds of puzzles and manipulatives to help practice and reinforce critical thinking, fine motor and counting skills. 

Welcome to BMS Marco and Thomas!

Lastly, I wanted to introduce you to two new friends that recently joined our Buckle My Shoe community. Marco (left) transferred over from our TriBeca school this week and Thomas (right) started with us last week. Marco and Thomas are both in the 2's class, but as you already know we spend a lot of time together. 

Busy end of the week!

Busy end of the week!


We painted using Q-tips on top of mirrors and on canvases.

Sensory Experiences

We topped off the week with a few activities that engaged our young friends' senses with  oatmeal and shaving cream. One of the fundamental skills we focus on throughout the school year is social skill development. These activities encouraged the children to work in the same space and share tools and materials to manipulate and change the properties of what they were using. 

Yoga with Lakshmi!

Building and Construction

Magna tiles, trains and train tracks and other connecting toys have been very popular lately. Whether the children are building on their own or building together, so much problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity is occurring!

Have a great weekend!

Jack-o-Lantern, Parading and more!

Jack-o-Lantern, Parading and more!

Oh, Halloween. Happy Halloween!

Halloween was on every student's mind on Monday. Many of the children brought their costumes back to school and eagerly showed them to teachers and friends. Some of the super animals worked on decorating foam masks as something extra special to their costumes. I also showed the children my super giraffe costume that I worked on over the weekend! Sebastian and Avery, who didn't finish their costumes yet, were so excited to get home and complete theirs! 

I revealed a great big pumpkin I picked up for our party. We thought that it was best to carve the pumpkin and turn it into a jack-o-lantern. We voted on what shapes the eyes of the jack-o-lantern would be. We represented each vote using a tally mark next to each shape on a dry erase board. The winning shapes were circle and triangle. The 2's class helped decide the shapes for the nose and mouth. During center time, we cleaned and carved the pumpkin. The final step was to add fairy lights inside- all ready for our party!

Halloween Day Parade!

Wow, the children's costumes were so creative this year! Parents, you all did such an amazing job adding details to your child's super animal costume. Thank you for your hard work! 

Kai: Super Frog

Arya: Super Tiger

Noah: Super Monkey

Avery: Super Cat

Sebastian: Super Tiger

Gabriel: Super Cheetah

Be sure to check out our flickr account for all Halloween pictures!

Spanish with Mimi

We had a fantastic Spanish class this week. Mimi used a dog puppet, named Lucas to sing "Buenos Dias" to the friends. A highlight from this session was the use of a parachute to promote self-regulation, listening skills, and team work all while teaching the children new words in Spanish. I will send a report from Mimi with the vocabulary she has been using with the kids. 

Painting with Hair Combs

Painting is part of our daily activities and is always available for the children to explore. However, there are times when building with manipulatives or magna tiles seem more appealing to the class of all boys--which is okay! I have found that presenting materials in different ways attracts  children to investigate further. Instead of partnering paint with brushes, I added hair combs to the painting table. The combs' bristles gave an unexpected sensation with each stroke. The children enjoyed choosing additional paint colors and mixing these colors as they spread them throughout the paper with the combs. 

Building and Construction

Another productive day at the block area with all of the friends. With each day building with unit blocks, the children are learning new skills and rules. For example, blocks should not be held over one's head to avoid getting hurt if it falls or passing blocks to a friend to place on a structure. Some of the children built individual structures, while others added to one larger structure. In the midst of building, Gabriel glanced over at what Arya was building and said, "Wow, that's really cool!" 

Curriculum Breakfast

Curriculum Breakfast

Thank you for coming in this morning for our first curriculum event. While some families have seen their child's social story book before, it was the first reading it for some of our other families. Each social story is personalized and all about the child. We hope that these stories will help support the children through their school experience. Let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, or additional reccomendations. 

Yoga with Lakshmi

After all of the families left for the day, we enjoyed some relaxation and movement exercises in yoga class. Lakshmi's surprise was a recording of animal sounds, in which the children needed to guess what animal it was and than they learned the pose. Some were obvious like a cow and other were trickier like a donkey. 

