Family Curriculum Celebration

Happy Curriculum Celebration! 

Our Family curriculum celebration was a huge success! The children worked for weeks exploring the concept of family. They sparked their own Home project, shared their favorite family memories and took time to interview a family member. 

Discussing family structures and family narratives are some of the various ways children engage with and understand their environments. They wonder, compare, and contrast the various elements of their own families with those of their peers. These are core aspects of their developing identities. It is our hope as educators that the Pre-K class will develop and communicate a flexible, diverse and expansive understanding of family. 

We are so proud of the Pre-K class! Take some time to see our documentation and museum. We will have all of our museum documentation up next week, with the exception of the home museum section, which we will send home on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for coming! 

Curriculum Party: Family

More Photos from the Week

Communication: Process work and group projects

Happy Friday! 

Our current project theme is communication. As we discuss the different ways people and other creatures communicate the children have naturally gravitated to focused group project work. Communication and collaboration can be seen in a variety of centers!   

Check it out! 

Process Water Color Art

"First we gotta draw all over the white" -Asha

"Where water? Put the water on" -Luke K. 

"No, there's still some white, we gotta cover it all" -Luke M.  

"Guys, mix the red and black, it makes like a brown" -Ben

"Oh, look what colors I made" -Cian

"Guys try to mix blue and red, it's like purpley brown" -James

"Wait, James you have to use the water, it's getting all mixed together"


Engineering and Measuring 

"This one is down with the screws" -Grant

"Yeah, that means it's heavier" -Luke M.

"Let's use this one" (white scale) -Grant

"I have an idea, let's make them get all the way to 10 pounds!" -Luke M.

"OOOOOHHH YES! That's a great idea!" -Grant

Group Plans and Literacy

"How about after we do the meeting message we read this book and do some art" -Caleb

"Okay, I want to do the day" -Luke M 

"Yeah, and how about I do the good morning part and maybe the numbers after" -Asha

"I can write the numbers, and then read Cinderelephant. And look! The bunny has heels on" -Caleb 

"Can I do the messages part?" -Sophia 

"How do I do the W?" -Sophia 

(Luke K. points to the W on the Weather Station sign) 




Project Brainstorm: Communication

Happy Friday! Welcome back! 

As the children came back to school this week there was a noticeable increase in maturity and an emphasis on communication. The student sign making project has expanded from the block center to dramatic play and morning meeting. The children are excited to design and lead their own projects, and many children have taken on conflict management roles when peers have difficulties. Check out the bottom of the page for some of the New Year's Resolutions the children made this week. 

These developments have started a new Communication project! The children have been discussing the different ways people communicate and developing their own projects on this topic. We started a brainstorm web of these ideas and the children have taken the lead thinking up ideas and sharing their knowledge of communication. 


Big ?

How do people communicate?

News tells you how to do things! That’s commnunication
— Luke M.
Yeah, and news tells you what the president is doing
— Sophia
We make hand signs to communicate “Stop” (with hand up), please stop that’s what it means
— Ben
Maybe we can write a message for a sign
— James
We communicate through helping people
— Asha
We can help people get dressed. We do that when we like them or be nice
— Caleb
We communicate when we do teamwork
— Grant
We share together
— Cooper

Sign Making 


The children were making robots using plus-plus connectors and soon began a discussion of robot languages. This grew into a chant beginning with the group saying "Robot" in a robot voice, which transformed into 4 different words in their own "robot language." 

Helping: Sharing and Teamwork

New Year's Resolutions Pre-K 2018

Grant: "Stop eating candy before bed time because it keeps me up at night"

Asha: "Um, I'm not sure. Stop wearing crowns because they make the back of my ears hurt" 

James: "I want to stop eating gold fish because it makes my tummy feel silly" 

Caleb: "I don't know. Share..."

Luke M.: "I don't know..."


Winter Wonderland!

Happy Friday! 

Pre-K has been working so hard creating a winter wonderland window display! This project has brought up explorations of winter weather, various holidays, and comparisons of types of food. 

Check out our completed window display! We made a paper mâché snow person, a winter scene, an igloo and placed wishes on a wishing tree. 

What do we need for a winter window display?

We have to make a igloo with ice blocks, because in winter there’s ice
— Luke M.
We need a igloo!
— Aayush
Lights! Like lights on a christmas tree
— Ben
Circles and stars!
— Asha
A castle!
— Grant
House ornaments
— James
We have a star on the tree
— Cooper
A snowman!
— Sophia
A tower!
— Caleb
The snow and the snowball
— Luke K

We ended our amazing week in our pajamas drinking hot cocoa. 


