Language and Literacy 

  • Books: I Can Read with My Eyes Shut - Dr. Seuss 

Morning Meeting: What materials will you use for our recycled art garden? 

  • Arun: Garbage and empty bottles.
  • Cole: Cans with grass. 
  • Mishaan: Lids and paint bubble wrap green. 
  • Zachary: Recycle sparkly water caps. 
  • Louis: I want to make the grass and flowers with paint. 
  • Fjola: Red cans for the head of the garden. 
  • Jay: Cans for the trees. 
  • David John: I'm gonna use those lids to make a creative thing. 
  • Della: We can use the tops of cans to make steps. 
  • Ines: White stuff for the bottom of the garden. 
  • Colin: As the dirt, I'm going to use bubble wrap. 
  • Adlai: I've been thinking we could use the caps for little flowers. 
  • Tessa: We could make a scarecrow. We could use the egg cartons to paint flowers on top. 
  • Artemis: Paint the caps and make a snail house. 
  • Leo: Caps and paint to make a map of flowers. 
  • Charley: We could use caps for trees. 
  • Pearl: We could make flowers with seeds and water! 

May Self Portraits 

  • David John: My eyes, my nose, my mouth, my head, my hair, my body, my arms, and my legs. I'm enjoying my baby sister. She's a week old! 
  • Zachary: This is the story of Zachary and the bad guys. The chicken's name is Floppy pants. We put chicken in the fire and the fire exploded. 
  • Colin: My legs, my arms, my nose, mouth, my hair, arms, legs, and hands. I'm at school playing in the block area. 
  • Tessa: This is my hair and eyebrows. 
  • Mishaan: I'm at home with my brother. 
  • Arun: An alien spaceship is on my head. 
  • Leo: Under the good guys and the bad guys' layers, there's a big explosion.


Soil Bin

  • David John: Mud pies for sale! I think I put a worm in there! 

Caterpillar Observations

  • Pearl: They are moving a lot. 
  • Jay: They're just making cocoons.