6/4/18 - 6/8/18

We had a very busy week! We had three dress rehearsals for graduation. In honor of our doctor/hospital curriculum, the children will sport white doctor coats on graduation day! On  Wednesday and Thursday, we practiced at Integral Yoga Institute where we perform a few songs for our families (Wednesday, 6/13!) The children got better and better as the week progressed! We can't wait to show you what we've been working on this year! We also took a trip to the mailbox to mail a special check to the creative arts therapy department at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center--all with your contributions from the Spring Market! Thank you!

We also went to the Philharmonic and ended the week with Field Day at Pier 25. We didn't take many pictures at the Philharmonic, but make sure to check out our Instagram page, if you haven't already. There are plenty of videos from the Philharmonic, as well as pictures from all of the field day fun! Have a beautiful weekend! -Carla

5/21/18 - 6/1/18

The children have been loving all of our new doctor and hospital related toys and materials that we purchased with proceeds from the Spring Market. This includes listening to each other’s heart beats with real stethoscopes, checking body temperature for a fever with real thermometers, pretending to be doctors and veterinarians with doctor kits and lab (doctor) coats, human and animal X-rays, and more! We couldn't be more thankful!!


We’ve been so busy making medicine at the sensory table with bubbly water and water beads. We took the creative play a step further this week from initiating a conversation about what medicine really is, what is it used for, who takes it and when, and exploring the children’s individual experiences throughout. We learned about healing medicine and preventative medicine such as vitamins. One provocation we set up was to create a unique concoction for a medicine. The children mixed ingredients of their choosing (that were at their disposal) into individual bowls. It was very messy but as a teacher I absolutely love when my students are so engaged in an open-ended activity that requires them to take turns with materials in a shared space. Thy mixed water with paint, glitter, shaving cream, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and even vanilla and cocoa powder! Everyone said that they loved the science experiment so much that they wanted to repeat the activity for a second day, and of course we did! 


More highlights:

Painting with our feet, yo-yo painting with beans and rice in pantyhose, making another big batch of lemon-coconut hand scrub for those who missed it (we made some for the school sinks!), and of course, days outdoors!


See you next week for our Philharmonic field trip on Monday and Field Day at Pier 25 on Friday! If you haven’t already, please let us know if you are attending. Have a beautiful weekend! 

5/14/18 - 5/18/18

We finished last-minute preparations for our Spring Market this week. The more we talked about Friday’s event, the children’s passion for “making their school beautiful” grew and grew. We participated in new art and sensory experiences including puffy paint (tempera paint mixed with glue and shaving cream) and spin art (utilizing a salad spinner.) We also worked on making a sign for the market. The children used the puffy paint we made to fill in large sized letters spelling the words “Pop of Color.” We implemented the order of the colors in the rainbow. Everyone was so proud of their work and loved seeing the sign hanging from the entrance of the school Friday morning! For our third sale item (we worked on treasure boxes and picture frames in the last few weeks), we made lemon-coconut hand scrub. The children mixed coconut oil, sugar, lemon essential oil, lemon juice and lemon zest to make the concoction. The best part was smelling it and even tasting it! When we were finished, the children were eager to wash their hands with it. Scrub, scrub, scrub! The school smelled so lovely!!

Here's some pictures from today's Spring Market reveal! Thanks for coming!! 

5/7/18 - 5/11/18

We released our butterflies this week. After a few walks around the neighborhood in search of flowers and trees, we decided that releasing them in front of our school was the best choice! 

Bye, bye, butterflies!

We let our creativity and imagination shine this week with a few different art projects. Some of the art instillations will be on display during the Spring Market next week, May 18th, and some will be up for sale!

We made blueberry muffins this week and went to the flower shop. The friends picked out a selection of their favorite flowers for our mommies and daddies. Back at school, they created their own bouquets for parents day!

Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

See you on Monday!

4/30/18 - 5/4/18

The warm weather we’ve been waiting for is finally here! We went outside almost everyday this week. We have been spending a lot of time at the basketball court at Horatio Park. The space is great in that it is really big and allows the children to run and play freely and safely ( it is completely gated). Although we love the playground at Horatio Park, the basketball court’s open space provides us the children with an abundance of room for their imagination to run wild! We have snack picnics all together there (with the 2s class) and bring items to extend their play like chalk, color mats, bean bags, hula hoops, scarves and bubbles. Ms. Gloria, is ur martial arts teacher even met us at the park on Thursday for a make-up class!  It was super fun to get some air while practicing our karate chops and kicks! We also went for a long walk this week in search of a good spot to free our butterflies! As of Friday morning, all butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis! We will have to release them next week!