Identity and Projects: "I know!" "I'll show you" "I'll lead the way"

Happy Friday! 

Hello Pre-K families! Thank you for your patience while we took some time off from the blog. 

Our December has started with a noticeable class-wide interest in preserving, documenting and showing off our work. Each child has showed an incredible initiative to show peers, teachers and parent visitors their special set of skills. This pride in creations, knowledge and ideas sparked photography lessons, student-led games and projects and song compositions. 

We also started the following projects related to Pride, expression, winter and our unique class:

  • Window Display Creation (paper mache snowperson, snow, snow flakes, castle made of ice, igloo...etc.)
  • Meditation Jars 
  • Share Your Voice (share a special talent, idea or story during morning meeting) 
  • Tree decorating and measuring 

Take a look at some of the special interests and skills of each student: 


  • creating picture books
  • making duplicates of drawings for home and school
  • drawing people in action (running, dancing...etc.)


  • taking on the role of teacher
  • making up songs 
  • drawing intricate abstract designs 


  • taking on a quiet leadership role by modeling kind and creative behavior for friends
  • creating patterns 
  • building elaborate structures 


  • Singing to the group 
  • creating books and fairy tale stories 
  • helping friends feel better when they are sad 


  • creating elaborate manipulative art projects 
  • balancing 


  • freeze dance 
  • reading to the group 
  • helping teachers 

Luke K. 

  • creating shapes using many different manipulatives 
  • leading repeat after me games 
  • drawing scenes 

Luke M. 

  • giving detailed directions 
  • telling stories
  • writing the morning message


    • writing the morning message 
    • measuring using his body, other objects and rulers 
    • leading sensory projects 


    • sharing ideas for projects and telling stories 
    • writing or drawing out feelings with friends 
    • remembering the rules 


    • sharing his knowledge about germs, animals, bugs, and the rules ("lecturing")
    • covering an entire paper with abstract art 
    IMG_4041 (1).JPG

    Identity: A family is...

    Happy Belated Friday Blog

    Thank you all for your feedback on the blog and instagram. We will continue to post a weekly blog on the last day of the week with recaps and a curriculum summary. Thanks agiain!

    Last week we began deep exploration and discussion into family. The children were so excited to share about their own families, compare families with friends and learn new things about family. We started a chart of the things families "can have," where families "can live," and families "are..." Pre-K really opened up about their ideas and questions about family structures, what families do together, what makes a family and the different things families like to do. It was amazing to hear their understandings of family variation. 


    We worked on family portraits, learned how to write last names and played many family games. We had number families, animal families, mixture families and much more. Check out the pictures below and the pictures in the google drive.

    Identity: I know this, do you know this?

    Happy Friday! 

    Following our Halloween parade we have observed the children taking on a new passion for designing alongside their peers. The confidence gained from exploring the neighborhood in their own costume creations inspired so many creative and academic endeavors. 

    The following identity and curriculum themes have blossomed this week: 

    • Sharing of knowledge 
    • Children leading projects with peers 
    • Giving friends comfort items in times of need 
    • Asking for help from friends 
    • How air, heat and water work in weather 
    • Airplanes and parachutes 
    Hi, I’m Asha. Caleb don’t worry I’ll do it with you.
    — Asha (helping Caleb introduce himself to a visitor names Eva)
    When they first jump out the air goes fast and when they are close to the ground the air goes slower in the parachute
    — Ben (teaching friends about parachutes)
    Maybe the air there (the fan) will help the airplane fly more, you should try that, do you want to try that?
    — Luke M. (developing theories about how stick airplanes fly, and suggesting them to friends)
    Maybe we can go up here (to the thinking tower)
    — James (testing theory of how to make airplanes fly)
    Can you do this dance move?
    — Cian (teaching friends his dance moves)
    I can do the S really great, it’s in my name. Want me to show you how?
    — Sophia (asks Caleb and Ben if they want to learn how to write the letter S)
    I want to read to the class
    — Aayush (proud of his new reading skills he wants to share it with his friends)

    Week Recap: 10/30-11-2

    Happy Thursday! 

    This week was full of new explorations and exciting celebrations. The pre-k students have really taken on great interest in responsibility, leadership, and creating. After our exciting halloween parade the children were full of confidence and pride in their creations, interactions and neighborhood.

