Valentine's Week.

Hello Families,

This is comparatively a shorter week and we go on a mini vacation from tomorrow. Just to make sure- We are off from Friday the 16th until Feb 20th in observance of Lunar New Year and Presidents day. 

The Valentine's gift that we prepared for the 2A classroom, involved shaving cream, paint and glitter. We let our friends explore the shaving cream with paint and once they were done with it, we put a paper in it for the print. That is how we created the beautiful card. 

How we made the heart? We cut out hearts and stuck them on the light table with red finger paint on it and stuck it with clip wrap. All of them explored the cling wrap which helped spread the color on the heart and that is how our heart was painted. 

How did we prepare gifts for you'll? Simply took their hand and footprints and wrote a cute message. We tried taking the handprints in a way that created or rather looked like a heart.

Our friends were so cooperative during the whole process. It took almost two weeks to get everything together and work with our friends. 

Once we were done with that, we thought of exploring salt as that is a similar texture like sand. So we explored salt with watercolor on water paper and for most parts, they all seemed to have liked the feel of salt. Antoine, Una, and Cleo were tempted to taste it too. It was nice to see how Cleo decided to explore the salt with her feet. She first tried it with her hands but did not feel comfortable so tried it with her feet. She seemed to have done better with her feet. We are glad that she did not give up and still tried even after not being fully comfortable and confident. Annabelle and Teagan had a very good time exploring it. Both of them were on their tummy while exploring it.

On Tuesday, we had the 2A friends come in to exchange all the gifts. At first, we were a little nervous as we were not sure how our friends would react looking at such a big crowd. But guess what? They loved it. All of them felt so comfortable and were so happy to have them over. Cleo, Antoine, and Una were even cooperating and interacting with their older friends. Teagan was really happy to see her mommy come and spend time with her. For Teagan, it was an expected visit. :) Books and Mirrors are a growing interest in our room. Every time Cleo is upset, if she goes to the mirror and looks at herself, she gets distracted and starts playing. She loves the mirror. Books are a tool in our room. It works as a calming/soothing tool. Every time our friends are upset and we start reading, they all become quite and start listening to what is read. All of them have good listening ears. 

On Wednesday- It was wonderful to have all of you come in for our Valentine's Day breakfast. We had a good time and so did our friends to see their family at school. We really hope you'll like the gift your children made. 

Thursday- We explored sensory bags and different type of sensory material on the light table. They all seem to have enjoyed it. Cleo and Una surely did. We also explored foam hearts on the light table as it was Valentine's day.

Looking forward, as we are coming back after a long weekend, it is going to be an emotional week. So we are planning to do family picture painting. This has been really helpful in the past and our friends really enjoy this activity. So we are going to try it with this group to see how they react to see their family pictures on the light table. 

Coming up- We are closed on March 2nd for Staff Development, Picture Day on March 6th and Parent-Teacher conferences on March 15th. The sign-up sheet for the conferences will be out soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next Wednesday :)


Hello Families, 

This whole week went into preparation for Valentine's day. We are prepping gifts for our families as well as for our 2B friends. We will not reveal anything until the last day.  Cleo is doing very well. She had a wonderful week. Antoine also had a very good week. Nothing else for now. The upcoming events list will be soon sent out so that you all can mark your calendars. 

This week Teagan tried to reach for Annabelle's hand in the gym. It was such a cute posture because gradually Teagan reached for her hand. Also, alot of our friends are showing interest in the family book. They crawl up to the basket and flip through the book. Cleo went kissing the teachers and they all have an amazing time in the gym.


Please don't forget about Wednesday, 14th Feb for our valentines breakfast.



Hello Families,

This week again has been a transition week as Cleo started. We are hoping Cleo feels better and by next week she has adjusted completely. This was the reason this week has been a little slow and passive.

We explored a lot of shaving cream in different forms this week. In fact, we are using shaving cream for our valentines gift for the 2a classroom too.

Thank you to all the parents who replied to my email and who signed up for the valentines breakfast :) The panel is in progress.

The pictures are on Instagram and google drive. Please have a look.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Hello Families,

This week has been wonderful. In the midst of all the transitions and separation anxiety phase, we managed to have a good time by exploring and getting messy.

This week we noticed that our friends have inclined towards the light table and more so the Magna Tiles. They like the Magna tiles because they can put it in their mouth and use it as a teether. Therefore, since the past two days, we are focusing more on the light table and the Magna Tiles. Yesterday, we covered the light table and Magna tiles with paint and blue paper to see what our friends would do with it. The younger ones glided their hands through the Magna tiles and felt the blue paper whereas Antoine and Una tried tearing the paper to reach for the Magna tiles and the paint. Antoine managed to reach for the paint and enjoyed getting messy. This morning Una and Teagan showed interest so they got a chance to get messy. Annabelle was sleeping so couldn't explore with her. But instead, we painted her feet so that she gets the feel too.    