We have also been working on top secret projects for our Spring Market (5/18.) Here’s a sneak peak!

4/23/18 - 4/27/18


We have been absolutely fascinated by our delivery of caterpillars (last Friday.) we have watched them crawl, munch on their food and grow quite a bit since their arrival to BMS. We have two jars of caterpillars with 5 caterpillars in each jar. Almost all of the caterpillars have formed chrysalis, where they will remain for another two weeks or so until thy are ready to emerge as monarch butterflies. On Friday we watched a time lapse video of the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly-- the friends were mesmerized! Later, we participated in a sensory and movement experience representing the process. The children pretended to be eggs on leaves, wiggled and crawled like caterpillars, went for a ride wrapped in a sheet like chrysalis, and flew around the classroom like butterflies! So much fun!

Planting and making smoothies

We planted the remaining seeds from Special Persons Day and made strawberry-banana smoothies!


Days at the park!

We will continue spending time outdoors and at the park as the weather continues to get warmer and warmer.  

4/16/18 - 4/20/18

The Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, and families. Each day had a theme that we explored in addition to our weekly specialist classes such as martial arts, music. and Spanish.


Music Monday

We played our favorite instruments, danced and created stories to classical music!

Tasty Tuesday/ Taco Tuesday

We read Dragons Love Tacos and made tacos of our own--no spicy salsa!

Work Together Wednesday

A painting challenge: Painting on one paper with two connecting brushes


Artsy Thursday

Messy and collaborative art experiences with friends!

Special Persons Day/ Family Friday

We ended the week with gardening and breakfast with the special people in our lives! Thank you for attending!


At lunch time we talked about what we should do to help our seeds grow. Everyone agreed that sunlight and water are key. I shared with the friends that some people think that giving plants extra love in way of singing and talking to them may also help the growing process. 

Gabriel: My plant is going to grow very big and it's going to be beautiful! I'm going to put it in my roof.

Lennox: I'm gonna dance and have a birthday party for my plants so they can grow.

Arya: I play "Happy" for my plants so they can be happy and they are gonna dance. 

Avery: Me and my plants are gonna dance together and have so much fun and be in my room and now my plants, all of my toys and my brother, too and my dad.

Noah: My favorite song is "I'm still standing." I will play it in my whole house, my sister's room and my room and I'm going to put it in my roof so it can get rainy.

Eliza: I'm going to put my plant in my roof, too. I don't know what it's going to look like. It needs sun and rain. 

Sebastian: I sing "Ningago" to my plant. I give it water and grow so big, eat my dinner, eat my snack, drink my water, grow so big!

4/9/18 - 4/13/18

Thank you for sending in photos from Spring break! We did so much sharing this week. The friends were eager to show their pictures with each other. We are getting better and better at asking meaningful questions about each other's stories. 

Arya went to Greece with his family over the break...

Arya: I had my mom and dad and we went on a trip on the airplane to fly to Greece and landed at Greece and we're having fun there running around. Once the five days were over and then we flew back to New York. That's what my day was. 

Avery; Oh yea, and did you go on a pool?

Arya: Yea and it was warm.

Gabriel: You know in Arizona, there was a hot pool and a cold pool.

Avery: You know, I have a pool all the way next to my mom's house all the way on the roof. 

Gabriel: Me too. We will fill it up. Not yet because it's not summer time yet. 

Arya: Yea, it's too cold for the pool right now, right?

Gabriel/ Avery: Yea.

 Eliza and Sebastian shared big news with the group on Monday...

Eliza: My mommy has a baby in her belly and it's gonna come out of her bum-bum soon, because that's where babies comes from. I want a baby sister because it's gonna be a girl. I can teach her, maybe, to read a book. 

Sebastian: My mommy, too! Mommy and daddy having a baby!

Eliza: Is it a girl or a boy?

Sebastian: A boy! 

Eliza: Oh, my baby is a girl.

Sebastian: Me can teach him how to play with my toys and my video games. This is a picture of the baby in mommy's tummy. 