    This week we explored the following themes: 

    • airplanes
    • writing signs 
    • compassion for others
    • representations of new york city 
    • balance 
    • All things with the letter B





    Week Recap: 10/23-10/27


    Monday began with a relaxed and focused vibe. Many of the children began preparing decorations and gifts and writing notes for our party. 

    This my hat, crown for head
    — Luke K.
    I’m making my mom a necklace and me a choker. I need to twist them together to make them bigger for a grown up.
    — Caleb
    I need all the letters for my name before I start
    — James


    This Tuesday was filled with literacy and science explorations. We measured our pumpkins and wrote out our observations. Practicing writing numbers and letters has been such a fun challenge. We also took time to share about ourselves and finish up our Me, Myself and I projects. 

    How big is the pumpkin? What’s this number? I can write it. 37.
    — Cian
    I like my neck because I can wear a sparkly necklace that my mom got me
    — Asha


    With all of our party preparations the pre-k class has taken on amazing new leadership positions. Sophia began teaching our friends how to draw rainbows, this grew into an entire documentation wall in our classroom. Caleb also led party preparations in dramatic play, while Ben and Luke K. guided construction in the block center. We made a museum and decided our Curriculum celebration would be a museum tour and a party. 

    In addition we taste tested foods of different textures with Diane and practiced stopping and kicking the soccer ball with Jo Jo. 


    The room was abuzz with costume ideas today! We were so excited to welcome our families to our Me, Myself and I party on Friday! 


    Our Me, Myself and I party and museum was such a success! Thank you all for coming! 

    Identity: We can do it!

    Identity: Initiating, empathizing and collaborating

    It has been an amazing journey studying the self! As we gear up for our final identity celebration next week we have noticed some great developments in social, academic and artistic expression. Exploring hands, feet, and faces has naturally progressed to an increased awareness of self and confidence in identifying characteristics. Most apparent is the group's confidence in their leadership skills. These skills manifest and express themselves differently in each child.

    We show great pride in a variety of areas:

    1. empathy toward others
    2. creativity in art 
    3. building improvisations
    4. Initiating and creating games 
    5. Keen observation skills 
    6. guiding and teaching 
    7. Dance skills 
    Look everyone. This is my museum for mummy and in Egypt! I make it. Don’t break it.
    — Luke K.
    I will help you make a hand
    — James (teaching Luke K. how to trace a hand)
    We are taking care of the baby
    — Luke K. and Grant
    Dance party!
    — Ben
    I’m really strong. I think I can carry it alone
    — Asha
    I can help them with making a ship. I can make it beautiful
    — Caleb
    I’m voting for sea creatures because I want to be a turtle
    — James
    I’m very gentle with the bunny, right Syd? Super gentle and nice
    — Cooper
    I’m making suns for my mom and dad, It’s like the lights of Diwali
    — Sophia

    Happy Friday! 

    We had such an amazing Diwali celebration today with Sanjay and Alexandra! Thanks so much for teaching us about the new year celebration of lights and showing off your beautiful outfits and dance moves. 

    10-15-10-19 Week Recap:

    Happy Thursday! 

    Check out the amazing conversations that have developed out of our explorations of the self and bodies. The children have really showed off their theories, inquiries, performances and leadership throughout this exploration. Get ready for some Halloween creations next week and our Me, Myself and I Identity Celebration on Friday 10/27! Thanks for reading! 


    We spent Monday observing and experimenting with our hands. We drew pictures of hands and made signs. We also prepared to vote on our halloween costumes! 

    This is my robot sea creature
    — Cooper
    This is a tall tower for the city
    — Sophia


    We spent the day drawing, writing, building and reading. We took a break to have a snack party, have spanish with Michelle, and vote for our group Halloween costume. Sea creatures won the vote with a tally of 8-4


    Our Wednesday was jam packed with fun and learning. After a morning exploring faces and clay we had super soccer starz with Jojo and cooking with Diane. 


    Thursday always brings exciting changes and explorations. We spent the morning building museums with playdough, growing extra tube arms, building a giant ship, and playing twister in the 3B room. After a restful snack we danced and sang with Evan. After seeing such lively explorations and great teamwork the teachers decided we needed a reward, specifically a pumpkin walk reward! We got the 3 biggest pumpkins we could find, took a vote and brought one back to school to carve before Halloween.

    Identity: Helpers, Organizers and Designers

    Happy Friday! 

