Volcanoes, Games, and Bears

Curiosities and Interests

Last week the children had so many theories about where volcanos come from and how lava works. This week we took the children's interest and created a space to put their ideas and theories to work. We first began by working with clay and asked the children to create shapes and textures that remind them of volcanos. The children were so excited to begin creating pictures and sculptures of volcanos and had many ideas for lava making! We also worked on a volcano made out of paper mache which they really enjoyed.

Meeting our Bear Friends

This week the children were joined by their bear friends. During our morning meeting, each child was introduced to their bear. The children welcomed their bears with kisses, hugs, and funny voices. Everyone is so excited to begin taking their bears on new adventures during holidays, long weekends, and family trips! 

During gym, the children enjoy participating in yoga, obstacle courses, and movement games. 

One very important reoccurring moment is communication. The children are patient with each other and take time to explain things to one another. We have noticed a lot problem solving in the block center, team work, and sharing. One amazing thing that has happened quite often is Sign Making, this is a tool the children use to communicate special messages to each other. 

Today we also took a walk to our local market, Morgan's Market. Our bunny, Chocolate milk needs fresh food for the long weekend. We picked up fresh romaine lettuce and carrots. 

Identity: "How big are you?" "Where do you live?" "What do you like?"

Happy Friday! 

As we begin to get comfortable in routines, rules and connections we've observed some identity themes emerging. In conversations, play and observations the Pre-K class has shown an interest in comparing, relating, and describing their perceptions. 

Big Themes of Identity: 

  • size
  • skin colors
  • "Where do you live? I live..." 
  • leadership
  • gender presentation

Big Questions about child identity

  • What impacts child confidence and leadership?
  • What characteristics do children notice about other people? 
  • How do children perceive and represent cultural, ethnic and gender identities? 

Parent, Family, Caregivers:

What do you want to know about child identities? 

Feel free to comment here or view our comment panel in the classroom next week

Photos: Identity Themes 

Check captions for quotes and descriptions

Identity conversations: 

Today at lunch Sophia started discussing how Syd has not been to her house, soon the whole room was comparing apartment floor numbers, letters and how many people live in their home. This is an important aspect of differentiating, building similarities and noticing the separations between home identity, school identity and the different people in those spaces. 

Sophia: You know, you never been to my house! I live on the 11th floor in the purple building.

Cian: Yeah, you never been to my home either, I live on the 4th

Cooper: Yeah, me too, I live on the top floor.

James: I live on 7M. You never been there. 

Ben: Cooper's been to my house

Gender expression has also been an interesting topic. Many children are only used to stereotypes of gender they see and hear about from society, in the classroom Pre-K children are free to explore gender through clothing, play and conversations. When a boy wears a dress, uses pink or sings there is often fun questioning and enlightening discussion. 

Asha: Wait, silly, boys can't wear dresses

Caleb: But I do. I like pink and princesses.

Sophia: And Nolan likes the pink dress too! 

Asha: Oh, but my brother doesn't like them I guess. 

Thanks for reading! Be in touch with any identity questions you may have! 




First Week Excitement and Explorations

Happy Thursday!

Happy first Pre-K blog of 2017-2018!

This week has been full of classroom explorations. The children have been observing and interacting with the environment in a variety of ways. As the 3rd Pre-K teacher, the environment contributes greatly to the child's sense of comfort, curiosity, confidence and creativity. Pre-K seems particularly interested in how our classroom is organized, where materials "live," how to make our classroom better and why we have meetings. 

Be sure to check out the quotes at the bottom of the page for details! 

Monday: A cautious start

Tuesday: Materials and Senses

Wednesday: Rules and repairs  

Thursday: Focusing and creating


The lemon is spicy
— Grant and Ben
The lemon is sour! I like sour things
— Caleb
I like blackberries because they are black and my favorite color is black
— Luke M.
I’m drawing long arms and long legs to lift me up high
— Asha (drawing self portrait)
I’m building a garage but my car is too big. Now I have to cover the car, it’s so dirty
— Grant