Noah: What's he doing in there?

Avery: Is he playing?

Sebastian: Yea, he's playing in his house. He's playing with his toys. I'm going to read him a story. 

Eliza: Me and Lucy don't know what we're gonna name the baby.

Avery: I want to name Sebastian's baby, Coco.

Sebastian: Me want to name Eliza's baby, Momma.

Eliza: Ok, I like that!

We later found out that Sebastian will have a baby sister! Congrats to Eliza and Sebastian!!!

Kai shared his NYC adventures from martial arts to the pet farm...

I stayed with Nana. I play with toys at home with Nana. Karate, Kai do karate! It's a pet farm.

Lennox: What did you see there?

Kai: I see lambs there. And picture of Kai and Arya! At the park, playing. I'm loving Arya! That's Yvie!

Eliza: Did you see them at the playground?

Kai: Yes!

Lennox shared several photos from her ski trip and dentist appointment...

Lennox: I'm going to the dentist and I was laying down. They were brushing my teeth. Do you see, Eliza? That's my story. Can I show you again, Noah? That's Nana and Papa. Do you remember them? Do you see then? 

Noah: I just have a mommy and daddy. 

Lennox: Yea, and this is my Nana and Papa. 

Gabriel: It looks so cold.

Lennox: I wore a dress to Easter. I like dresses. Do you see the Easter bunny out of the cage? Dad was reading me Moana. I can show you. And that's Nana. Can you say 'Nana?"

Gabriel: Uhh, Nana?

Lennox: Yes, okay that's good.

Noah: Is that your grandpa?

Lennox: No, that's Papa. Do you want to see them again?

Noah and Gabriel went to Arizona...

Noah: This is me and my mommy and daddy and my sister. I went to Arizona. I play a lot. I went to the Grand Canyon. I was walking in the Grand Canyon and I saw volcanos with no lava and there was brown and red rocks. 

Gabriel: And dormant volcanos are the best. they have no lava.

Noah: Active volcanos are dangerous, because they explode out lava.

Gabriel: It was so warm at Arizona and the trilobite poop made the canyon green. It's dirty and it comes from an egg. It looks like a rooster, but it isn't.

Avery shared about his trip to California...

Avery: The eggs have candy inside and Daddy helped me find them and we had scooters and had so much fun! I went to California! I go with Dad and Stefy and Rori, and Arya. 

Arya: Wow Avery, did you find all of the eggs?

Avery: Yes! I be so big so I find all of the eggs. I'm a big boy, I be so big!

Arya: I'm so big, too!

Avery: Yea, I be three years old now. 

Arya: Me too!

We were so excited to get back to school, see our friends and play!

We went to the park twice this week! To our surprise Horatio playground was closed on Friday. Luckily, the basketball field was open so we went there instead. It turned out to be even more fun than the playground! Who needs playground equipment when you have a big open space and teachers and friends to play games with!

3/26/18 - 3/29/18

Literacy week was extended this week!

The children made sock puppets after reading Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. We used them for a puppet show led by Kristine during our tea party!

We also took a trip to the library with the 2’s class to return our Dr. Seuss books. We spent the morning reading through so many new stories at Jefferson Market library. We had such a great time and will be back again very soon!

The children all had a ball during our Cat in the Hat tea party on Wednesday! They took it another level with silly hair and clothes! Thank you to everyone who brought in treats for our tea party.

We also worked on self portraits this week and created art with Easter eggs!

Happy Spring Break everyone!

3/19/18 - 3/23/18

Literacy Week

A little bit of snow didn’t stop us from having a wonderful literacy week at BMS! Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by to read us stories. We decided to extend literacy week to next week. 

Additionally, our book drive will also be extended. Bring in any used children’s books for the Book Fairies charity. 

Lastly, thank you for all of the amazing books we received for our school library. We are beyond excited to read them all!!

Our theme for the week was all things Dr. Seuss. We focused on a few of his books, such as One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, and Horton Hears a Hoo. Our activities and provocations were based on these stories. We've decided to extend literacy week next week for more fun! Let us know if you would like to stop by and read the class a story!


