Welcome (and welcome back) to Buckle My Shoe West Village! We have had a fantastic time getting to know you and your kids during orientation and this first week of school. Every Wednesday and Friday you can expect a new blog post, covering some of the things that we are exploring in school that week. On our classroom website, there is a link to sign up to have this blog sent directly to your email address. Feel free to share this link with family members. One way that you can encourage children to talk about their day at school is to look at the blog together. Asking questions about what you have read and the pictures that have been uploaded can spark imagination, insights, and questions that lead to further growth.

Our main goal for this first week of school is to create an environment that is warm, welcoming, and safe. When children feel safe in a space, they can explore new concepts and try different things. When the adults feel comfortable and safe, it helps with the sometimes-dreaded drop-offs and transition into being at school part of the day! As teachers, we strive to help ignite joy in learning, ensuring that children are not only growing, they are having a joyful time while doing so. We do this by carefully selecting things that the children have shown us they are interested in, or that fit in with our theme of “identity” this fall. Everything from the materials in the sensory table to the books we choose to read to the children has been thoughtfully planned with the goal to help the children learn, grow, explore, and create.

Look out for another blog post on Friday. We are enjoying getting to know both you and your children so much right now and are excited to continue building relationships throughout the entire school year. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

See you soon!

-Miss Alana