Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Rain on the Roof and Michael Recycle
  • Letter Bingo - Some students taught Mishaan's brother, Devin, how to play bingo!

Happy Birthday Mishaan! 

  • Today Mishaan's Mom, Anjana, and Dad, Raj, came in to celebrate Mishaan's birthday! First Anjana read Dolphins and Whales because Mishaan loves sea creatures! Then students took turns pulling the strings of an Octonaut piñata! The piñata opened after just two pulls! Everyone got some candy and toys that fell out of the piñata. After, we sang happy birthday to Mishaan and ate delicious cake! 


  • Birthday cards for Mishaan
    • Arun: I can make balloons for Mishaan's birthday! I can make it pop out!
  • Painting
    • Louis: I'm painting a volcano.
    • Jay: I'm painting blue lizards. They have special powers.

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Zachary got 3 postcards from his Nanny and Pop Pop who are traveling in Europe! One postcard was from Vienna and two were from 
  • Mia got a postcard from San Francisco from chef Nick and chef Mari! (the chefs who made pasta with us yesterday). 
  • Pearl got a card from her Aunt Mimi! 


  • Louis: This is a shortcut between New York and London.