Language and Literacy

  • Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

What special theme days should we have after graduation?

  • Mishaan: Pajama party!
  • Arun: We could make a party with 20 pinatas!
  • Ines: A dress up party with tea.
  • Dylan: A movie party.
  • Louis: We dress up as animals that have tails.
  • Tessa: I want a pajama party too.
  • Leo: Maybe we can have a field trip to my house.
  • Artemis: Flashlight party.
  • Zachary: Dance party.
  • Colin: Maybe you can dress up as whatever you want.


  • Cole created a survey when he got to school. He asked his friends what their favorite flavor of medicine is: Bubble gum, cherry, berry, or grape. Bubble gum won!
  • Arun asked which flavor gum was their favorite: mint, bubble gum, bunny, or chocolate milk. Bubble gum won again!

Graduation poster collage

  • Students cut out pictures of themselves and their peers and glued them onto a large poster. During this process, we remember all of the things we have done this year!


  • Tessa: We're making a dog house for Della.

Art - Several students worked together to create one new animal. They showed it to the class after centers.

  • Charley: It's a toothless fox!
  • Louis: It's a fox polar bear! It eats all the animals. I made the spots and the stripes.
  • Arun: I made a leg.
  • Charley: I made the head and I cut it out.
  • Leo: I made the animal bones.
  • Ines: I made the legs and the tail.
  • Dylan: I made stripes on the hand pointing that way.