We are also trying to push all of them to reach for objects. On Wednesday, we set a provocation with blocks and musical instruments as these are their two favorite most areas. Some motivation:) Pushing Una to crawl and pushing Teagan and Annabelle to reach for objects. It is working.

I am really happy that all our friends are adjusting well and the transitions are very smooth now. 


Hello Families,

It was wonderful to have everyone at our curriculum breakfast. Thank you for coming and spending some time with us. It was beautiful to see how all of you'll were interacting with each other and socializing. The highlight of the morning for me was to see each and everyone's reaction when I asked all of you to draw a family portrait. The reaction was amazing :)

Looking forward- Now that I have every child's personal information, I am going to convert this into a book and laminate it. All of these books will be on the rugs so that it is accessible to the children. Lets see how this goes.

Also please email family pictures so that I can stick it in the book :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Friday.

Hello Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to an amazing long weekend. I surely am :)

This week we had Antoine join us and it was so much fun. Antoine and Annabelle are adjusting really well and the transition is going smoothly. We went outside this week and took advantage of the good weather. All of them enjoyed it.

We have 3 exciting things happening next week. Teagan starts with us, Cleo is going to come to visit us and spend some time and we have our curriculum meet too. Would not want to go too much in depth as you all will receive it via email. 

Please try and make it so that all of us can interact and enjoy our time together.

Any questions related to school, or our classroom, please feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead :)

Happy New Year.

Welcome our new and existing families. J.J and I are so excited to start this new journey with all of you. This was comparatively a very short week and did not have time to do much but from next week we will be more in routine and be more active.

Looking forward- Our curriculum for this semester is going to focus more on Family. I already have an activity planned for each one of you when you'll come for our first curriculum meet which is on January 18th.

Una is so thrilled to welcome all her new friends. One of her friend Annabelle already started and she seems to be doing pretty well. We will be welcoming more friends and looking forward to spending quality time with them.

Please ensure you all are following our Instagram page. The username is - bmsinfanta

If you all have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to help.

Have a splendid weekend.

Thank you,

Janvi Doshi.



We had some more from the gym and morning meeting on Michelle's camera but her SD card got corrupted.




You all must be wondering where are the pictures of them engaging in an activity. Wait for it. It is a surprise :)



Happy Friday! 

So today I was at lunch when Melissa sent me pictures of Nathaniel looking at his family picture and exploring it. He finally reached for it :)

We are still working on recognizing their family pictures. We also did an art activity on canvas. They both seem to be over it because it is not messy. Nathaniel also explored ball in shaving cream and paint. He definitely enjoyed that because it was messy. He even explored water bag with ball in it. He enjoyed that too.





Hello Families, I hope you'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Monday- We took advantage of the good weather and went outside to the park. It was beautiful. Also it was Una's first day eating solids at school and she loves her solids. She likes to hold her own spoon while eating. We have been going to the gym too as much as we can so more social time and they can look and move around.

Tuesday- We have been doing our morning meetings together with the Infant-B room and it has been fun. Those kids have started to clap, stomp their feet, and our kids are also in the process of learning how to clap. Nathaniel tried to take a few steps with the walker and he succeeded. He took about 2-3 steps.  They spent the second half of the day in the infant-b room as I had training.

Wednesday- We again went outside and it was really nice. Could not go all the way to the park but went a couple times around the block. We had Antoine who has been coming for play dates. ( Starting with us in Jan 2018). So we did painting with him. Nathaniel enjoyed it but Antoine did not. Nathaniel and Una aare both so welcoming to new people and children. Everytime we have some other children visiting us, they respond to them, and do not show any discomfort.

Thursday- Just to brief you all up. Our second part of the curriculum for this year is Family. Our first one was self identity. So what I am doing with them is face recognition of themselves first and later recognizing their family pictures. I tried both the phases today and the outcome was not bad. Nathaniel and Una both recognized themselves first and were more keen on looking at themselves rather than their mommy and daddy. We are going to try this again tomorrow.

Off lately, I have noticed that Nathaniel loves to look underneath the rugs so I thought hiding pictures underneath that would be a good idea as he would be surprised when he lifted the rug and saw his mommy, daddy and Una there. He lifted the rug today but did not show any reaction at first. Later he went back to it, touched his mommy and daddy's picture then crawled away. When I was not noticing, he lifted another side of the rug where there was nothing. He lifted with the hope he would find something there. 

Una looked at her and her mother's picture and touched it. Later when she saw her picture, she smiled at it and put her head down on it.

Apologies for so many pictures.

Also, you all will receive an email from our parent-teachers from  the infant-b room regarding the Christmas party on December 14th,2017.

Enjoy looking at the pictures :)