Summer at Buckle My Shoe

What’s it all about?

The summer program at Buckle My Shoe is an extension of the school year in many ways.  We continue to support children's interests through purposeful play, project work, experiential learning, and hands on sensory experiences.

It is a slightly quieter, slower paced time of the year, a perfect fit for the summer months.  With a smaller population we typically house the summer program within the front of the school and utilize fewer classrooms.  Since the population is a bit smaller the classes tend to be more of a multi-age group.  This is such a nice opportunity for younger children to have the opportunity to learn from children just a bit older and for the older children to take on a leadership role and care for their younger classmates.

Choosing at least one summer session is a great benefit for our infants, toddlers, and two's students.  Spending some time at BMS over the summer offers continuity between school years and provides children an opportunity to play, explore, and learn in an environment, and with teachers they are familiar with.  Children may not have the same teacher as they did during the school year but they will have one of our many qualified and dedicated educators during the summer sessions.  Having a different teacher can be quite beneficial for a child.  They can begin to familiarize themselves with other teachers in the school and feel comfortable with them.

For our 3's & 4's summer involves a lot of outdoor play, various field trip excursions, spending time with friends and making memories.

For all of our groups, we focus on learning through nature, water play, connecting to the outdoors, exercising our bodies and enriching our minds.

The Buckle My Shoe summer experience is a great opportunity for your child to grow and evolve in a place they feel safe and secure.  


Summer Session I:  July 5-25

Summer Session II:  July 26-August 15



Enriching the mind, body, and heart through creativity and play!


Join us this summer at Buckle My Shoe!  
We will be celebrating children and helping to empower them by developing...



Fitness activities geared towards fun and plenty of outdoor play
Weekly visits to Integral Yoga Studio and Natural Food Market
Healthy cooking kids can do!



Broadening awareness about our community both locally and globally
Caring for our environment and showing that children, even our smallest, can make a difference
Creating art through recycled and repurposed materials



Learning through play
Tapping into the interests of children and giving them a voice in learning
Exposure to art, science, math, and reading through hands on, child centered exploration


Please see our sample calendar of events for an inside look at the amazing things children will be up to at Buckle My Shoe this summer.



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