Happy end of the school year!

Pre-K Families

 We are so sad to be saying good-bye to this amazing school year. Despite the feelings of sadness we are so happy to have spent this past school year with a group of kind, creative, and communicative lifelong learners (parents and caregivers included). The passionate personalities within our community made this year incredible! 

We will be in touch via email and we will see some of you in the neighborhood soon. 

We love and cherish the children in Pre-K and the amazing experiences from this school year! 

May you all remember our Ghostbusters, princess, zombie, mummy, pilot crew of explorers and all the time we spent together. 

As the Pre-K kids put it, we are so "happy-sad emotions" and we wish you all the best of luck in the future! Hope to see you again soon! xoxo

Syd & Annabel 


Check out some photos from the week mixed with some oldies but goodies. 

We will miss these fun kiddos! 

Check out the google drive for all the photos from the year.

Here is a link to the delicious granola bars we made today. 


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Week Recap

Happy Friday! 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

The rocky start to the week brought us all closer together. The lice incident taught us a lesson in empathy, coping with anxiety and some less fun facts of life. We are all clear and happy to have grown through this experience. Thanks for standing by and supporting Pre-K through this week!

Here are some amazing photos to share with your families over the long weekend.

The Pre-K students have been working enthusiastically to prepare for graduation. All of this hard work sparked a strong group interest in creativity and the arts. We created a road and train tracks out of writing templates and tape, dolls and creatures from recycled wood and cloth scraps and planned a production of Cinderella! The children have also shown an interest in dance and choreography this week, we have some fun dance plans for next week. 

Check out some of the photos from the week! 

And remember, you have access to the google drive to see any and all photos! 

Appreciations and Spring Creations!

Happy Friday! 

Thank you all for our very special teacher appreciation celebration! It feels so nice to be recognized for the work we do with your intelligent, creative and compassionate children.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about, participating in and seeing our work from this eventful week. Check out below for more photos and details from our 3 main events; Robot Foundry Trip, Parents' Day/Curriculum Celebration and Spring Market Creations 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Hope you have a relaxing and revitalizing Sunday. We appreciate you all! 

Robot Foundry 

Circuits, Robots, and Parachutes! 

Appreciations and Parents'/Caregiver's Day

Thank you all for coming! If you did not get your special appreciation card or see our wall of Parent and Caregiver appreciations we will have them around and up all next week! Thanks again! 

Spring Market Creations

We were hard at work creating coasters, placemats and pinch pots for our spring market. Next week we will finish up and make some signs and price tags for our items. The Pre-K class is already excited to advertise their creations to parents. 

Kindness, Listening, and Participation abound!

Happy Friday! 

We had a busy week! Check out some details below. 

We also started a tally chart to count up all the acts of kindness, listening and participation happening in our class. Our goal is to reach 100 tallies to earn a pizza and dessert party! 



  1. Calen, Sophia and Asha began a kindness and community project on Monday. They wanted to trade some dress-up items with 3A, and when they saw how happy the 3A students were, their kindness grew! 

Calen: How about we give them some shoes?

Asha: Yeah, how about these cool ones because they light up, and if they're scared of the dark they can put these on and be happy again.

Sophia: Yes! And maybe these too because they don't have any purple ones now. 

         2. We continued working on coils, snails, and snakes with clay. We added these to our  vase for the spring market . 

3. Lastly, we came up with an amazing idea to make a rainbow to put in our spring window display! 



Cinco De Mayo Celebration with Ernestina! Feliz cinco de mayo! 

"Si me gusta" -Cooper 


Worm Wednesday! 

We also continued exploring our DIY constellation projectors! 



Creatures and constellations

"This is a worm!" -James

"This is a beetle!" -Sophia

"I made a lizard, and here I made a line for the red tongue" -Ben

"this is my superhero bug" -Cian

"Look it's like the earth" -James 

"It's shining on you!" -Luke M. 

"The Earth Moves to the Sun": Earth, Space and Stars

Happy Friday! 

Our week was full of new project and curriculum ideas! As we brought in nature items, glow in the dark stones, and a book about space travel the children began sharing their knowledge of the earth and it's living creatures, space and gravity, and stars and light.

Check out our earth, space and star explorations from the week! 


To further explore the earth and it's elements we took a trip to the Washington Market Garden. We collected rocks, flowers and snail shells in our observation boxes. We also worked very hard getting our spring window display ready. Check it out at pick up and drop off! The Pre-K and 2A classes are so proud of their work. 

