Language and Literacy 

  • Books: The Scare In Pennsylvania -Cole brought this book in to share and read parts of it to us during lunch! 

Morning Meeting Vacation Journal Sharing: 

  • Tessa: This is the airport and I went on the walk way. My plane kept doing things on purpose. It left without us, until we got it. This is me with a shark boogie board. I was biking and mommy biked for the first time. This is me golfing and I saw a real crocodile. This is the part I love. We collected seashells and I made friends. My favorite part was going to Zoomers on all kinds of fun rides. I also went and watched a little movie and I touched sting rays. They didn't sting. And I touched electricity. It didn't hurt. This was in the science museum. Then the Easter bunny came. That's the end. 
    • Zachary: What did electricity feel like?
    • Tessa: A little bumpy. I also touched clouds. 
    • Ines: How did water fall down?
    • Tessa: A thing was making water fall down and there was glass around it. 
    • Mishaan:  What did the cloud feel like?
    • Tessa: It felt so soft, my hand even went through it. 

Art Show 

  • Today students put final touches on our recycled art garden. They added a sun, clouds, caterpillars, dirt, a waterfall, and lights! 
    • Arun: I want to make a submarine for our pond! 
    • Mia: We need more flowers! 
  • We also recorded some nature sounds to go along with our garden.