Language and Literacy 

  • Books: The Fantastic Four

Morning Meeting Share time: 

  • Dylan shared about hitting his head in the pool. 
  • Colin told us that his dad got a sunburn on his feet. 
  • Artemis got new ballet shoes. 
  • Mishaan got a pee pee man for his birthday 
  • Pearl shared pictures she drew. 
  • Mia swam like a mermaid in the pool. 
  • Charley took a vote about naming our new team. 
  • Sal went on the monkey bars and hurt his arm. 
  • Tessa shared about going to Florida and seeing a man throwing knives.
  • Fjola: I went to the park and had ice cream. 
  • Zachary shared his journal from Turks and Caicos. 
  • Louis: I buyed three lion voltrons.  
  • Della shared pictures she drew. 
  • AdlaI: I pretended to be a dragon. 


  • Louis: This is a colossal squid. I need to draw its beak.
  • Pearl: This is the sun. Me and Grammy have gems on our heads!
  • Della: I made grass that moves and a rainbow.

Special Activity with Emily's Mom - Susan told the Pre-K class a story a couple months ago about a neighborhood that had a person who left his Christmas lights up all year round. One neighbor did not like it and told him to take his lights down. The other neighbors supported him by putting their Christmas lights up too. So we drew a neighborhood in the summer that is still full of beautiful lights!

  • Colin: My house has a little window and a doorbell. 
  • Louis: Mine has spikes. 
  • Dylan: You have to climb up the stairs to get to the door.
  • Fjola: It's a pretty light house with lots of lights. 
  • Tessa: This is lights coming out of the house. 
  • Zachary: Adlai connected his house to ours! 
  • Mishaan: We made a giant house. 
  • Mia: Mine is a colorful Christmas tree house! 
  • Alex: Mine has two gardens and the most Christmas lights.