Have a fun weekend!


Identity project and building together!


It is important to encourage drawing and creative confidence in young children. We introduced the children to a new way of examining themselves. This was similar to our monthly routine of working on self-portraits while looking at a mirror. However, by offering a distorted image of the child, a challenge was raised. For this provocation, each child was presented with a photograph of their face, except half of it was missing! They added details to the missing side of their face using an array of colorful markers. There was no right or wrong way of engaging in this activity. While the children were inspired to think critically, they were also given creative freedom. As teachers we have found that when children are given opportunities to freely explore, they feel good about themselves and their work.

Come check them out this week!


We also introduced a new game during circle time including picture cards with the first letter of their name on one side and their photograph on the other. As expected, they were all so excited to see pictures of themselves, and were even more thrilled when they realized that each of them had two identical! We focused on the first letter of our names and its letter sound, turning each card one at a time to reveal each child's face. Later, we played a memory matching game, encouraging the children to find their two matching cards by looking for the first letter in their name. We don't drill the ABC's in preschool, however we do feel that it is essential to expose children to developmentally-appropriate literacy activities in fun and engaging ways. Beginning with a child's name is the most natural way to work on letter recognition, letter sounds, and writing letters. In addition to incorporating letter work into our group time, we will practice new literacy skills on individual basis. 


Power Ranger House:

For the first time this year, all of the children gathered in the block area for a collaborative building day. It happened to be during a morning where there was imaginative play going on that involved lots of running and busy bodies. The topic was "good guys and bad guys," a theme we see over and over again year after year. Whether it is pretending to be power rangers, superheroes, or Ningagos (a new craze I just learned about), we want to encourage the children to expand their play in productive and safe ways. I challenged them to build something for the power rangers and they were all on board! We spent most of the day at the block area building a power ranger house. The children worked together by passing each other blocks, helping with the heavier hollow blocks, and cheering each other on for their building techniques. I'm looking forward to seeing more block group structures this year!


Music and Movement with Alana:

We've been having music and movement classes with Alana every Monday. This week, Alana incorporated bean bags into the mix and encouraged the children to listen for her cues telling them where to put the bean bag or how to move with it. To end the session, we worked on calming our bodies with breathing techniques and using our imagination--something so useful for 2's and 3's.


Spanish with Mimi:

We discussed Halloween through a song that was introduced last week, which the kids loved and requested as soon as Mimi arrived. Mimi also worked on color recognition with the children by encouraging them to glue orange, green, and brown construction paper onto a pumpkin coloring page. 

Los Monstros- Halloween song


Horatio Park and Costume Work

Park Day!

On Thursday, we went to Horatio Park for the first time this school year. Along with the 2’s class, we walked to the playground and played with friends until it was time to return to BMS for lunch. We were so impressed by how well the children listened to safety rules while at the park! We’ll be back soon!

Costumes, Yoga, and Cooking!

Friday was a very busy day. More friends worked on painting their Halloween costumes throughout the morning. Many of the children also helped each other, which was so nice to see. We also had yoga with Lakshmi and cooking oatmeal with Aidan’s mom, Delphine.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Super Animals and Spanish Class

Super Animals and Spanish Class

Hi everyone! Here's a rundown of our week so far!

We have continued incorporating aspects of nature into our curriculum. After our trip to the farm, all many of us could talk about were pumpkins and apples! Last week, we cooked with apples and painted with apples and pumpkins. This week, we continued using apples and pumpkins in unconventional ways. 

We walked to a neighborhood market on Tuesday in search for pumpkins! Arya and his family brought the class a few small pumpkins last week, which the children painted by squeezing different paint colors onto the stem of each pumpkin and watching them mix together.  They are currently displayed near the entrance of our school! We had some more ideas involving pumpkins, and so we brought back 2 bags filled with small and medium-sized pumpkins back to BMS. When we asked the children what we should do with them, an immediate response was that they were dirty! Once we returned to school, we filled the sensory table with water, soap, baby wipes, and (dirty) pumpkins! The children spent quite some time diligently scrubbing the pumpkins until they were spotless.  


