Happy National Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! Today we did a Star Wars greeting during morning meeting and read Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Books: Fancy Nancy Ooh La La It's Beauty Day! -Ines brought this book in to share! 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Colin: I went to Montreal and it's in Canada. My mom and me went. These are the trees we saw on our easter egg hunt. The eggs were in the woods. We saw a church but you had to give money to go inside. I went to a butterfly exhibit. 
    • Mishaan: Did you catch a butterfly? 
    • Colin: They said no touching but I did anyway. 
    • Zachary: How did you get there? 
    • Colin: I took an airplane. 
    • Tessa: Where did you find the easter eggs?
    • Colin: In the woods. 


  • Pearl got two letters! One from Gwennie and another from her Uncle Mike! 
  • Zachary got two postcards from his grandparents in Missouri! 

May Self Portraits (cont.) 

  • Pearl: Me, mama, Charley, Charley's Mom and my cousin Ila jumping. 
  • Charley: That's me going to Mom's house. 
  • Artemis: It's me walking towards the plane to go to Disney World with mom and dad and Artin. 
  • Mia: It's me playing in San Diego. 
  • Dylan: This is me doing a bear crawl. Four-armed guy is trying to get me away. 
  • Adlai: Eyes, mouth, legs. I'm standing. 

Art -Painting 

  • Jay: It's a rainbow in the sky! 
  • Charley and Tessa painted a reindeer that Stephaine, Tessa's mom, drew. 
  • Della: It's a cat! My mommy drew it, but I'm painting it.

Chocolate Milk Observations

  • Adlai: Can I call Chocolate Milk "Speedy" because she's really fast.

Caterpillar Observations

  • Students noticed that two of our caterpillars made their cocoons today! 

Recycled Art Garden 

  • Cole, Charley, and Ines added to our garden today by making trees using recycled corks.