Language and Literacy 

  • Today Mia's dad Artutro came in to read to the Pre-K class for the last time this year. He read Naked Mole Rats Get Dressed and Crazy Hair Day because today was crazy hair day in our class! 

Morning Meeting: Talking about endings -Where will you go to kindergarten next year? Are you excited, nervous or both? How does it feel to be leaving buckle my shoe?

  • Louis: I'm going to kindergarten at France! 
  • Dylan: I'm going to the same school as Arun but i'll only see him at lunch because I'm taking mandarin. 
  • Della: I feel sad to leave. 
  • Fjola: I'm going to the school close to my house. 
  • Arun: So i'm not really going to see Dylan because he's in Chinese and I'm in Spanish. 
  • Zachary: I'm going to PS 89 with Colin. 
  • Tessa: I'm going to PS 89 too! 
  • Leo: I feel sad because I don't want to leave the kids here. My kindergarten is on the 3rd floor. 
  • Cole: I'm going to my sister's school. 
  • Charley: I'm going to Little Red. I'm sad because I'm going to miss all of my friends. 
  • David John: Sad, normal, happy. I feel sad because I'll miss Colin he's not going to be at my school. 
  • Mia: I'm going to PS 89 happy and sad because I love this school and i'm going to miss Fjola. 
  • Adlai: PS 243 I'm feeling great, I want to go right now! 
  • Pearl: PS 53 sad because I'm going to miss Chocolate Milk and all my friends. 
  • Colin: I feel good about it because it's close to my house. 


  • Tracing - Students placed tracing paper over different illustrations or photographs in books and traced different images.
    • Louis traced a bobcat.
    • Arun traced a naked mole rat.
    • Mia traced a pig.
    • Charley traced an elephant.