We also used the light projector for the first time this year. The light projector can be so magical! The children are mesmerized by shadows and how they can manipulate their own shadows, even the shadows of their friends through movement. They explored with an array of materials over the light projector, like leaves, toy insects, sea creatures and vehicles. We will continue to investigate with light and shadow as the year progresses. 


Another activity involving apples was a science experience using apples, baking soda, and vinegar-- Apple Volcanos! We pre-cut the core out of a few apples so that each apple resembled a cup or bowl. Next, the children scooped spoonful's of baking soda inside of the apples. Then, they poured vinegar inside using clear test tubes. This activity encouraged the group to look at things in a different light. We can eat an apple or turn it turn into a volcano! Nature offers us with countless learning experiences. 

On Wednesday, we met Mimi, our new Spanish teacher. Children pick up language so easily during their early years. Through music and movement, hands-on materials, and plenty of repetition, a new language can be taught in anorganic and fun way. Mimi encouraged the children to learn new vocabulary in Spanish by incorporating topics that we are already interested in into her session. We discussed pumpkins and Halloween with songs and visual representations of Halloween-related characters. The Halloween song was the children's favorite! Mimi played us the Halloween song (in both Spanish and English) and held up the pictures of each character mentioned in the song. The children asked to hear it three times! I will make sure to ask for the audio of some of the songs Mimi used during her session so that we play them throughout the day and share them with you!

Some children also started working on their BMS Halloween costumes. The 3's class will all be Super Animals for Halloween. Each child will paint a hooded sweater (provided by us). Once they are painted, details can be added with your help. We will focus on the first step of the all costumes this week (painting) and have them ready for detailing by Friday. Let us know when you can stop by to work on your child's costume! We can also sent home materials to work on over the weekend and next week :)

Kai: Super Frog

Sebastian: Super Tiger

Noah: Super Monkey

Arya: Super Tiger

Avery: Super Cat

Gabriel: Super Cheetah


We plan on continuing costumes tomorrow morning and then heading to the playground! Have a great afternoon!






Apples and Pumpkins Galore!

Apples and Pumpkins Galore!

Wednesday was our much-anticipated field trip to the farm! Upon arrival, we were treated to warm doughnuts and a cup of apple cider each. We had a great time learning about apple trees, pumpkins, pumpkin flowers, and the cousin of pumpkins- squash! We went on a hayride together, walked through the pumpkin patch and picked out a pumpkin to bring home. Next, we picked apples! The friends made sure to carefully twist the apples from the branches and each counted 3 to fill their bags. Lastly, we enjoyed lunch together before heading back on the school bus. I made sure to bring back extra apples, gourds and apple cider back to school with us to share with the rest of the friends who didn't make it to the trip.

On Thursday, we welcomed Evan back to BMS! Evan, our Music teacher, was so glad to see familiar faces and meet some new friends! Evan is a master story-teller! And the best part is that he incorporates the children's ideas into every story, making them active participants of each session. 

We also had our first taste test of the year! We used some of the apples that we collected at the farm for a fun (and delicious) taste test. Each child was given apple slices and dipping choices. They tried apples dipped in caramel, sun butter, organic sugar and lemon juice.  "My favorite is cream cheese!" -Arya

Friday was another yoga day with Lakshmi and our first cooking day with one of our parents!

Arya's mom and grandmother, helped us make apple sauce! The children mashed apples in a bowl and sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar before mixing it all together. Then. they tried it with a scoop of ice cream--yum! We also enjoyed a cold cup of apple cider that we brought back from the farm--cheers!

In addition, to Arya's family stopping by for a cooking session, Sebastian's mother and father joined us for morning play time. They read us some new Halloween-related stories during circle time and snack time! We love having guest readers--let me know when you would like to read to the class!

What's up with W-Sitting?


What's up with W-Sitting?

Hello! This is a guest post from Alana. Look forward to a post tomorrow detailing all the fun we have had this week! 

