Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Marshmallow -This is a long book about a bunny and a cat, so we will finish it tomorrow! 

For a special graduation book, students are drawing pictures of what they want to be when they grow up! 

  • David John: This is me building a building with my hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. And a level and a saw that cuts wood. 
  • Tessa: I want to be a paleontologist and a veterinarian. There are dinosaur bones. And a dog and a cat! 
  • Ines: I have nail polish, scissors and a hair brush! 
  • Louis: Spies have goggles and excellent memories. And big bellies and a lot of tools. Spies have walkie talkies. 

Art -Beading

  • Artemis: I painted these beads. 
  • Colin: I used three. 
  • David John: This button is a magical button. If theres trouble you press all the buttons at once and a net comes out and catches stuff. 
  • Pearl: I made a big big rainbow and a heart. 
  • Mia: Mine is the longest necklace because I put so many beads! 


  • Pearl: We're making Charlie's Chocolate Factory. 

Science -Observing the growth of our plants! 

  • Mishaan: It looks like it got a little bigger but it looks the same too! 
  • Ines: Mine got so big! 


  • Today we had french with Florence. First we sang the Bonjour song. Then we played bingo in french.