Today we went on our field trip the the Post office on Canal street! Our tour was led by the mail master Mrs. Young.  Mrs. Young took us on a tour of the post office that followed mail from it's point of entry into the building to it's departure for delivery! 

Before we left, we brainstormed what we might see at the post office:

  • Zachary: People talk quietly there.
  • Pearl: One day, I went to the post office and I found a real cat in the window.
  • Ines: Mail carrier.
  • Colin: We're gonna mail a letter to Penny.
  • Arun: People!
  • Mishaan: Sometimes I get real mail from the post office.
  • Jay: Dog.
  • Artemis: Cat.
  • Alexander: I can show you around because I go to this post office.

What questions do you have for the post master?

  • Mishaan: How long will it take for Dad to get the post card?
  • Charley: When will it be sent?
  • David John: What's the process?
  • Leo: How do they know where to bring it?
  • Artemis: How long do we wait at the post office?
  • Mia: What stamps can we choose?
  • Tessa: What if there's another person with the same name?