Language and Literacy 

  •  Books: Mr. Mischief -David John brought this book in to share. 

Morning Meeting Share Time: 

  • David John: I have a sister! Her name is Madeline Rose. She was supposed to be born later but we changed the birthday because I was so excited to see her! She is 6 days old. Tomorrow she will be a week old. 
    • Mishaan: How did you know her name? Did you name her? 
    • David John: My mom told me at the hospital. 
    • Artemis: Why did you change her birthday?
    • David John: Because I was waiting so long and patient so I told my mom at dinner I couldn't wait any longer. 
    • Colin: Where were you when the baby came out?
    • David John: I was with Ashley and my grandma.


  • Dylan got a package from Auntie Lynn! There was a Captain America card, a projector torch, a Superman kite, and a lego mini figure. Dylan was so excited to receive all these special items!


Recycled Art - Theme: Self-portraits and Friendship 

  • Mishaan: We're making a hockey stadium! 
  • Zachary: We made the hockey sticks and the puck out of clay! 


  • Tessa: This is my birthday cake!
  • Fjola: This is me as a mermaid. That's my mom as a mermaid. That's a bunny hopping.