Weekly Update: 11.17.17

On Monday we read Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems.  For a majority of the day, the children spent the most time either working with play dough or painting with shaving cream and paint.  These activities kept their focus and attention for at least 30 minutes.

On Tuesday the children explored some sensory bags on the light table.  The bags were filled with oil, water, and liquid watercolor paint.  They also built with some of the light table blocks.  We also had Spanish with Michelle and had a freeze dance session before lunch.

On Wednesday we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in preparation for our trip on Friday.  The children worked on creating structures with magna-tiles, painted at the easel, explored soapy water in the sensory table, had soccer with Coach JoJo, and made stuffing with Diane.

Friday was our trip to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It was great and everyone had a wonderful time!


Weekly Update: 11.09.17

On Monday the children worked on self-portraits, made families using a teddy bear puzzle provocation, played doctor/veterinarian, laughed hysterically while listening to The Book With No Pictures, built on our lego wall, and built at our wood exploration table.  It was a fun-filled and busy day.


"... my family!"

~ Joseph

On Wednesday, during morning meeting, we wrote down what the children know about families.  Afterwards, some children worked on creating our classroom calendar, others began working on letters for our alphabet wall, and the rest continued playing beach (we were playing beach during morning free play since it was so cold outside).  After choice time was over, we had soccer with coach JoJo and then had cooking with Diane (we made cornbread).


Relaxing on the sand at the beach

On Thursday the children tried out the new rock climbing wall in the gym, created artwork using liquid watercolor paint and salt, explored play dough, and played with our 3B friends.

11.09 (3).JPG

"I made a pancake with blueberries and raspberries."

Here is the Flickr link with Thursday's pictures added: https://www.flickr.com/gp/153109797@N03/yG0yQg

Weekly Recap: 11.03.17

On Monday we read Dots! Dots! Dots! at the Museum.  Afterward, the children were given an opportunity to create their own work of art that included dots.  We also finished up Halloween costumes, painted with blue paint, white paint, and shaving cream on a mirror, worked at the easel using dot dot markers, played train in the block area (there was a conductor and passengers), and built with light table manipulatives on the light table.

Tuesday was Halloween!  We had a wonderful time showing off our costumes while trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

On Wednesday some of the children worked on creating individual structures in the block area, within their own designated area on the rug.  We also made pumpkin pie with Diane, had soccer with Coach JoJo, and explored baking soda and colored vinegar.

On Thursday we combined with 3B in our classroom.  Some children worked at our wood working station (explored building, without glue), painted with colored shaving cream, read all of the big books in our classroom, cooked and dined in the kitchen area, and made a thank you card for Tribeca Kitchen for passing out treats on Halloween.

On Friday the children creating individual shaving cream paintings, explored water and animals in the water table, created structures with cups and pipe cleaners, and had shared snack together (thank you Dylan!)

Weekly Recap: 10.27.17

On Monday we began working on Halloween costumes, played a math guessing game (the children had to guess how many caps were in the jar), finished working on October self-portraits, and worked with pipe cleaners and Styrofoam.

On Tuesday we continued working on Halloween costumes, played the guessing game, had Spanish with Michelle, and celebrated Kedar's 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday Kedar!

On Wednesday we continued working on Halloween costumes, had soccer with Super Soccer Stars, worked on our curriculum celebration projects, created with Styrofoam, pipe cleaners, and beads, and built with magna tiles and submersible lights.

On Thursday we finished working on our curriculum celebration projects, continued working on Halloween costumes, played animals in the block area (an image of the rain forest was projected onto the wall while sounds played in the background), created with clay, read lots of books in he reading area, and worked on letter puzzles.

On Friday we had our curriculum celebration!  We hope you all enjoyed the children's self-portraits and answers to the questions.  If you missed them, they are up in our block/light room.

The children were so happy to have you all there and everyone had a great breakfast!  Thank you for making this event successful.

Please check out our Flickr page for more pictures from our celebration/breakfast! https://www.flickr.com/gp/153109797@N03/9W43s9

Child Identity Update

The children are still very interested in the letters of the alphabet.  They are now starting to ask about letters when we read our morning message.  Some children are working on recognizing the letters, others are starting to work on letter-sound recognition.

In relation to their identity, the children are starting to notice their peers names, especially focusing on letters that they share.

We are curious and excited to see what happens as we take the study further into their identities in relation to their families.

Weekly Recap: 10.20.17

Flickr Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/gp/153109797@N03/U6328k

On Monday we began working on Halloween costume ideas, started self-portraits, made paper jack-o-lantern, painted with white paint on black paper, explored the block area where an image of a running creek was projected onto the wall, and explored our sensory table filled with green water and water-filled gloves.  It was a great start to a wonderful week!

On Tuesday we painted on white paper with black paint, explored with a new manipulative (pentominoes), had our first fire drill (the children did a wonderful job of listening and following instructions), had a picnic in the kitchen area, had Spanish with Michelle, some animals needed some care from the doctors, worked on a Halloween matching game that Diane made for the class, explored submersible lights in the sensory table, and the children signed in the sign-in book for the first time.

On Wednesday we had soccer with Coach JoJo, explored submersible lights in the light table, had a major paper cutting session (almost every child sat around cutting and ripping paper), made tea sandwiches with Diane (apple butter, cream cheese, and an apple slice), and continued coming up with our costume ideas.

On Thursday we combined with the 3B class.  The children had a wonderful time playing with their new friends.  We'll be combining once a week to collaborate on work/projects.  The children built with magna-tiles, explored the block area (jungle animals with jungle/forest sounds in the background), had music with Evan, played a letter matching game, and completed an obstacle course in the gym.

On Friday, 3B came to visit us.  Melissa and Ada acted out The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  The children enjoyed the show.  Afterward we went to the park!  The children did a wonderful job of staying on the rope, coming up with park rules, and listening to the teachers when we got to the park.

Child Identity Update

The children have been showing a lot of interest in the letters of the alphabet, particularly the first letter of their names.  We have decided to take this interest and tie it in with our Halloween costumes.  

Earlier in the week we showed the children a video of a former BMS class that came up with a short play about the alphabet.  The children of our class were inspired and wanted to work on something similar for their costumes. 

The children came up with objects that begin with the same letter as their first name.  They are all excited and we can't wait for you all to see their work.  We'll be starting our work next week.

Watching the ABC Show created by a former BMS class at the 13th St. location