Language and Literacy

  • Books: The Three Little Pigs

Morning Meeting Share Time- 

  • Colin: One day I was just looking around and I ate ice cream and I saw a bracelet and I wanted to buy it, so I bought the bracelet and I bought a flag on the hill. There are Indians on it from Italy. We went to a hotel for my birthday. We went to some pools and a beach. I made a friend at the beach. Even though he didn't speak English, we could still play together. 
    • Tessa: I baby sat your plant while you were away. 
    • Mishaan: What flavor ice cream did you get?
    • Colin: Mint on the last day. 
    • Zachary: Where did you get the flag?
    • Colin: On the hill. 
    • Della: Where did you see the flag?
    • Colin: Right next to the ice cream shop. 
  • Alexander: I went to England this weekend but I don't remember much of what I did. I went there for three days. I went to a soccer game and I saw my grandparents. I had a barbecue on Sunday and I went to a pub. 
    • Louis: Were you on the team that won? 
    • Alexander: No, grown ups were playing. I was a fan of the team that won. The score was 1-0.
    • Cole: One time I went to a soccer game with my dad. The team I wanted to win lost. 


  • Jay: Wow, this is really steady. It's a coconut machine. It gives you coconuts and you get stuck in a coconut. 


Decorating Coasters

  • Tessa: It's the sun! 
  • David John: This is one for Colin because he feels tired since he got back from Italy last night. 
  • Della: A mommy and daddy flower.


  • Today we had French with Florence. First we sang the bonjour song and counted the number of students we have in school today in French. Then we sang a song about a family of turtles and rats. After we sang 'If you're happy and you know it' in French. 


  • Today we went to Washington Market Park and played on the playground.