Happy Thursday!

Happy first Pre-K blog of 2017-2018!

This week has been full of classroom explorations. The children have been observing and interacting with the environment in a variety of ways. As the 3rd Pre-K teacher, the environment contributes greatly to the child's sense of comfort, curiosity, confidence and creativity. Pre-K seems particularly interested in how our classroom is organized, where materials "live," how to make our classroom better and why we have meetings. 

Be sure to check out the quotes at the bottom of the page for details! 

Monday: A cautious start

Tuesday: Materials and Senses

Wednesday: Rules and repairs  

Thursday: Focusing and creating


The lemon is spicy
— Grant and Ben
The lemon is sour! I like sour things
— Caleb
I like blackberries because they are black and my favorite color is black
— Luke M.
I’m drawing long arms and long legs to lift me up high
— Asha (drawing self portrait)
I’m building a garage but my car is too big. Now I have to cover the car, it’s so dirty
— Grant