November 20, 2017

November 17, 2017

The infant-b students started off the week with water exploration and sponges!

How exciting!

Tossing the textured sponges in and out of the warm water, created tons of fun for our little investigators. They were all memorized, as their teacher squeezed the sponges above their heads- watching the water spill and splash back into the sensory bin.

Students, can you squeeze the sponges?

squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! 


Gym Time: climbing, standing, walking, stretching and a little bubble play!

Spanish class: Our First Spanish Lesson

The students enjoyed all the new beautiful songs their Spanish teacher sang. 

This year, throughout the school day, we will be playing and singing these fun songs in the classroom.

The more they hear the songs, the more familiarized the students will be with the lovely new music. 

Making playdough!

The students enjoyed exploring the materials to make the soft, squishy play dough before combining all the ingredients.

Playdough is a wonderful tool used for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squeezing, rolling and flattening. The material helps to develop children's muscles and encourage prewriting and other skills such as, cutting with scissors and holding a pencil.


In connection with our school theme of the year: "Self and Identity- Focusing on the Child"

During circle time the students are now shaking hands!

As we sing our "Good Morning" song, the students become very excited- patiently waiting for their turn, to shake their teacher's hand. This week Rohan not only wanted to shake his teacher's hand, but also extended his hand out to his friend Sloane.

Very nice, Rohan! Great job, Sloane!

Our good morning song is a great way to bring awareness to the children- bringing awareness to their names, their friend's names, their teacher's names and now it is also bringing awareness to their bodies.

Perfect handshakes, everyone!


Have a lovely weekend, Infant-B families!

November 15, 2017

November 14th!

November 13, 2017

Gym time with bubble play!

Water exploration with sponges!

November 6, 2017

November 3, 2017

November Self Portraits: Excellent job, guys!

The children are very excited when they see their portrait books and crayons. 

Their beautiful lines, loops, and squiggles are the beginning steps of learning how to write :)

Water Play and Leaves: The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing colors.

Our inquisitive infant-b students explored the fall leaves on the illuminated light table and in the water sensory bin-discovering the different shapes, sizes and colors.
The children grasped the leaves from the sensory bin and squeezed them tightly in their hands,  crushing the crisp leaves between their little fingers- enjoying the sound and texture of the wet, crunchy leaves.


Connected to the curriculum theme of the year: Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child

How exciting! Today as Leo was reading the ABC's book, he repeated the word "apple"! Shortly later he said the word "up"! 

Wonderful job, Leo! We are so proud!

You and your friends are beginning to use more and more vocabulary! 


Have a lovely weekend, infant-b families!

November 2, 2017

Happy Halloween, Buckle My Shoe families!

Every year Buckle My Shoes has it's famous Halloween parade and each classroom chooses a costume theme. This year the infant-b class got its inspiration from their favorite book, "Dear Zoo". The students were dressed as a monkey, puppy, lion, snake, elephant, giraffe and Camel.   

Exploring Tissue Paper:

The students absolutely love investigating paper! swimming in the ocean of long sheets of tissue paper, the students worked on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination- tearing the paper with their fingers and waving the delicate material from side to side. 

wonderful job, students!

Painting with Textured Balls:

The students have always shown an interest in balls of any kind. A delighted grin spreads upon their faces each time they manipulate the round, bouncy, slightly unpredictable wonder. 

This activity proved to be an irresistible provocation that supplied us with endless sensory play and engaged our gross and fine motor muscles in a fun and special way.

When the box was placed in the middle of the classroom floor, it was interesting to see the students automatically go for the paint, as if the balls were not there. The explorers grasped at the bright paint colors, using their pointers to poke at the wet puddles. They are clearly paint experts now and know just what to do!

After a short while, our little sensory experts started taking notice to the round, bumpy balls and began trying to pick them up with their wet, colorful hands.

As the textured balls slipped from hand to hand, the balls bounced and rolled onto the white paper.

With each drop and roll, the round bumpy balls left behind beautiful imprints and trails on the paper!


See you all tomorrow, infant-b families. 

