Mailing Postcards

  • Today we walked to the mailbox across the street from Balloon Saloon. Each student got to put their postcard in the mailbox. We also mailed our letters to the White House about why we must protect our earth.

Language and Literacy

  • Books
    • June 29, 1999 by David Wiesner - This was an exciting book about vegetables and outer space.
  • What are you doing for spring break?
    • Ines: Cooking class.
    • Fjola: Also cooking class.
    • Della: Florida.
    • Charley: Italy.
    • Artemis: Vacation in the pool at my grandma's house.
    • Zachary: Turks and Caicos for 5 days.
    • Mishaan: I'm going to the Poconos for my brother's birthday. We're going to play in the water park and water slides.
    • Arun: I'm gonna go play hockey.
    • Alexander: I'm going to St. Lucia.
    • Tessa: I'm going biking in Florida.
    • David John: I'm going to see Aladdin.
    • Leo: I don't know where I'm going.
    • Dylan: Daniel's birthday party, and I'm going to meet Leo and Lauren's baby.
    • Jay: Going to Africa to a beach house. There's crocodiles in Africa.
    • Adlai: We're not going anywhere. Maybe Laurel.
    • Colin: My dad has to do work. So me and my mom are going to Montreal. 
    • Pearl: I don't know.


  • Making Musical Instruments
    • We continued using cardboard, string, tape, and glue to make musical instruments. We also added some bracelets. Students banged them together to make noise.
  • Drawing
    • Arun: Ash's first day of getting a pokemon. But pikachu got electrocuted.
    • Jay: This is the blue power ranger. This is the red power ranger. This is the green power ranger. They're controlling the triceratops controller.
    • Dylan: A natural special flower. Each pokemon has a special power!
    • Mishaan: This is from Bob the Builder. It's name is Scoop and it digs up the earth. This is his bucket and his claw.
    • Colin: This is a really big powerful ninja!


  • We borrowed some big cardboard buildings from the 3AB class. The buildings showed the Rio skyline. Students built more buildings around the Rio skyline.