Language and Literacy 

  • Books: Draw Me a Star 
  • Morning Meeting Greeting: Popcorn on a Train -Choose a partner to dance with. 
  • Morning Meeting Writers: Libby, Colin, and Mishaan 

Tomorrow we will go on our field trip to the post office, what will you write on your postcards? 

  • Mia: I love you mommy and daddy, thank you for the mail! 
  • Zachary: Emily, Katie, and Alex I miss you! 
  • Leo: I love you God. I want to give you a hug when I see you. 
  • Alex: Dear Mom, I love you! 
  • Pearl: I love you Alice! I can't wait to see you. 
  • Artemis: Dear Daddy, thank you for sending me mail. 
  • Tessa: Dear Emily, Tony, Lanny I hope you visit soon. 
  • Charley: Dear Willa and Beckett thank you for inviting me to your house. I love the new house you made. 
  • David John: Dear Nonna, I love you and I love when you send me mail. 
  • Dylan: Dear Kate and Dad, your heart is full of joy. 
  • Ines: Dear Dad, have a great day. 
  • Louis: Dear Dad and mom I love you. 
  • Libby: Dear Mom and Dad I love you. 
  • Fjola: Dear Mom I miss you! 
  • Colin: I love you Penny 
  • Della: Daddy, I love you have a great day! 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Mia received a post card from her dad and Maria! 
  • Ines got a letter from her Nana! 

Self Portraits 

  • Mia: I'm a mermaid. I'm wearing a bracelet. 
  • Della: A person smelling the flowers. That's me! 
  • Charley: This is me kissing the sun. 
  • Tessa: This is my flower and my sun. This is my ice pop. These are my clothes and my bracelet and my long hair. 
  • Mishaan: Hair, eyes, mouth, belly, arms and legs. 
  • Ines: I have a little skirt. 
  • Leo: My mom, me and God under the sun and clouds. 
  • Louis: The girls were walking under me, Alex, Jay, and Leo. 
  • Alexander: This is me and my brother walking nowhere. 
  • David John: It's me and batgirl saving the city and the world. We're going through twisty grass. And we cover the bad guys in cookie dough! 
  • Zachary: This is me and the bad guy. I'm a good guy! the bad guy is putting a chicken in a cage. I put my hair on top of the bad guy so he can't see and use my arm to get the chicken. And as always, I'm on stilts. 


  • Feather and Q-tip Painting 
  • Weaving


  • Twister