• Happy Birthday Zachary! Today Zachary's Mom Bridget, Dad Scott and younger brother Huxson came in to celebrate Zachary's birthday. First Scott read Star Wars: Yoda and the Count and then students took turns hitting the Darth Vader piñata! Everyone got some candy and toys that fell out of the piñata. After, we sang happy birthday to Zachary and ate delicious Star Wars cookies! "May the 24th be with you!" 

Happy Birthday Cards for Zachary! 

  • Arun: I made a pop up card! 
  • Pearl: I'm drawing shopkins. 
  • Charley: I love you Zachary happy birthday! 


  • Leo got a postcard from Italy from his Nonno and Nonna. 
  • Mishaan got a letter from his cousin, Maya.
  • Dylan got little lego figures from Auntie Lynn.
  • Pre-K got a thank you letter from our intern, Samantha.