Space and Stars 

The children have so much knowledge about the earth and how it fits in to the larger solar system. We discussed how planets move, which planets we know, how the earth moves around the sun, and debated over whether or not the sun is a star! 

Earth Quotes: 

"A fireball will come to the city if you aren't kind to the earth, and if you are kind to the earth a fireball won't come" -James

"One side is water and one side is land" (earth) -Calen 

"The moon goes to the earth" -Cooper 

"At the farm I got stinged by a bee because they aren't honey bees, they are apple bees. That apple farm is good for earth and apple bees." -Grant

"I noticed at the lake that there's driller bees and the driller bees drill through wood" -Ben

"When one side of the earth is sleeping and the other side the people are playing, so when it's night on one side it's day on the other side" -Cian

Space Quotes: 

"There's planets like mars and ernes" -Calen

"Moon and sun go up and down (moves hands in opposite directions)" -Cooper 

"There's rocket ships that carry people inside" -Grant 

"It's dark in space" -James 

"Constellations are pictures in the sky" -Aayush

"Stars are really really really bright" -James 

"Constellations can be a letter like R, or a word" -Grant

"That constellation (big dipper) looks like a upside down kite" -Cian 


Happy Week of the Young Child

Happy Friday! 

Week of the young child was a blast! Thanks to all the families who helped and joined in the fun! 

IMG_0395 (2).JPG

Music Monday

"It's my birthday and Luke's because we're twins" -Asha

"I know how to play that, because I have a real violin at home for my lessons" -Sophia 

Tasty Tuesday

Talking bout the 5 food groups! 

"Chicken is a protein" -Ben

"I know a Vegetable, broccoli" -Cooper

'Cucumber is a fruit" -Calen

"No! It's a vegetable!" -Cian 


Work Together Wednesday

(aka Worm Wednesday!) 

Thanks to the Battery Urban farm for a thoughtful and fun introduction to Urban farming 

Artsy Thursday 

We worked with 2A on 3 different messy art projects for our Spring Themed window display. 

We made a giant sun out of model magic, markers and pipe cleaners, 3 big clouds out of plastic bags, paper, stuffing and paint, and a "secret city" out of blocks. 

Friends and Family Friday 

Thank you all for coming! It was so much fun! 

After our special friends and family departed the children were already making plans for their next visit. 

The Pre-K Welcome Back Week

"I like how the words feel in my brain"

Happy literacy week! 

Thank you all for your participation in literacy week! It was a great success. Our focus on Andrea Beaty's series of STEAM stories has brought about amazing creations, quotes and critical thinking experiences. 

In addition to reading Ada Twist Scientist, Rosie Revere Engineer and Iggy Peck Architect we had two special guest readers! Thanks Sue and Holly for bringing in some of your favorite children's books. Another big thanks to the Lamba family for supplying out T-themed shared snack. Tea, Tangerines and Turkish chocolate inspired conversations about words that start with T, as well as some of our favorite foods. 

Check out some photos and quotes from our week of problem solving, story telling, writing and reading focused on three amazing books 


School Community, Care and Commerce

Happy Friday! 

Thanks for your patience while we took some time away from the blog to focus on portfolios and curriculum.

Our curriculum focus on inventions has inspired the children to develop and practice innovation, problem solving and group processes. This week they took ownership of the curriculum and had some amazing suggestions for future projects. 

Project Ideas, some of which are already underway: 

  • Class clothing store
  • Class food store
  • Class currency 
  • Playing musical instruments for the babies 
  • Bubble art 
  • Seasons 
  • Wishes for spring
  • "Force field" gymnastics
  • Slow down, quiet and open/closed signs
  • make slime and play dough everyday 

The Pre-K Clothing and Shoe Store

Cashier(s): Luke K. and James

Manager(s): Sophia and Caleb/Calin

Store Greeter: Grant 

Customer: Cian, Syd, Annabel, Cooper, Ben, Luke M., Aayush, Asha

Visiting Infant A

"We should sing them a song" -James

"And play music to them" -Ben

"With the guitars" -Cooper

"But we have to play it quiet, babies will get scared of loud music" -Sophia 

"Yeah, and only baby songs" -Caleb

S is for...

Shared Snack and string cheese

Sensory Science  







Questions, History and Community

Happy Friday! 

