Language and Literacy 

  • Robots to the Rescue - Dylan brought this book in to share.
    • The Invisible String 

Morning Meeting Journal Share Time 

  • Artemis: That's me ice skating with daddy on one foot in a building in Montreal. This is the science center. We played with magna tiles. That's us making a bubble over my body. That's a floating ball! That's Artin scooting on my scooter. And that's Artin eating ice cream for the first time. We are in eggs! And those are big fishes in there. That's a parrot and a crocodile thats not real. But we saw a real one under the grass. That's lego land and that's me and my cousin in a castle. 
    • Pearl: How did you get to lego land?
    • Artemis: We took my cousin and drove a car and we made it there. 
    • Mishaan: How did your brother know how to ride your scooter? 
    • Artemis: Because he learned it from me. 
    • David John: How did the bubble get around your body? 
    • Artemis: There was a rope that I pulled around my body. 


  • Today we made homemade pasta with Mia's Aunt Mari and Uncle Nick who are both chefs in New York City! Each student made their own noodles in a pasta maker. They had the choice to make either fettuccine or linguine. After, we cooked our pasta and ate it after lunch! Everyone agreed, the pasta was delicious and so was the homemade sauce!  Thank you Mari and Nick! 

Welcome Butterflies! 

  • Today we were happy to find that our caterpillars turned to butterflies over the weekend! Students drew pictures of our new butterfly friends! 
    • Tessa: I'm trying to make the butterflies fly! 
    • Dylan: I think they like apples! 
    • Pearl: I made my butterflies rainbow. 
    • Charley: 5! 5 butterflies! 


  • Writing on Play Dough 
    • Tessa: I'm making pasta! 
    • Ines: I'm making  cake. 
    • Mia: I'm writing my name. 


  • Jay: This is a house for mummies.


  • Today we had french with Florence. After we sang the Bonjour song we learned a new song about turtles and rats!