November 1, 2017

October 31, 2017: BMS Halloween Day Parade!

The infant-B student's costumes were inspired by their favorite book, "Dear Zoo". 

Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2017

October 26, 2017

In connection with the curriculum theme of the year: "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child"

This week there were a lot of busy feet in the infant-B class!

The students were practicing and proudly showing off their walking skills all week- cruising through the classroom with the help of their teacher or the classroom walker.

Each day the students are becoming more and more comfortable using their bodies.

We will continue to motivate the children to keep practicing their walking skills and encourage them to take independent steps. Practice makes perfect!


Happy First Birthday, Grace!

Grace's mommy and daddy came in to celebrate Grace's big day- bringing in apple cider and apple cider donuts for all her friends. 


We sang Grace's favorite songs and 'Happy Birthday"!  

Grace's friends surprised her with a bunny for her birthday! Grace loved it!

Gym Time:

Now that the infant-B students are adjusted to their new gym, they are excited to visit and exercise their bodies. The students do "yoga", climb up and down the gym mats, roll and toss the balls and crawl through tunnels.

As you know, the students love mirrors and admiring their reflections. It was beautiful observing the students noticing their reflections in the gym mirror- briefly stopping and admiring their faces and also using the mirror as a tool to oversee the entire gym space. 

Walking Foot Prints: 

Learning to walk is one of the most important achievements in a child’s life, as it's a big step towards independence!

We thought it would be interesting if the students “saw” what their feet could do. With a little black paint, each child was guided up and down a long piece of white paper.

With each of the children’s feet painted black, each student walked along white butcher paper, leaving behind beautiful, unique foot prints.

Keep up the excellent work, students!

You will all be walking in no time!


Thank you.

We will see you all tomorrow, infant-b families!

October 25, 2017

October 24, 2017

October 23, 2017

October 20, 2017

A Beautiful Day for a Walk!

The students enjoy having circle time in the park! We sang their favorite morning songs, including "Hello, how are you", "Open, Shut Them", "Where Going to Kentucky" and more.


In connection with our curriculum, "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child" 

Mirror Painting!

After choosing their paint colors, the students used their fingers to smear the paint across their reflections- watching their hand movements and facial expressions in the magical mirror!

Have a beautiful weekend, infant-b families!

October 19, 2017

The infant-B students were excited to start their week off with Painting their pumpkins!

Painting Pumpkins: 

Before painting their white pumpkins, the students explored them- gently rubbing their hands across the pumpkin's smooth, rippled skin.

The children showed interest by mouthing the hard pumpkins and rolling them across their work stations.

As soon as the students were offered the orange paint and silver glitter, they seemed less enthusiastic about their pumpkins and more interested in the bright, shiny, wet materials!

Understandable! Paint and glitter is fascinating and eye-catching!

The infants used their hands and fingers to experience the chilly, wet, shiny textures on their slick pumpkin skin. It made the pumpkins SO slippery and hard to grasp onto!

Excellent painting, infant-b students!


In connection with our curriculum, "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child"

The children have been showing great interest in exploring their beautiful faces in the mirrors and pointing to their friend's portraits in their classroom.

We thought it would interesting if we took 3D photos of each friend and placed them on the light table. 

The students wore big smiles, as they took notice to the familiar faces glowing in the light. 

The 3D photos will be used as a stimulating provocation to promote awarness of self- "Where is your friends nose? Eyes? Mouth?"

Apple Tasting: 

Our friends in the 1A room were kind enough to think of the infant-b room, and share a few delicious apples-red and green.

The infant-b students were very excited to taste the round, sweet fruit. Yummy!


Busy Feet!

The infant-b students were so proud to show off their walking skills, in front of their mommies and teachers, this morning.

Very impressive! We are so proud!

Sloane, you have beautiful balance! Bravo!

Leo, you are walking so good! It was an amazing and exciting surprise to see how well you use the walker!

We will continue to encourage the students to practice their walking skills with songs, stimulating provocations and walking materials. 

We will see you tomrrow, infant-b families 

October 18, 2017

October 17, 2017