Language and Literacy 

  • Books: The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

Morning Meeting: Our Field Trip to the Post Office is this Week -Who Will You Send a Postcard to? 

  • Mishaan: My dad. 
  • Cole: My cousin Jack 
  • Zachary: My cousins Alex, Emily and Katie. 
  • Jay: Mom! 
  • Alexander: Donald Trump 
  • Ines: Dad
  • Tessa: Emily, Tony, and Lanny 
  • Fjola: Mommy and Daddy 
  • Artemis: Mom and dad 
  • Della: My dad 
  • Charley: My cousins Willa and Becket. 
  • Colin: Penny! 
  • Mia: Daddy 
  • Dylan: My cousins and my daddy and mommy. 
  • Pearl: My fish at my house and cousin. 
  • Louis: Mommy and daddy. 
  • Leo: God. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

Jay received a post card from his grandmother in London! Jay described the pictures on the postcard to his friends. 

  • Jay: This is the pharmacy, village, phone call, baseball, and the round thing is the London Eye. It  goes round and round. This is the statue of death! That's the Queen's house. The Queen is old. And London Bridge. The white shows the clock. 
    • Alexander: The queen's house was a famous jail when the queen died. 
    • Zachary: What did the sign say? 
    • Jay: Sadness because the queen died.
    • Leo: Where did the queen die?
    • Jay: In jail.
    • Ines: How did the queen die?
    • Jay: Because she was old. I think she was 100. 
    • Pearl: Did the queen faint or die?
    • Jay: She died.  
    • Alexander: I think she died in her palace. And then it was a museum. Bad guys who tried to break the palace got their heads chopped off. 
    • Artemis: Who made the bridge? 
    • Jay: I think a scuba diver went on a boat and made it. It used to be water, but then they made the bridge.
    • Cole: How did the Queen get inside the jail? Was she bad or good?
    • Jay: She died in the palace actually. The Queen was good.


  • Self Portraits
    • Pearl: It looks like a pig human! The skirt is too big.
    • Colin: Head, body, arms, legs, eyes.
  • Clay
    • Dylan: This is a bug with 100 eyes.
    • Colin: I got this small piece. You just twist this tool around.
    • Jay: I am making a baseball field. It's the final game!


  • Today we went to Washington Market Park.