Every once and awhile, I'll be updating the blog with bonus posts. These bonus blog posts will have some information about things we have been doing at school that you can also do at home. Have a suggestion for a blog post? Need more information about why we do a certain thing at school? Please reach out! The next bonus post will delve a bit more into role play and emotions to help children gain emotional awareness and regulation. For today, we will be focusing on "W-Sitting."




As teachers, we have noticed a lot of “W-Sitting” from the kids. You might have heard one of us tell your children in spoken or song form, “sit crisscross applesauce, not a W,” or “show me your knees when you sit.” While a lot of kids feel comfortable sitting with their legs splayed out in a W, it actually can be problematic in the long-term, in both anatomical and developmental ways.

W-Sitting has been linked with potential hip and knee problems in children. We want all of the children's bodies to be active, healthy, and happy! Avoiding sitting in a W is one way to help all the children grow strong. 

Additionally, when children sit in a W position, they can't reach across the mid-line. Reaching across helps children to develop a dominate hand preference; something that is fundamental to developing the fine motor skill of writing. 

It’s not something to dedicate a lot of time and energy to but it is something that has a simple fix of sitting in a different way! That’s why at school we use simple language and then physically help the child sit another way if needed. 

Here are links to a few articles from doctors, physical/occupational therapists, and parents about some of the dangers of W-sitting. Feel free to ask any of us questions about it as well!




See you tomorrow! 

-Miss Alana


1st Yoga day, 1st walk and so much more!

1st Yoga day, 1st walk and so much more!

We've been talking a lot about the apple picking trip and Halloween this week. We've been reading books, singing songs and having conversation about both events. Although some children won't be attending next Wednesday's field trip, we will be sure bring back apples to school and include them in activities. 

Here is a finger play song that we have been loving. I usually change the number to correspond to the number of children present in the class. The second time we sang it, we used counter apple toys to illustrate the apples in the apple tree. Each time an apple "fell" from the tree, a friend caught it and pretended to take bites. Then, we counted how many apples were remaining and continued the song with that number of remaining apples until no more were left. Mathematical concepts explored in early childhood! :) 

Way up high in the apple tree,

Five red apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could,

Dooowwwwwwwn came an apple….

Mmmm, it was good!

Repeat the rhyme until all the apples are off of the tree!

Halloween costumes!

We discussed that we will celebrate Halloween at school at the end of the month with a parade and party. It's time to brainstorm of costume ideas!

Here's what we have as of today: 

Theme: Super Animals!

Gabriel: Super Cheetah

Avery: Super Blue Cat

Noah: Super Monkey

Sebastian: Super Tiger

Arya: Super Blue Tiger

Kai: Super Frog

What should Ms. Carla dress up as?

Sebastian: Super Giraffe!

I love this answer! My favorite animal, and I was also wearing a shirt with giraffes on it :)

Talk to your child about "School Halloween" this weekend. We will need your help with costume prep soon!

On Thursday, we went for a long walk around the neighborhood. It was the first time that all of the friends have been out together. Although, some of the children attended BMS last year and are very familiar with our outdoor routines, this was all new for others. We put on our new Buckle My Shoe T-shirts, had a conversation about safe walking, and headed out with the 2’s class! As we walked, we sang songs like We Are the Dinosaurs and The Ants Go Marching! The friends did such a great job during our walk, remembering to follow safety rules such a looking in front of you when walking, low voices when crossing the street, and holding onto the rope. As the year progresses, we will walk holding hands instead of using the rope to help guide the children. Next stop: the playground!

On Friday, we had our first yoga class with Lakshmi! The friends enjoyed stretching their bodies in different animal poses. We learned new songs, and played games that encouraged the children to pay close attention to their bodies in relation to the space around them. Lakshmi always brings surprises in her backpack, which she saves for the end of every class. This week’s surprise was two tuning forks that are used to tune pianos. The “special bells” can only be heard when they hit and held close to one’s ears. The sound is pretty magical! At the end of our session, Lakshmi asked the friends to lie down on their backs. She held the bells close to their ears as she sang softly. The children loved it. It was the perfect way to end our week!

Berry salad!