Making truffula trees with tissue paper and paper plates based on The Lorax


Going fishing with water beads and water toys based on One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


Making Cat in the Hat slime with water beads 


Cooking (and eating) Green Eggs and Ham 

Movement/ Creativity

Scavenger hunt in search for “planets” for the Hoos and musical/movement celebration based on Horton Hears a Hoo

Special Guest Readers!

Library Trip!

We went to Jefferson Market Library to pick up more Dr. Seuss books.

We love BMS!

Happy Birthday to Avery and Lennox! 

3/12/18 - 3/16/18

We had such a fun week filled with new art and sensory activities that everyone absolutely loved. The big hit of the week was the shaving cream and paint table. The friends each had a big bowl filled with shaving cream, tempera paint, and wooden spoons. They were surprised to find water beads we had grown the previous week at the bottom of each bowl! The shaving cream bowls were not only visually and and tactile- stimulating, they offered fantastic opportunities for creativity and social communication. The friends pretended to make pancakes, cupcakes, pasta and meatballs, and more! Another big hit was an alternative to painting on top of the table. We turned two tables upside down with the legs facing up, and wrapped clear wrap around the legs. This created a sort of see-through easel! The friends sat on the floor around the tables and used gentle strokes with their paint brushes. So much fun! 

Jack’s dad, Jared, from the 2’s class, who is also a chef, brought us fresh pizza dough. He brought the school several batches so that we could use some for sensory play and some to make pizza. We made pizza bites two days in a row, as everyone requested more and more! The children helped knead the dough, flatten it with rolling pins, and add tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. When the pizza bites were ready to eat, we enjoyed them with our lunch. Yum! 

We ended the week by learning a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day (tomorrow). Alana demonstrated Irish River Dance to the children. First, she showed off some very impressive dance moves, then she taught them a few dance moves of their own while listening to traditional Irish music. Lastly, they watched a short video of River dance. 

2/29/18 - 3/9/18

Say Cheese!

We celebrated Kyan's birthday (2's class) with a picture party, since Kyan loves taking pictures of his friends. It was also a nice way to prepare the children for Picture Day on Thursday.

A week of building

We were busy building this week with wooden unit blocks, plastic connecting toys, and a variety of recycled materials collected by you!

Picture Day fun!

An obstacle course with tape!

The friends used craft tape and washi tape to create their very own obstacle course in the classroom! This was extra fun because we did not move the furniture back to its original place after picture day. We had so much space to extend the tape across the entire room. Check our Instagram account for videos!

Have a wonderful weekend!


2/26/18 - 3/1/18

2/26/18 - 3/1/18

Hi families,

My apologies for this late post. Here are last week's highlights:

Our robot and social-emotional curriculum expanding week after week. In addition to collecting recycled materials for robot parts, the children have started making robot heads in small groups with Alana using the paper mache method (not pictured). This will be a project that will take some time and collaboration from all. The children are quickly learning the words to our robot song introduced by Noelle. They very much enjoy singing the song with instruments, and most of all getting a turn playing the xylophone. On Thursday, they started the beginning stages of a book to go along with the robot song. They worked on illustrations to narrate the first few lines of the song. Expect an audio clip of the song coming soon! Please continue to send in recyyled matrials to be re-used for robot body parts next week!

Making lemon-scented play dough was another highlight of the week. I prepared a play dough recipe, showing instructions using words, pictures, numerals and measurements. The friends were able to clearly follow the recipe and add ingredients accordingly. After our class finished making their perfect batch of super soft and delicious-scented play dough, I sat with the 2's class so they could also make a batch. During this time, most of the 3's friends requested to bring their play dough to another table to continue playing. They stayed there for so long! An excellent opportunity for social skill development!


We also went for a walk around the neighborhood and to the playground this week. It's so nice to get some fresh air. We will be going out much more often!


Just a reminder to follow us on instagram at Bucklemyshoe13 and to be always checking out the google drive. All of the photos that we take throughout the day are on there. You can get to the google drive by clicking:


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! See you Monday.


2/21/18 - 2/23/18

Park Day!

After a five day weekend, we were ecstatic to have such warm weather on Wednesday. It was the very perfect day to go to Horatio Park with friends!  


We worked on self-portraits for the month of February. Make sure to see your child's progression and attention to detail in drawing themselves u on our portrait wall!

