June 1, 2018

The infant-B class started their lovely school week with some exciting gym time- strengthening balance, excising and stretching their bodies. 


Exploring shaving Cream!

Shaving cream is a new sensory material explored in the infant-B class. The students seem to find it very interesting, as they slowly approached the provocation- causiously  dipping their fingers in the white puffy medium. We will defiantly reintroduce the material in the future.

How will the students react to the material next time?

How exciting! Una from the infant-A class stopped by for a playdate!

Rohan and the rest of the infant-B friends were so excited to see Una. Rohan welcomed her in with a lovely "hello" and kiss! 

Leo Billig: “That’s Funny”

The infant-B students always love it when their friends mommies and daddies play with them at morning drop off. Nate’s friends thought it was hilarious as his mommy created a game involving pretend sneezes and socks- placing socks on top of their heads and then sneezing, to see the socks fly off and fall to the ground.  Leo said “that’s funny!”. 


Paper Exploration!

The students loved playing with the long familiar material - laughing as they tangled their bodies in the long sheets of delicate paper.


A beautiful moment between friends! 

As the infant-b friends enjoyed their morning gym time, Nicole walked up to Nate and gave him a big smooch. 

What a lovely way to end the week! 

Today the students made delicious strawberry, banana smoothie! Yummy!


Have a lovely, weekend infant-B families!


May 11, 2018

This week the infant-B students focused and worked hard for their upcoming spring market and art show! How exciting! Here are some sneak peeks!

There is so much more to come! 

Spanish Class!

The infant-B class had a  blast with their Spanish teacher! The students are very familiar with all of the songs, along with the hand movements.

Yay! Mommies and daddies are even playing their little one's favorite spanish songs at home! It's always amazing when students share a piece of their school life at home!


Celebrating Parents Day!

The students made and served their mommies and daddies raspberry, strawberry and banana smoothie! Yummy! The students also surprised their parents with beautiful keychains!

Happy Parents Day!!!

April 26, 2018

The infant- B students had a lovely Monday morning with their daddies- socializing and reading stories!

Exploring Spring Flowers!

At first, the students held the flowers in their hands, just admiring the beautiful material, with smiles on their faces. They then began gently touching the delicate petals with their fingers, excited by the piece of nature. It was lovely to see some of our friends smelling the flowers with their noses after their teacher demonstrated. Bravo!

Nature-based learning is a great way to explore shapes, colors, textures, scents and sounds. As the seasons change, the natural world provides an abundant array of learning experiences.

Music Jam Session

Preparing for our Spring Market: Creating our Blue Poster!

To create their beautiful blue poster for the spring market, the students smeared blue paint mixed with mod podge across the white canvas paper and then tossed various blue shades of shredded paper. 




April 20, 2018: Week of the Young Child!

Music Monday!

On the first day of “The Week of the Young Child”, the students enjoyed “Music Monday”.

Sharing and exploring various instruments, the students sang their favorite songs, laughed and danced to the exciting tunes.

We also read their favorite books- singing and shaking our shakers to the words.


Tasty Tuesday:

For Tasty Tuesday the students made strawberry and banana smoothie! 

The smoothie was so good the students asked for seconds and thirds! The infant-B students were even sweet enough to make and share some smoothie with their neighbors- 1A class friends. 

Work Together Wednesday:

For work together Wednesday the infant--B students did collaborative paintings with a friend!

It was a lovely surprise to see the children so taken with the texture of the paint- a mixture of mod podge, sand and finger paint. How exciting!

The students enjoyed painting their canvas with the new and exciting paint but really took their time, exploring the mixture with their hands- rubbing the material between their fingers.

Artsy Thursday:

For Artsy Thursday the children painted with watercolor and droppers- using beautiful white dollies as their canvas.

Special Persons Day: 

For special personsday, the students planted flowers with a special someone that they have in their life- a Grandma, daddy, mommy and a big sister. 



Thank you, infant-B families! Have a wonderful weekend! 



April 13, 2018

welcome back infant-b students!

The students were very excited to come back to school, from their week-long break and find a treasure sensory bin with various textures, just for them. 

It was a wonderful surprise to see how the students gravitated toward the paper tubes. Some friends chose to talk into the tubes- experimenting with their voices and noticing that they sound different. 

Others realized they could stick materials into the tube- watching the materials disappear into the tubes and reappear, as it came out of the other end. They were amazed! 

Creating and Exploring Sand Paper!

Will the students enjy experiencing the rough texture?

continuing our texture exploration, the infant-B students focused this week on the rough texture and created sandpaper!

The students poured their sand onto the sticky contact paper and used their hands to spread the rough sand across the paper. The students enjoyed the activity and did not hesitate with the rough texture. 

Nate not only came back from spring break walking, he came back running!

Bravo, Nate!

Leo always enjoyed visiting Mr. Geraffie in the gym, but today Mr. Geraffic came and surprised Leo in his classroom. 

How exciting, The week of the Young Child is next week!

In preparation for "special Person Day" next week, the students have begun painting their flower pots. Yay!

They will be planting flowers with their loved ones.


Thank you, Infant-B families!

March 23, 2018

Literacy Week

The infant-B class started literacy week off by having a pajama party! The students came to class wearing their cutest pjs, along with their favorite books from home, to share with their friends.

Painting letters!