    Our identity project has blossomed into expressions of roles and an interest in relationships with each other. As the children explore their hands, feet and faces they begin comparing their abilities, the details on their bodies and how they feel. We noticed that all this exploration into self manifested into hugs, compliments, and inquiry about other people. Feeling more confident in their sense of self the children began to be more present and interactive with each other. 

    "We do a group hug" -Cooper

    "That's a beautiful H" -Grant(making letters with our bodies) 

    "I only like a hug if someone asks first" -Asha

    "This is the animal shelter where we protect animals" -Ben 

    "H is for Hugs, I like a hug" -Luke K. 

    "Your hug looks like a heart" -Luke M. 

    "My hands are small and yours has nail polish" -Caleb (comparing hands with sophia and Annabel)



    Today we continued our exploration of feet and hands with a sensory walk party. We also worked on a special portrait art project for our Identity Party on October 27. In addition to all the identity project fun we began discussing our Class Halloween Costume ideas. We have narrowed down the theme to either Foods or Sea Creatures. We will hold a vote next week to decide! 

    10/10-10/13 Week Recap


    We reflected on our science experiment from last week. We drew pictures of volcanoes and told stories about dinosaurs. We also met with Ms. Michelle for Spanish and practiced the days of the week. In preperation for this week, we played a game of yoga to show Ms. Jen our flexible bodies. Later that day we talked about the places around the world while looking at a map and discussed the places we have been to before.  


    Our Field trip to the Riamede Farm for Apple Picking was a total succes! We first started our day with warm donuts and apple cider. We traveled on a hayride, searched for pumpkins and apples, and had a nice picnic style lunch. 


    After our apple picking trip we decided to save some apples for our cooking activity with Diane.

    Child Identity: Parties and Roles

    Happy Friday! 

    This week has been full of new developments in understanding identity.

    We began our explorations by asking the following questions to the children: 

    1. What makes you special/What is the best part of you?
    2. What helps you feel better when you're upset? 
    3. What do you know about eyes? 

    These questions manifested into an exploration of roles, and expressions of personal interests through these roles.  What better way to show off what makes us special than a party?!! Parties, fashion shows and sharing about feelings helped us grapple with when where and how to take control or decide to take turns. 

    A week of Specialists and Self

    Happy Thursday! 

    This week has been full of new experiences and visits from old friends as we started specialists. We have also focused on our eyes as an introduction to understanding ourselves. The children love creating and expressing through the mediums of art, dress up, call and response and movement. 

    Specialists schedule: 

    Tuesday- Spanish 

    Wednesday- Cooking with Diane and Super Soccer Starz

    Thursday- Music with Evan 


    Who are you? What's the best part of you? On Monday we explored eyes our selves and how we play together. We also read the book "How full is your bucket" and discussed how people can impact each other's feelings.


    "My best part is my handsbecause it's so awesome, they do cool things" -Grant

    "My fingers are the best, they can paint and open things" -Cian 

    "My best part is that I play drums with my hands and eyes" -Aayush

    Spanish with Michelle and Mimi


    Creating our own bugs! Many of the children started relating themselves to their bugs. Some friends also took some time to decorate the classroom with their art work. Wednesday was our first day of super soccer starz! Diane came to share some fall flavors with us in preparation for making apple pie. 


    Today we had our first session of music with Evan! Pre-K was so happy to have Evan back with us. We also spent our morning exploring our reflections and revisited our bug creations. 

    A week of love, support, and senses!

    Happy Thursday! 

    This week we focused on finding ways to raise money for children impacted by the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas. The children were involved in every step of our efforts and even developed new ways to show support and love. 

    Remember to check the daily reflections by the classroom entrance for details every day! 

    Thanks so much to all the families who helped make the lemonade and bake sale a success! 

    "We can dry them (toys) off" -James

    "We can get them new toys" -Sophia & James 

    "We have to draw a picture for them" -Cooper

    "And have a bake sale" -Caleb

    "We can make a sign" -Luke M. 

    "And sing a song" -Luke K. 



    On Monday we introduced our school-wide project of providing charitable funds to children and schools impacted by the hurricanes. The children had amazing ideas of how to help and worked on their empathy skills by understanding how storms look and feel. 


    After coming up with the idea to have a bake sale Pre-K was hard at work preparing menus, ingredient lists, and practicing mixing lemonade ingredients.  


    Bake sale day! The children were so excited to make lemonade and sell it in front of school. Some of them even remembered to tell our customers where the money will go. 

