Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Ms Nelson is Missing and Twenty Yawns. 

Morning Meeting Journal Share Time

  • Alexander: I went to St. Lucia. This is the breakfast, I fed the cats at every meal. This is me and my brother at the swimming pool. This is the local band and me any brother. The "tuk tuk" is like a taxi but its bigger and longer! This is the waterfall but the volcano is more inland so we couldn't see it. This is a drawing of the coconuts that fell on my head. This is me and my family on a boat going to see the fruit bats. And this is me and my dad on a floatable sofa. 
    • Zachary: Did it hurt when the coconut fell on your head?
    • Alexander: Yes it hurt! 
    • Tessa: Did you know the coconuts would fall on your head? 
    • Alexander: No!
    • Dylan: Did you see a shark in the ocean? 
    • Alexander: I saw fish but no sharks! 
    • Leo: How did the coconut fall on your head? 
    • Alexander: I think the tree wiggled. 

Recycled Art- Today we continued working on an exhibit for the Buckle My Shoe Recycled Art Fair. 

  •  Making Flowers Using Recycled Caps 
    • Mia: The bracelets are the center of the flower. 
    • Jay: The caps are the leaves, and the red thing is the middle of the flower. 
    • Adlai: Mine is a Rose that looks like a ship! 
    • Fjola: It's a pink rose and it's me as a mermaid. 
    • Zachary: I used the green caps as pedals! 
  • Paper Plate Butterflies 
    • Charley: This is the queen butterfly because it has rainbow colors so its a rainbow butterfly. 

Play dough -Friday afternoon students made play dough. 

  • Ines: We're making a butterfly cake! 
  • Mia: With candles you can eat!