Parents, welcome to our Infant-B Blog for the school year!

Each Thursday the blog will be used to connect with you about our ongoing curriculum projects. The overarching "theme" for the year is Identity and Self.

Our first focus is on the individual child:

-Understanding the choices, they make

-Researching how they gain understanding of the world around them.


-How they communicate with us.

One of the questions we as educators, will be asking ourselves is:

How can we help the child form a positive sense of identity?


The infant-B classroom is full of investiagtors, curious minds and silly personalities. 


We are so excited for this new school year and happy to see how excited the infant-B students were, on their first days in school- excited to see their old friends and to make new ones.

To our amazing infant-B students,

We know you all will have a year full of discoveries and adventures. We are so excited to be here with you on this journey!