Language and Literacy 

  • Today Della's Dad Fred came in for a visit. First he read I Know A Monkey and then students each enjoyed a delicious macaroon. We sang Happy Birthday to Fred because it was his birthday yesterday. We heard all the fun things they did over the weekend Thanks Fred! 

Morning Meeting Share Time -What was one thing you did over the long weekend? 

  • Zachary: I went to Kansas City over the weekend. I went to legoland and ate lunch at a place next to legoland. It had every kind of lunch. 
  • Della: It was my dad's birthday. We tried to pull him off the bed. We finally got him to wake up by putting the lights on. And then he opened his presents. 
  • Mishaan: Yesterday I saw a funny movie, Happy Feet. 
  • Ines: I went to a store, it had every kind of food. 


  • What was your favorite part of Pre-K? 
    • Charley: Morning Meeting! 
    • Artemis: Going to the loft. 
    • Cole: Going go the gym. 
    • Leo: Gym because it's so fun and centers because I love drawing. 
    • Jay: Gym and park. 
  • Color Mixing 
    • Cole: I mixed blue and green to make green. 
    • Ines: We're making a potion! 
  • Colorful collages 
    • Zachary: We're making an X-men thing. I'm Wolverine 
    • Dylan: This is my part. It's the base. 
    • Colin: This is our hideout. We're gonna make it all together. 
    • Mishaan: I had the idea to tape them together. 


  • Louis: This is the Wild Kratts factory. 
  • Jay: Where we make garbage into trees! 
  • Louis: And make garbage into Wild Kratts. You have to press the buttons, and the red one blasts it and mixes them together! 


  • David John: We're making a jail for my gingerbread man.

French with Florence

  • Today was our last French class of the year! We sang our bonjour song, and then we counted how many students were here today. Florence read a very funny book called Je Veux des Pates! (I Want Pasta!). It was about a bunny who only wanted to eat pasta. Then we said goodbye to Florence!