Today we celebrated Cole's birthday with his Mom Rebecca, his sister Katherine, and his Grandma! First, Cole and his grandma read Little Mouse Gets Ready. Then Catherine and Rebecca read The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters. After, we went to the gym and tried to break two pinatas! It was so much fun to whack the pinatas with a big stick. We got fruit rollups and goodie bags out of the pinatas. Then we ate our lunch and got more special treats--ice cream sandwiches and oreos!

Can you create a musical instrument?

  • Students used many different materials, including cardboard, lids, tape, string, and popsicle sticks, to try to create their own musical instrument. They made elaborate constructions that made interesting noises. Students shared their instruments during morning meeting. 
  • Arun: I'm making a guitar. 
  • Alexander: Drums 
  • Tessa: Guitar 
  • Artemis: Guitar and a drum! 
  • David John: When you shake it, it goes like this. It's the streamer drum. 
  • Colin: Guitar. 
  • Ines: It's a drum guitar. 

During Morning Meeting, Deborah handed out recorders that she got for each student. We practiced playing these instruments together! It was tricky to figure out exactly how to hold it and how to make a sound, but after our first session, students were getting the hang of it! We will continue practicing playing the recorder in school.


Model Magic 

  • Artemis: This is a snowman and sled. 
  • Charley: This is a cat. 
  • Cole: My sister can make a penguin!

Pre-K Puppet Theater 

  • Arun: The lion will eat you! 
  • Louis: No, look at my teeth and sharp claws.