Wow, it's already February! It is crazy how quickly this year is flying by. Our busy weeks certainly help time feel even faster. Here's a look at our past week:

Community Building

This week we had the opportunity to visit two different classrooms: The Pre-K room and the 3B classroom. Both rooms have the school bunnies inside, so we were very curious to ask a few questions about the bunnies. 

In Pre-K, we got to see Chocolate Milk. We learned that we can make a soft "tsk" sound to try to get Chocolate Milk to come out. We also have to use very slow and quiet movements as we move closer to her. We partnered up with different Pre-K children and looked through the room to find the bunny! It was so exciting to come upon her in the little "cave" area of their room. Thank you, Pre-K, for giving us more knowledge about rabbits!

In the 3B classroom, we sat down for a brief circle time and asked a few questions: 1) What's the name of the rabbit? (Pinky), 2) Where is the bunny? (In the cage!), 3) What does Pinky eat? (Carrots, lettuce, celery, bunny food and hay). After we got to touch the different foods that Pinky eats, we gave him some hay. And we had some shared snack crackers with our new friends. We also discovered that the 3B classroom has a fish tank with some small fish inside! How exciting! 

Next week we will visit two more classrooms in the school and broaden our understanding of Buckle My Shoe, all of our teachers, and all of the children at BMS. 


We began working on Valentines for all of the classes at BMS. We used recycled cardboard to cut out hearts and started applying different shades of red, purple, pink, white, silver and gold to create these special presents. We also used glitter glue to work on our squeezing abilities, and shook some sparkly glitter onto our hearts. We'll continue making more next week! 

While we are giving each class a Valentine, we are making special Valentines for the babies in the Infant A classroom and they will be giving each of us a Valentine too. 

Let us know if you need any materials to make Valentines at home- we'd love to help out!

Also, we are going to be collecting shoe boxes so each child can make their own mailbox for our Valentines party. 


This week we drew volcanoes after looking at various images of erupting and exploding volcanoes. Nico made a very interesting connection- volcanoes look like fireworks, and they look loud and a bit scary. Jackson agreed that volcanoes are scary, but he was also very fascinated as we made our own volcano erupt! 

We watched part of this video from Nat Geo kids to help us understand volcanoes a little bit better and focused on the words erupt and explode. We've also been calling the lava/magma "fire" for the time being, as it's how the children are interpreting it. Video is here:

We had such a great time adding baking soda and vinegar to our volcano that we are planning on having another eruption next week! 


This week we had two cooking projects. With Diane we used an immersion blender to make some lemony whipped cream. We added some bunny cookies and marshmallows to have an experience that incorporated: creamy, chewy, and crunchy elements. 

Then we made apple pies with graham crackers, diced apples and whipped cream. YUM! Thank you Katerina for sharing these ingredients with us. 


This week we had soccer with Coach Jojo where we continued making sure we use our feet to move the ball around the gym and into the net! 

We also had Spanish with Maria, where we continued working on facial expressions and emotions, learned the song "One Little Finger" in Spanish, and talked about the weather. 

Our friends who take a nap at BMS also have Karate and Yoga in the afternoons!

Nini, Emilio's Mommy, came to read with us! Thanks so much for bringing in three new books for us to enjoy. We loved having you come for a visit. 

We revisited Harvey the whole note and have continued to use music and movement throughout every morning. This week we also started using nursery rhymes such as London Bridge is Falling Down, Humpty Dumpty, and The Muffin Man. 

Other Activities

Feathers and contact paper

Working at the easel with both paint and markers

Self portraits for February

Shaving cream and paint

Making playdough

Kinesthetic sand with ice