We have so many amazing quotes and questions from this week's exploration of community, inventions and history. Wednesday's beautiful weather and bright sun illuminated Pre-K curiosities about New York City buildings. While we were having a parachute picnic party in AT&T square the class had the following conversation that sparked a building research question project:

Cian: Why is it called the freedom tower?? 

Grant: The stick lights up at night in winter, on top of the freedom tower. What’s that for? 

Caleb: Why do you call buildings buildings? 

Sophia: Why are house called houses? 

Luke M: Because people want to make good names for buildings and houses in the city. 

Luke K: Why this tower have no windows? 

James: The windows are on the other side.

Cian: No when I come to school I don’t see windows on the other side.

Luke M: They don’t want to be distracted from work. 

Caleb: Why are there bags on the trees? 

Cian: Someone was holding them and they let them go. What is that white thing called on top of the building? 

Asha: Why does the air conditioning blow air and also why does the sky have clouds? 

Luke M: Clouds are important because they let snow and rain come down.

Teaching 2A how to "Have a party"

As we explore the concepts of community, teamwork and teaching the Pre-K class has developed a flow of ideas and conversation. They gracefully share their knowledge, take turns "in the spotlight" and develop problem solving skills alongside their peers. 

One such conversation sparked our plans for visiting and "teaching" 2A: 

James: Morgan wans  to put her clothes on by herself

Caleb: I'm gonna teach them how to dress up!

Sophia: I'm gonna teach them how to put on a headband.

Cian: I'm gonna teach Nico how to dress up!

Grant: I'm gonna teach them how to wear a crown and to drink out a water bottle. 

Luke K.: I teach them to feed Kiki Blub Blub and clean up. 

Caleb: And we need a dance runway

Asha: And we need to pick some songs to dance to

More From this week

Black History Month: Feeling Inspired by Inventors

Try paper or plastic cup stacking at home! The Pre-K class has become an advanced cup stacking team. 

Love and Community

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Black History Month! Happy President's Day! 

The Pre-K class has been studying spatial reasoning, mathematics, physics and debate throughout our explorations of Love, community and the February Holidays. Throughout our play the children have displayed a rapidly growing knowledge of how angles, force, and size influence how objects move. We are excited to see where these discoveries take our work and play when we return from break. The Pre-K teachers harnessed these interests by organizing a Partner Dance for Valentine's Day! 

We also began discussing President's Day and Black history month with a discussion and reading about Barack Obama. 

"I know Obama was the President, but not anymore" -Cian

"Yeah, my dad and me were talking about the whole United States and I know about Obama" -Luke M

"Obama has O, like the letter of the week!" -Cooper

Next week we will Celebrate Lunar New Year and explore more of the following topics:

  • debate
  • black history month
  • measuring
  • physics 
  • community

Valentine's Day and Preparations! 

Thank you all for contributing and participating in our party. Throughout the week we have observed a growing interest in helping peers and younger children in the school. During our literacy meetings we shared how we feel about each other and how we feel when we hear nice things:

Luke K: I love you Sophia

Caleb: I love Sophia too

James: I want to tell her too! 

Cian: I love when you play dress-up with me, Caleb

Sophia: I really like when Cooper helps me 

How does it feel to hear nice things?

James: Makes me Happy! 

Cian: Lots of feelings mixed up

Caleb: Sad, but happy, like I want to cry. Sad. 

Sophia: I had that feeling before


Pre-K has been showing their appreciation for each other and examining the various ways people in the community communicate. We will be taking some time in the coming weeks to dive deep into a community project with the 3A, 3B, 2A and 2B classes. 

"We can teach them to use the potty" -Grant

We joined 3A at the park today and naturally began teaching them our Monkey Banana game! 

"When the monkey comes you gotta run!" -Asha

City, Class, and Community


“Like in the city? There’s museums and stores and my home, and us” -Luke M. 


Jumping off from the past two weeks, our exploration of Cities has become more concentrated on the people and places we know in the city. This week we were curiously exploring the concept of community. Pre-K understandings of community grow from their direct experiences in and around the city.

Some of our current questions and curiosities include:

  • Is everything in the city our community?

  • Is our class the same as our community? 

  • How do we show our community we appreciate them? 

The children began drawing pictures of their friends, teachers and their favorite places in the city. 