We enjoyed berry fruit salad today for cooking Friday. The teachers provided the ingredients for berry fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, organic sugar). To get ready, the friends helped give out much needed materials to the rest of the group. They distributed bowls, spoons, and knives until everyone had what they needed to begin. Next, we noticed that the strawberries and blackberries were far to big and needed cutting. Everyone was so focused and concentrated on cutting small pieces for the salad. They decided that the blueberries and raspberries were the right size. Then, it was time to serve. They used their spoons to scoop berries onto their fruit cups. Lastly, the surprise-- a sprinkle of sugar! So good! This activity was such a hit for myself as a teacher because I gave the children the opportunity to make their own decisions. In turn, they felt empowered and proud of what they put together. And it was so tasty :)

Embracing our feelings and our first Self-portraits!

Embracing our feelings and our first Self-portraits!

We began our curriculum on the topic of identity last week by focusing on feelings. During literacy day last Thursday, we read several books from the Mo Willems', Elephant and Piggy book series. Elephant and Piggy books (also the main characters of every story) typically center on a social problem or issue that young children can relate to I.e. Making new friends and including others.

The stories are told in narrations from the point of views of Elephant, Piggy, and guest characters through word bubbles. They are great books to help formulate a better understanding of print and it's meaning. In addition, we chose to read these books to begin a discussion on feelings, as it can sometimes be challenging to understand our own feelings and express them in healthy ways. The author and illustrator, Mo Willems, does a fantastic job dissecting what it means to feel happy, sad, mad, and silly.

As we read our first Elephant and Piggy story, I made sure to allow ample time for the children to look at the illustrations, focusing on their facial expressions, body language and text size in the word bubbles. These were all indicators of how the characters were feeling throughout the story. It is important to give children the opportunity to comment on what is going on in the pages of a book. Rich conversation can erupt from this practice. 

Teacher questions or wonderings during a read aloud include:

  • I wonder how Piggy is feeling.
  • I remember when I hurt my knee and it made me feel sad. 
  • Have you ever felt mad about something a friend did? 

The children have requested to read these books over and over. During one story, we stopped to examine the facial expressions of the characters and determined how they have must felt at the time and why. We practiced making faces to go along with different feelings and will soon make a "feelings chart" with the children's photographs to help us navigate what we can do when we experience being sad, happy, mad, etc. 

We also worked on our first self-portraits of the school year this week! 

Avery: I see my hair first and my eyes. My hair is blond hair. Me love my hair and me eye brows!

Sebastian: Eyes, nose, a mouth. I'm smiling. There, I'm happy! A happy face. I need arms. There, arms!

Kai: Head and hair. I can make the feet and the fingers. Oh, wow! It's a nice picture! Oh, wow!

Noah: Do you see my hair? My hair is wobbly! I have one more nostril. Do you see my nostrils? I have two nostrils. And I have to make my legs and my ears.

Arya: I see my face. My nose, I made one nose. And my mouth. I have my belly and my arms and hair. I make my feet!

Bake Sale! Come and get your cookies!

Bake Sale! Come and get your cookies!

Thank you to all families for contributing to our first charitable event of the year. Our bake sale was so much fun and such a success! We made $220.00 in two days! With some left-over treats, we will probably sell more tomorrow.

Dance and Movement with Ms. Alana: The children have been LOVING dance and movement class with Alana, who has a background in dance therapy. We have been dedicating a period every Monday to dance and movement class, however the children responded so well to it that we continued on Wednesday. This week, they have incorporated additional materials into their session, including rainbow streamers. It is so important for young children to get adequate time to engage their bodies in different kinds of gross motor activities. We often move our bodies during circle time, during transitions, and during the occasional dance party! During these moments, we are also strengthening receptive language skills, turn-taking skills, spatial awareness and so much more.

We also explored clay for the first time in small groups this week. Here are 3 major benefits of playing with clay. We will continue to explore clay all year!

1. It's therapeutic. Simply the act of molding clay in one's hands whether you're a child or an adult can be very calming. Remember those stress balls that were once so popular? Manipulating the clay can help relieve stress or even be an outlet for young children who physically express their emotions.