Spanish and Yoga

Unfortunately, Michelle could not make it this week so she sent another teacher, Ernestina for a Spanish class on Thursday. We sang songs about the weather, our body parts, and foods that we like and dislike. Look for a 'Spanish Review' in this week's weekly reminders email. For yoga, Lakshmi brought in a model of a frog whose anatomical

Can you hear the beat? Robots have hearts, too.

We started singing a new robot song this week led by Ms. Noelle. The song incorporates our themes of kindness and robots, of course! 

Happy Birthday, Ms. Carla!

We celebrated my birthday at the end of the day with a dance party, cupcake treat, and lots of hugs and kisses! I felt so special-- thank you friends! 

Remember to check out our google drive account for more pictures!


2/12/18 - 2/15/18

Valentine's Day Celebration!  

We played games, danced, and enjoyed a delicious shared snack and dessert with friends. The best part was getting all of the Valentine's Day cards out from Mr. Robot and distributing them to the friends!

Happy New Year!

We learned about Lunar New Year this week through books songs. On Thursday, we took instruments and our school's dragon head the friends worked on last year to the park. Horatio park was so much fun! We had our leftover snacks from our Valentine's Day party on the picnic tables, then went on a parade around the park! Ms. Noelle played dragon and  the friends tried catching and scaring her! Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

2/5/18 - 2/9/18

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day...

We are so excited for Valentine's Day and our party next week, from beading bracelets and making cards for friends, learning about anatomical hearts, and building a robot mailbox! We have also been counting down the days until our party (2/14) during morning meeting. This has really increased interest in learning the functions of a calendar. Every morning we sing the 'Days of the Week' song and a helper writes in the date.   

A month of kindness, one act at a time

This week we read the book titled, How Full is Your Bucket, which encourages mindfulness and acts of kindness to all. Inspired by the story, we now have a class bucket, which can be filled with drops of water (marbles) when friends show kindness towards each other and their school. Today, we witnessed so many kind acts, from sharing toys to helping to clean up other's messes. When our bucket is full, we will have a reward for all of the children. 

At the end of today's reading, we had a conversation about kindness and Valentine's Day. We are having a party with games, dancing and more, however there are children who cannot celebrate Valentine's Day the way we will due to illness. This led us to think of ways to make them feel happy, and we thought to make them beautiful cards and paintings for Valentine's Day. We are partnering with Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center to send a group of children Valentines from the friends. The children were so eager to make them cards today!

More info. on how this project unfolds coming soon!

1/29/18 - 2/2/18

Robots, robots, robots!

Have you seen our robot curriculum develop on Instagram?! We've continued to incorporate the children's interest in robots into our day's activities last week. From discussing how robots move and focusing on sharp and soft body movements during robot dance parties, to using the 'Chatterpix' application to make our recycled robots talk! We have also been singing robot-related songs and playing robot games. Additionally, the friends have been working on writing letters from a robot alphabet. There has also been some painting with robot parts, like tin foil robot balls and gears. We ended our week by eating pasta and bagels, a favorite food of robots (according to the friends). For our next cooking day, it looks like we will make pancakes- another favorite food of robots!

Rescue Team

Another theme we noticed last week took place in the block area. The friends have been building boats with hollow blocks. Each time, there are passengers and a person steering the boat. However, the plot involves the passengers falling out of the boat and seeking refuge. They call out to the friends left on the boat, "Help me! Help me!" or "Save me, save me!" until they are lifted back onto the boat. On some days the boat "breaks" and the children work together to build a sturdier boat. We wonder how this play will evolve and focus on how the children's gestures and body language communicate their wants and needs. 

1/22/18 - 1/16/18

Robot Curriculum

The 3’s/4’s kids have shown an interest in all things robots. We have noticed this theme in their conversations with one another and in their play. We started working on building our own robot models this week using foam blocks wrapped in aluminum foil, and an assortment of metal and plastic loose parts. I also encouraged the children to look around the classroom for items that inspired them to help bring their robot ideas to fruition. Robot names, functions, personalities, and stories have already begun to develop. More to come next week!

The afternoon group has also been working on building one larger robot with cardboard boxes and Styrofoam. This has all ignited further interest in robots for both the 3’s/4’s class and our 2’s friends. Together, they have been adding details to the larger robot, from CD's for eyes, to a cardboard ring for a crown, and even felt squares for underpants. We have also started using this robot to discuss feelings. Additionally, the 2's class has started robot portraits. We are eager to see what the children come up with next! Michelle, our Spanish teacher, also incorporated a robot song and interactive story to this week's class!