This is the museum and the mummy dead, I go to the museum
— Luke K
I’m drawing Caleb and Sophia
— Asha
I’m drawing you, Syd! You have brown hair like this and you’re riding a skateboard. You have, like, tan skin and a tattoo
— Cian
I like when Cian and Sophia play dress up with me
— Caleb
I like the plus plus with Luke K
— Cooper

Food Science 

What happens to a strawberry when you eat it? 

"It goes in your throat and in your belly and then comes out in the bathroom" -Cian

"No, it goes to your belly and then through your blood to your feet maybe" -Sophia 

"These lines are the directions of the blood" -James 

"You eat it and it comes out the toilet" -Cooper



City Project by the Pre-K children

"Let's make a city!" -James

The Pre-K children are very interested in the city that they live in and how it works. They also enjoy sharing their knowledge regarding the cities they have visited and even the cities they have lived in. We decided to ask them a few questions during our morning meeting and find out what they know and what questions they have. Below is a conversation we recorded and transcribed. 

We have to make a road here because there is a road that goes around my building. -Luke M.
This is a building in Austin. There was a fire and it went all the way through the whole building. All the people were safe but the building got wrecked. -Grant
  • Teacher: What makes a City?
  • Ben: Builders!
  • Cian: How do they make the sidewalks?
  • James: A City has a lot of buildings and people.
  • Ben: There are couches where people sit-down to watch kid shows.
  • Cian: You mean inside houses?
  • Ben: Yes, that’s what I mean.
  • Sophia: There are buildings and homes.
  • Cian: And apartments, like I live in an apartment.
  • Ben: There are trains.
  • Cian: Those are underground. When I go to Rhode Island and I take the train from Penn Station the train we take goes outside, it’s not underground. So there are trains underground and trains up-ground.
  • Luke K: There are boats in the river in the city too.
  • Cian: And trains are also aboveground.
  • Luke M: Do you know what he’s talking about? Trains go aboveground because you know what, sometimes trains go over bridges and the bridge isn't on the track. The train goes on the the tracks and over the bridge. And sometimes they go to NJ.
  • Asha: I’ve been to Michigan that’s a city.
  • Grant: Do you know that I lived in Austin before but that city was filled with water and I can’t go there anymore because they wrecked out all the buildings and there’s X buildings left.
  • Cian: Why did they do that?
  • Grant: Because the Health department shut down every building and house in Austin.
  • James: Where did all the buildings go?
  • Grant: They destroyed them to bricks.
  • James: And maybe they took the bricks and brought them to NYC. There were a little bit buildings and now they built more buildings here in NYC.
  • Cian: Grant where did all the people go to live if all of the buildings got shut down?
  • James: They can live in new places, like in NYC.
  • Sophia: What about all their stuff?
  • Cian: Where’s all their furniture? They’re leaving all of their stuff and beds.
  • Sophia: How about if quickly they put all of their stuff in a moving truck and they can move all their stuff somewhere else.
  • Cian: They can move to another city! Or another state, or Colorado.
  • Sophia: What about their friends?
  • James: They can make more in the new city. They need to get born. They need to stay in somebody’s tummy and they they grow. And then they need to get it out of their mouth and that’s how somebody gets born.
  • Cian: But babies don’t come out of the mouth…
  • Sophia: Yeah, they come out of your tummy, so they just cut your tummy and then they sew it back down.
  • Cian: How do they get it out of your tummy?
  • James: Out of your mouth.
  • Cina: Nooo.
  • James: Yeah!
  • Cian: No because when I was born Ryder was already born and he was watching me come out of mommy’s belly when it popped. I just bounced on the couch and they put mommy’s belly’s back together at the hospital.
  • Grant: It’s a really long story how my Fin was born.
  • Cian: How did he come alive? How did he get out of your mom’s belly?
  • Grant: because she got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and mommy’s belly opened all the way up and closed.

Family Curriculum Celebration

Happy Curriculum Celebration! 

Our Family curriculum celebration was a huge success! The children worked for weeks exploring the concept of family. They sparked their own Home project, shared their favorite family memories and took time to interview a family member. 

Discussing family structures and family narratives are some of the various ways children engage with and understand their environments. They wonder, compare, and contrast the various elements of their own families with those of their peers. These are core aspects of their developing identities. It is our hope as educators that the Pre-K class will develop and communicate a flexible, diverse and expansive understanding of family. 

We are so proud of the Pre-K class! Take some time to see our documentation and museum. We will have all of our museum documentation up next week, with the exception of the home museum section, which we will send home on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for coming! 

Curriculum Party: Family

More Photos from the Week