    "It's for the kids school in Texas and Puerto Rico" -Cian

    "The money is for the people who are poor" -Sophia L. 

    "It's for the toys that got wet" -Asha

    We also conducted a lemon juice tasting to test our hypothesis: "We use just lemons to make lemonade"  


    We continued our lemonade sale today! Our donations reached into the high 200s today! 

    Volcanoes, Games, and Bears

    Curiosities and Interests

    Last week the children had so many theories about where volcanos come from and how lava works. This week we took the children's interest and created a space to put their ideas and theories to work. We first began by working with clay and asked the children to create shapes and textures that remind them of volcanos. The children were so excited to begin creating pictures and sculptures of volcanos and had many ideas for lava making! We also worked on a volcano made out of paper mache which they really enjoyed.

    Meeting our Bear Friends

    This week the children were joined by their bear friends. During our morning meeting, each child was introduced to their bear. The children welcomed their bears with kisses, hugs, and funny voices. Everyone is so excited to begin taking their bears on new adventures during holidays, long weekends, and family trips! 

    During gym, the children enjoy participating in yoga, obstacle courses, and movement games. 

    One very important reoccurring moment is communication. The children are patient with each other and take time to explain things to one another. We have noticed a lot problem solving in the block center, team work, and sharing. One amazing thing that has happened quite often is Sign Making, this is a tool the children use to communicate special messages to each other. 

    Today we also took a walk to our local market, Morgan's Market. Our bunny, Chocolate milk needs fresh food for the long weekend. We picked up fresh romaine lettuce and carrots. 

    Identity: "How big are you?" "Where do you live?" "What do you like?"

    Happy Friday! 

    As we begin to get comfortable in routines, rules and connections we've observed some identity themes emerging. In conversations, play and observations the Pre-K class has shown an interest in comparing, relating, and describing their perceptions. 

    Big Themes of Identity: 

    • size
    • skin colors
    • "Where do you live? I live..." 
    • leadership
    • gender presentation

    Big Questions about child identity

    • What impacts child confidence and leadership?
    • What characteristics do children notice about other people? 
    • How do children perceive and represent cultural, ethnic and gender identities? 

    Parent, Family, Caregivers:

    What do you want to know about child identities? 

    Feel free to comment here or view our comment panel in the classroom next week

    Photos: Identity Themes 

    Check captions for quotes and descriptions

    Identity conversations: 

    Today at lunch Sophia started discussing how Syd has not been to her house, soon the whole room was comparing apartment floor numbers, letters and how many people live in their home. This is an important aspect of differentiating, building similarities and noticing the separations between home identity, school identity and the different people in those spaces. 

    Sophia: You know, you never been to my house! I live on the 11th floor in the purple building.

    Cian: Yeah, you never been to my home either, I live on the 4th

    Cooper: Yeah, me too, I live on the top floor.

    James: I live on 7M. You never been there. 

    Ben: Cooper's been to my house

    Gender expression has also been an interesting topic. Many children are only used to stereotypes of gender they see and hear about from society, in the classroom Pre-K children are free to explore gender through clothing, play and conversations. When a boy wears a dress, uses pink or sings there is often fun questioning and enlightening discussion. 

    Asha: Wait, silly, boys can't wear dresses

    Caleb: But I do. I like pink and princesses.

    Sophia: And Nolan likes the pink dress too! 

    Asha: Oh, but my brother doesn't like them I guess. 

    Thanks for reading! Be in touch with any identity questions you may have! 




    First Week Excitement and Explorations

    Happy Thursday!

    Happy first Pre-K blog of 2017-2018!

    This week has been full of classroom explorations. The children have been observing and interacting with the environment in a variety of ways. As the 3rd Pre-K teacher, the environment contributes greatly to the child's sense of comfort, curiosity, confidence and creativity. Pre-K seems particularly interested in how our classroom is organized, where materials "live," how to make our classroom better and why we have meetings. 

    Be sure to check out the quotes at the bottom of the page for details! 

    Monday: A cautious start

    Tuesday: Materials and Senses

    Wednesday: Rules and repairs  

    Thursday: Focusing and creating


    The lemon is spicy
    — Grant and Ben
    The lemon is sour! I like sour things
    — Caleb
    I like blackberries because they are black and my favorite color is black
    — Luke M.
    I’m drawing long arms and long legs to lift me up high
    — Asha (drawing self portrait)
    I’m building a garage but my car is too big. Now I have to cover the car, it’s so dirty
    — Grant