Our Focus on Family

We had so much fun this short week preparing for our curriculum breakfast featuring video interviews of the 2B class and a game of who's who silhouettes for the parents. We enjoyed pancakes, bagels, hot chocolate, and playing store with our parents too! We have been identifying interests in our friends and ourselves as we continue to cook together, learn Spanish, dance, play soccer and play in the gym, and enjoy meals together. Today, we even learned a new game for foot/eye and gross motor coordination. It seems like our possibilities are endless as we shift into a new curriculum focus about our community and the world around us.  

Fun with Friends and Our Imagination

This week we have seen more imaginative play and artwork. From putting out invisible fires and riding in cars, to covering a boat to keep out water and making snowmen and big bears out of clay - we sure know how to get creative! Today, Romeo made a snow man family with clay while Cole made a big bear (see the pictures below). In gym, friends take turns pretending to be the rainbow ghost - a funny character that 2B has carried over from last semester - while Oliver likes to be a kitty cat and sleep in nice little block houses with his friend Grady, who is never a kitty cat. In the upstairs gym, Lauren covered the boat shaped seesaw with a veil. "What is this for?" Hillary asked her. "No water come in." she replied. Smart! 

As a group this week, we made shaving cream art which was so cool. "It looks like a rainbow!" said Jude and Devin P. said "It smells good can I eat it?" We also painted the box that we use to play store and sometimes use as a cave to sleep in. It is so fun being creative in our art and play, and it's even better to share our imaginative expression with friends. Let's see where it takes us in the future!

Welcome Back!

This week we came back from the holiday break ready to play and learn. Our first day back was a breeze. We loved Spanish class and cooking with Diane. On Wednesday, our new friend Thomas joined the class and we played with moonsand and cut playdough, we created a giant art pizza, and we enjoyed Super Soccer Stars! On Friday, it was nice and quiet we played with our box, we cut our pizza and added pepperonis, and in the gym and enjoyed quiet reading together. It was so nice to get back into the swing of things with our good 2B friends. 

Wednesday, December 20

Monday, December 18

Happy Holidays!

This week was full of holiday preparations and celebrations! We enjoyed talking about Santa Claus and presents, and we began our exploration of family with our ongoing family graph project. We hung ornaments on the Christmas tree, we made a menorah for Hanukkah, and we even got to see Santa and have a dance party with family and friends. Don't forget the delicious food, too! This week really brought the 2B class together. They know about each other and each other's families now more than ever. Today, Sloane told Oliver "I saw your brother, Maxie." Oliver said, "Yeah, he came last night." Friendships and connections are blossoming along with a sense of empathy and a desire to share and play together. Let's see this spirit grow with the coming semester as we continue to learn more about our own and each other's families. 

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Oliver's Here Today

We played together so much today and this week! In playing together, we've been making connections and building empathy, creativity, and communication skills. Remembering to ask before taking, expressing our needs and wants, and sharing imaginative play ideas have been in priority this week. It feels so nice to understand each other and be heard - just take a look at Oliver, then Sloane and Alisha when Devin S. sings who is here today. It's a great sign that they are recreating moments that they find special in school with each other.              

Season's Greetings

In this holiday season at Buckle My Shoe, we are busy making preparations like building a Christmas tree in our room, making ornaments for the shared school tree, and talking about when Santa is coming and what happens at Christmas and during the holidays. This week in 2B. we made pinecones with white glue and glitter, like festive little Christmas trees to match our fantastic colorfully-lit tree on the light table. Cole really loved the "acorns" (glitter pinecones) so much that he wanted to take one home with him.  Lauren has been asking, "It's Christmas? And Santa?" Not yet, almost! Today, we made ornaments for the shared tree, the kids carefully placed one hand in the roll and painted, then added glitter with the other.

In the season, there are other changes in the classroom. Everyone wants to use the potty, friends are beginning to play in groups instead of alone or in dyads, becoming more sociable with each other; and we are beginning to be more comfortable sharing, negotiating turn taking, and showing empathy towards others in the class. Today, classmates stacked their own magnet tile towers, then decided to work together after, building a tower even taller than Jude! Lauren said it was her tower, but she let everyone help her. Devin even handed out tiles to his friends so they could continue building, and when it was time to clean up he and Oliver teamed up to put away legos and tiles together, with one friend holding the basket and the other putting the items inside. It's so nice to grow together as a class, we can't wait to see what happens in January and next semester!   

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Playing Store

Lately, the 2B class has been playing store in the gym. We like to set up the climbing blocks as store stands and sell ice cream, cookies, chips and juice. Some classmates like to be customers, while others like to be store owners. Today, Sloane and Jude set up a shop, and then Alisha, realizing their store was too crowded for three people, chose a different block to set up her own shop next door. Grady came by with some money, Jude and Sloane were busy with other customers, so he asked Alisha for ice cream.

Today, one shop became two, and maybe soon, as Reggio educators, we can facilitate a project to create a larger store or more stores that sell different goods, not just in the gym, but in the classroom and beyond. Where do our students want to go with this? How can we incorporate this into learning, STEM/curriculum, and social/emotional development. Perhaps, we can take a field trip to a local shop to sell how buying and selling works. We can count the money and take turns. We can vote or make decisions on what store items we like best. We can decide prices for items and negotiate our wants.

 Interestingly enough, with our school intent focused on identity this year, we are going from a focus on family to a focus on neighborhood, environment, and culture. Instead of the 2B class playing house at the moment, they've taken a natural interest in the next environment outside of the home - to places where they go with their families.  

Learning and Having Fun with Specialists

In the 2B class, our time with specialists gives us the opportunity to make connections in new ways. Not only do we meet and establish relationships with new adults, but we are using different parts of our brain to learn new material. Cooking, Spanish, soccer, music, and yoga provide creative ways to make connections to things taught everyday in 2B with Hillary and Debbie. Emotion recognition, listening, critical thinking, turn taking, sharing, following directions, and STEM curriculum are practiced constantly and with specialists coming in the learning and the fun are amplified. 

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Monday, November 27

Today, we used group play, music, stories, and gym to get back into the swing of things after our long Thanksgiving break. 

Wednesday, November 22