Weekly Recap

Though it was a short week, it was a busy one.  We started off the week exploring clay.  The children poked, pushed, pounded, and created lots of cherry and vanilla flavored lollipops.  Soon we will start conducting clay workshops, introducing the children to a variety of new ways to create.

The children showed a lot of interest in creating with the magna-tiles and dinosaur manipulatives.  Many children created boxes for individual dinosaurs.

The children are still loving the gym.  One organized game we played this week was tossing balls into the net.

For art the children made dots using pom-poms dipped in tempera paint.

The children have been very interested in the block area.  We will soon start conducting block workshops to help the children learn how they can use different blocks to build structures.  This week they were interested in creating seats for the firetrucks.

We celebrated Hunter's 3rd birthday on Monday.  Shari, Hunter's mom, read Press Here.  Angelo then presented Hunter with a picture of Hunter playing with magna-tiles.  We hope you had a wonderful birthday Hunter!

We had our first shared snack on Wednesday.  Aayush brought in strawberries, pretzel sticks, and goldfish crackers.  Thank you Aayush!  

We read Little Red Rosie and also had challah and honey from Joseph to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  Diane also came in and we tried apples and honey.  Happy New Year to those who celebrate!  Thank you Joseph and Diane!

Child Identity Study Update

Children often enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror, allowing them to learn more about their feelings, how they look, and overall becoming more aware of their features.  To kick start our study, we began working with the children on creating their first self-portraits for the year.  The children will draw a new portrait, every month, in their self-portrait book.  This will allow them to see how their observations of themselves changes over time.

Since it was a short week, we will continue working on self-portraits with children who did not get a chance to work on their's this week.

First Week of School

We had a wonderful first week of school!  The children have been reacquainting themselves with their peers and getting to know new ones.  Here are some highlights from our week.

Pinky has helped many friends feel comfortable at school.  The children love going up to her in the mornings to say hello.  It has become a part of their morning routine.

Something the children loved doing this week was exploring the art area.  They drew, colored, and created a variety of things.  Milo drew pictures of his teachers, Elle drew pictures of her family and her sister's  teachers, and Joseph drew a picture of his family.  Dylan made a trumpet out of paper and blew into it to give it sound.

The children also worked on making collages, created with play-dough, explored tape, painted at the easel, and painted with tempera cake paint.

The one thing that was uniform throughout the days was how well the children socialized with each other.  Weather it be in the kitchen area, feeding the babies, or playing doctor, the children were busy learning how to navigate social rules.

Magna-tiles, unit blocks, and hollow blocks were also used a lot this week.  It is wonderful to see the beginnings of their knowledge and we're excited to see how it will progress throughout the year.

The children were also very excited to have gym time.  They had a wonderful time exploring the new gym.  Next week we will start playing some structured gym games.

We ended our week by celebrating Ava's 3rd birthday on Friday!  On Thursday, Alexander, Elle, and Angelo worked on a drawing and painting for Ava as her present.  Unfortunately we forgot to give it to her today, so we'll be sure to give it to her on Monday.  Alexander, Elle, and Angelo thought that Ava would like a dog, so they each took turns drawing the body.  Happy Birthday Ava!

School-wide Intent: Child Identity

Each year BMS focuses on a topic that can be explored by all ages.  Last year was music, the year before that was paper.  This year we are focusing on documenting how children form their identities.  Once a child's sense of self is established, they are more likely to remember information that is related to themselves.  From at least three-years-old, children are more likely to remember objects linked with themselves than those linked with another person.

As educators, the first thing we did was brainstorm: What words come to mind when you think or hear the words "child identity?"

*expressions     *body parts     *personality     *body     *culture     *family     *exploring     *"me"     *temperament     *similarities & differences     *likes & dislikes     *birthday     *language     *feelings     * traditions     *habits     *family     *gender     *routines     *home     *clothing     *tastes     *abilities     *skills     *knowledge     *talents     *wonder     *"fantasy"     *perceptions     *choices     *play     *frustration     *humor     *questions     *curiosity     *fears     *limits     *rules

Next, we came up with specific questions about what we would like to know about how children form their identities.  The two questions below are what we, the 3A teachers, are interested in answering this year.

  1. How does society/people's expectations impact a child's concept of self?
  2. How do peers influence a child's identity?

In the Reggio philosophy, the child has three teachers.  First are the parents, second are the teachers, and third is the environment.  Since you are your child's first teacher, we are interested in what you would like to know about children and their identities.  Located above our class refrigerator is the beginning of our child identity panel.  Please feel free to jot down your questions on the available post-it notes.

We end this post with a short clip of how the children explored their bodies and their shadows the other day.



Welcome to 3A

Welcome to 3A

We are very excited to start the school year!  During child orientation we got a glimpse into how the children explore and play, and our classroom dynamics.  We are excited to see how things unfold.

Here is the link to our class Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/gp/153109797@N03/3DXY5x

Flickr will be updated with pictures from each day and the blog will be updated on Thursdays and Fridays.

We hope you are all ready for a wonderful year filled with inquiry!