Friends were also excited to paint letters! As we sang one of their favorite songs, "ABC’s", the students dipped, smeared, and tossed the wooden letters in the bright, wet paint.

It was a beautiful way of introducing letters to the students- seeing and feeling the shape of the letters, that they see and hear every day. 

Adding New and Exciting Books to Our Libary!

The infant-b parents donated amazing books to the class and the students enjoyed reading them all, throughout the week!

Thank you!!


The students were especially excited when mommies and daddies stopped in to read to them!

Tea Party!

To conclude the amazing week, the infant-b class had a tea party!

The students came dressed as their favorite storybook character and brought in their favorite book- to share with their class. 


Thank you, Infant-B families! Have a lovely weekend!

March 1, 2018

What a wonderful way to start off the school week!

Practice makes perfect, Nate!

Nate was so happy to practice his walking skills inside the gym. Nate stayed standing independently for a few seconds, letting go of his teacher’s hand and willing to attempt a step on his own.

Great job, Nat!



Today the infant-B class were introduced to the music corner outside their classroom. The students were happy to discover the exciting instruments- shakers, bells, guitars and more. 

Music has power and meaning the goes beyond words! Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and mind work together.

Children of all ages express themselves through music. Playing music for infants proves that, even at an early age, children sway, bounce, or move their bodies in response to the beat and tempo that they hear.

Spanish class

Nicole is also practicing her walking skills- proudly using the walker to walk across her classroom.

Holi Celebration!

Today the infant-b class celebrated the Holi day celebration in the infant-a classroom- a celebration that uses beautiful colors to welcome the arrival of spring. 

Thank you infant-a friends, for inviting us to celebrate with you! 

Thank you, infant-B families. Have a lovely long weekend!

February 23, 2018

Clay Exploration!

The infant-B students were immediately drawn to the chunk of grey clay! At first, the students approached the material very slowly- placing and resting their hands on top of the soft, cold clay to feel the texture.

As the students became more comfortable with the material, we observed the children exploring further, by poking and scratching the clay with their fingers- discovering the clays residue appearing on their hands and fingertips. 

Most infant/toddlers are instinctively motivated to explore clay! They poke it, squeeze it, hit it, pick it up and pound it down, and so on.  Each time they act on the clay, the clay adjusts and responds. These changes mean very little to us as adults, but for a toddler these changes in the clay are magical. 

Finger Painting!

As the students finger painted, they were able to also observe their peers hand movements!


Thank you, Infant-B Families! Have a lovely weekend!

February 15, 2018

The infant-B class started their week off with Self-Portraits!

As the students engaged in the drawing activity, Leo Shaftel decided he wanted a better look at the crayons, so he poured the material onto his workstation. As the crayons bounced onto his table, they also bounced onto the classroom floor. Watching the crayons fall onto the ground, Leo. Billig placed his right hand on his face and says “Oh, no”.

"Leo, what just happened? Did the crayons fall onto the floor? Oh, no! Should we pick them up and place them back in the box?"

Leo, kept his hand on his face as his teacher picked the crayons up from the floor.

“Not to worry, Leo! We can put them all back into the box”


Spanish class!

The infant-b students love Spanish class and all the beautiful songs! The students are always focused and waits patiently to see, what song their Spanish teacher will sing next.

It is very lovely to see that our friends are now following along with the songs and body movements. Bravo, students!


Valentines Day Breakfast Party and Valentines Card Exchange!

Today the infant-B students had a beautiful valentines day breakfast party with delicious fruit, muffins and yogurt- Yummy!

During the party, our friends exchanged beautiful valentine cards, to their friends and moms and dads.

Later on, the infant-B class went to visit the 1A class to exchange beautiful cards with their neighbors. Thank you, 1A!

They were lovely!

Parachute Play!

Today we introduced the students to the parachute, during gym time- tossing the colorful fabric in the air and watching the material fly and then slowly float back down.

When It was time for the parachute to fly in the air, the students were excited to feel a cool breeze that would touch their faces and make their hair dance. 

Body painting!

Painting with their bodies is one messy sensory exploration, that the infant/toddlers will never tire of. Each time they approach a canvas and paint provocation on their classroom floor, it is like it’s their first time- approaching it very slowly and in deep concentration, as they use just one part of their body, to experience the irresistible medium. - usually, using just a pointer or foot as a tester, before diving in.


Thank you, infant-b class! Have a great long weekend!

February 2, 2018

Surprise valentines day cards!

This week the infant-b class work so hard starting their valentines day cards for their friends in the 1A class- its a surprise!

After choosing their colors, the students smeared the paint across the white paper canvas- also massaging the shiny glitter into the wet paint.

Beautiful job, guys! Your 1A friends are going to love it!

Nicole, we are so happy that you are becoming comfortable in your new classroom! 

It was lovely to see Nicole adjusting so well to her new environment- exploring all the learning materials with her classmates.

Also, Nicole was very interested in the baby dolls- investigating the dolls eyes, nose and mouth.

Nicole, where is your eyes? 


February 9, 2018

What a lovely way to start off the week!

Una from the Infant-A class was kind enough to come and visit her old pal Nate, who transitioned into the infant-B class. Nate was very happy to see his friend Una as well.


Surprise Valentines day gifts for mommy and daddy!

Exploring Oobleck!