2. It's an outstanding sensory development activity for little hands. Young children are still working on fine motor skills and dexterity. Rolling, squeezing and forming the clay helps them in this area.

3. It's play based learning. You might not realize it, but playing with clay is promoting those little minds to get busy by thinking about what they're going to create and how they're going to create it. This type of creative play promotes imaginative problem-solving skills.

Slime Time! The children were fascinated with the stretchy, gooey, slime in the sensory table. Made with BioPutty solution and BioColor paint, slime awakens the senses and supports an enjoyable experience for children (and adults)!




Dancing, play dough, and rainfall!

Dancing, play dough, and rainfall!

We welcomed Avery, a new friend to Buckle My Shoe and to the 3' class this week. It has been so nice to see the children embrace Avery as if he has been here since day 1.  We also started to work in small groups this week, including having circle time with the 3's group separate from the 2's class. We've been playing games and singing songs to help us get to know each other as individuals a little better. For example, during circle time one day we rolled the ball to a person in the circle and that person said there name, age, and favorite animal.  

Another game we played was dancing in the middle of the circle. As the year progresses we will expand what we do during these meeting times to include what is going on in our class and school community i.e. events and project work

We also started our theme days this week with Movement class with Alana on Monday, making play dough on Tuesday with Carla and a science experiment with Carla on Wednesday. 

Movement class was all about "getting our sillies out!" The children used different props to move their bodies to the music. It was so nice to see some of the children show off their unique dance moves!

As a group, the children voted on what color to make our play dough. They took turns pouring in the ingredients into a big bowl. When it was time to mix, the friends helped hold the bowl steady as another child stirred. 

For our first science experiment, we made it rain in a plastic pitcher! We used water, shaving cream, and food coloring to give the illusion of rainfall. The children took turns filling empty cups with water from the sink. Next, they poured the water into a pitcher and squeezed shaving cream over the water, which resembled clouds. Then, they each chose what color food coloring they wanted and added it to an additional cup of water. Using droppers, the children then squeezed the color water into the "clouds". Little by little, the colors bled through the shaving cream and made their way through to the water.

Arya: It's raining!

Noah: It's blue rain!

Gabriel: Yea and red and orange

Avery: And thunder, too!

Sebastian: Boom, boom!

As we worked, we talked about our experiences with rain and thunderstorms. It was also a natural transition to talking about hurricanes and our bake sale next week. The children are excited to bring in treats!

Gabriel: I'm gonna bring cookies from my home!


See you Monday!

-Carla :)

New year, new friends!

Hi families! We had a really great end of the week. The children are making new friends and getting used to the changes in the school. For the first few days of school, we have been meeting all together as a group during circle time. We have also spent the majority of the day playing and exploring in all three classrooms. This was such a nice way for the older kids to engage and get to know the younger group of kids. Starting Monday, we will begin a more structured routine, including our theme days. We will start on Monday with Music and Movement led by Ms. Alana! Check out the 3's/4's homepage for our week's schedule.

Have a great weekend! 

First Week of School, Horray!


First Week of School, Horray!

Happy First Week of School!

To those returning to BMS, welcome back! We are thrilled to have new families this year as well as learn alongside our 2's class. We will update the blog every Wednesday and Friday. Either check back to view posts or sign up to have notifications sent right to your email. Feel free to share the blog with family members. A great way to get children to talk more about their day is to look at the blog together. Even looking at pictures of other students may ignite conversation and reflection. 

Our goal as teachers for the first few weeks of school is to build and sustain an environment where our students feel welcomed, safe, and loved. We want your children to be excited about school, be excited to explore and to learn together. Creating joyful learning experiences is something we thrive in accomplishing, from the books we choose to read to the materials we thoughtfully set up every morning.

The beginning of the school year is also about getting to know each other and getting acquainted with the functions of a typical school day and routine. During the next few weeks, we will learn so much from your children (we already have!) that will help us guide our curriculum. This is the time children will gain independence, test limits, problem solve and think critically. They will learn about other cultures and family structures of their peers. They will make connections and learn about differences within their peers, building a sense empathy, kindness, and community.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year! 

Below are some photos from orientation days and the beginning of the week.