Happy School Birthday Jay! 

  • Today Jay's Mom and Dad came in to celebrate Jay's birthday. First they read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late. Then we sang happy birthday to Jay and ate delicious Pokemon cake! Afterwards, students took turns hitting the Jurassic world piñata in the gym! Everyone got some candy and toy dinosaurs that fell out of the piñata. 

Morning Meeting: The school wide art show is coming up this Friday. Pre-K is working hard to finish their recycled garden. Today we asked students, what should we add to our garden? 

  • David John: Clouds! 
  • Della: I have rocks at home! 
  • Alexander: We need to add dirt. 
  • Pearl: Mint from my garden. 
  • Artemis: Water 
  • Tessa: Rocks around the outside. 
  • Charley: Bugs. 
  • Cole: I think this should be a snake or dirt. It should be dirt! 
  • Tessa: We can make a waterfall! 
  • Fjola: Owl! 
  • Ines: Make pine cones 
  • Zachary: Cardboard man. 
  • Adlai: Dragon 
  • Mia: Butterflies and the sun. 
  • Leo: We can make a sun our of paper and sun rays and felt. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Mia got a congrats on graduation card from her dad! 
  • Artemis got a postcard from her dad when he was in London!