Robot Collaborative Story 

(a collaborative ongoing story, written by the friends)

"There were six little robots that lived together in a house. They were all friends. They played games. The game that was their favorite game was hide and seek. The robots hide in the trees in the backyard. They be so quiet. Three robots worked together and found the other robots. The robots also went to a school called, Robot School. The robots has robot toys there. There was paints there and they even go to the beach and they bring the beach ball! The robots decided to have a robot party at the beach. They walked so slow to the beach and then they walked so fast to the beach. More robots met them there. It was a dress-up beach party and all of the robots dressed up as different robots. They danced and played with the beach ball."


Remember to continue checking our Instagram (Bucklemyshoe13) page for daily play and learning, via posts and stories. For all photos, check out our google drive photo sharing page.



Happy Friday! -Carla

1/16/18 - 1/19/18

1/16/18 - 1/19/18

Self-portraits and Family Portraits

We worked on self-portraits for the month of January and started created portraits of the members in our family. 

Additions to our circle time

I added two things this week to our circle time/ meeting time routine: a picture schedule and attendance chart. The picture schedule is changed every morning before circle time by me, and illustrates the events and special activities for the day. We had a 'schedule workshop' early in the week where we learned how to read the schedule (from left to right). Each card in the schedule has either a photograph or clip-art illustration, and the printed description (center time, snack time, Yoga, etc.). All of the children have shown an interest in print lately. The schedule not only gives them a sense of responsibility and helps them with expectations for the day, but also gives them additional exposure to print in a meaningful context. Each day, different friend will be in charge of going over the day's schedule and taking attendance using picture cards with each child's face. See our Instagram for more photos/videos!


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Meal time is always a great time for conversation, socializing, and even playing games.  This week we have been discussing letters and letter sounds. During snack time, we played a game focusing on specific letters drawn on rocks, and brainstormed what words started with letters. The friends took turns looking for objects in the classroom that matched the letters. We came up with the following: T for tissue box and telephone, B for book, M for marker, S for straw, and R for ring. Later, I hid the objects around the room; each friend picked out a rock without looking, and searched for the item that started with the letter they picked. We were so excited!


Second Curriculum Morning

We ended the week with the second curriculum morning of the school year. We are so excited to hang up the family portraits and put together the quilt squares to make one beautiful BMS family quilt! If you weren't able to attend this morning, no worries-- we will send materials home on Monday. 


Happy Birthday, Alana!

Dance party, birthday flowers and hugs for Ms. Alana!


Specialists: Spanish and Yoga


I hope you are enjoying our Instagram account-- make sure to follow us if you have not already (Bucklemyshoe13)

Have a lovely weekend!


1/8/18 - 1/12/18

Hello parents! 

I returned to work this Tuesday after two days off following a bad fall. Thankfully, I am quickly recovering and so happy to be back at work. Thank you for your well wishes! Here's a rundown of our week. Remember, to look at our google drive account for all photos taken this week. 



Visit from the dentist

Dental hygiene is so important. Two dental hygienists from Chelsea Dental Associates stopped by this week and taught us the ins and outs of teeth care, from brushing teeth to flossing. Yay for gift bags and Sugar Bugs, a book donated to our school. The children have requested to read it several times this week!


Music, Karate, Movement, and Yoga!

Happy Birthday Arya and Marco

We celebrated Arya's third birthday and Marco's second birthday (from the 2's class). It's so wonderful celebrating birthdays together at school. Since we are such a small community, the children have all gotten to know each other really well. We were so excited to celebrate Arya and Marco with dance parties, their favorite activities and birthday treats with family!


Instant Snow & Milkshakes

The snow is almost all melted outdoors, but we are all still excited about snow INDOORS! We made 'Instant Snow' (synthetic polymer with super, water-absorbing properties). It erupts/ expands when water is added, and feels and looks just like real snow! We also went to the market and picked up ingredients for strawberry and banana milkshakes. The friends added the ingredients (frozen strawberries, bananas, milk, andsugar) into the blender. Most of the kids has several servings!

Have a great weekend! Remember to follow us on Instagram (Bucklemyshoe13)!

See you Tuesday!