Happy Birthday Colin! 

  • Today Colin's parents Jess and John came in to celebrate Colin's birthday. First we made strawberry lemonade. Students each had a turn blending lemons and strawberries and honey in a blender. Then we had cupcakes and our lemonade and sang happy birthday to Colin! After, students took turns hitting the baseball piñata! Everyone got some candy and toys that fell out of the piñata.

Language and Literacy 

  • Books: The Silly Book

Make a Happy Birthday Card for Colin!

  • Dylan: I wrote happy birthday Colin! The red one is Colin and the pink one is me. 
  • Mishaan: I made Colin a pirate ship because he loves pirates. 
  • Arun: I'm making a pop up card. 

Morning Meeting Share Time: 

  • David John: I got a ginormous piece of fabric that was longer than this carpet. I rolled it up and I got my dad up and I found my scissors in the drawer. Then I cut the shape of a wizard's hat and I made arms and legs with tape and string. 
    • Pearl:  How did you cut it like that? 
    • David John: That shape was the pointy side and the straight part. 
    • Colin: Why can't you see the tail and arms and legs? 
    • David John: Well I can see it, I used string. 

Art -Painting

  • Arun: This is a monster that eats golden paint! 
  • Dylan: I'm making a red and golden dolphin. 
  • Jay: Race track, this is the starting line and this is the finish line. 
  • David John: I call this, "The waves of rainbow snow."
  • Leo: The green thing is the giant thing that stomps all around and makes balls with chemicals in it to stop the bad guys. 
  • Colin: It's an ocean. 
  • Della: I'll know this is mine because of the dots.