Happy Birthday Tessa! 

  • Today Tessa's family came in to celebrate her birthday. First, Tessa's mom read Interrupting Chicken and then she read Falling for Repunzel. After, we passed a wrapped present around to the music unwrapping a layer of paper every time the music stopped until we got to the treats under the last layer of wrapping paper..  Last, we sang happy birthday to Tessa and ate delicious cupcakes! 


  • Moving Chrysalides 
    • Cole: One is shaking! That's going to be the first one to come out. 
    • Arun: It stopped! Shake shake! 
    • David John: An egg plus a caterpillar plus a chrysalides for a little while equals a butterfly. 
  • Water Capsule Experiment 
    • Arun: I think it will turn into an animal. 
    • Jay: I think it will turn into a garbage or a cheetah. 
    • Arun: It's turning into something! It's a deer. When I touched it, it's foamy! 
    • Mishaan: Flying lizard 
    • David John: It's a wolf! 
    • Louis: No it's a bison 
    • Tessa: Dinosaur! 
    • Adlai: It's gonna turn big. 
    • Colin: It's going to turn into a butterfly.