Messy Art Day! 

  • Fingerpainting 
    • Pearl: Is it gonna be cold? Yeah it's cold! 
    • Mishaan: It feels squishy! 
  • Washington Market Park - We took a bucket of chalk to Washington Market Park and drew pictures and treasure maps on the playground.

Morning Meeting Greeting: Today we did a knock, knock greeting to practice our last names. 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Mia: I went to San Diego, it took a long ride to get there! This is me holding a panda and a koala and this is another animal I don't remember the name. This is the rollercoaster I went on with daddy. This is lego-land in San Diego. I saw a real fairy! This is me taking a picture with the girls made out of legos. This is the giant boat in San Diego but it's not the intrepid. This is sea world, I met a mermaid. This is pluto at Disney land and this is the zoo. This is when I was taking a picture in the safari park, petting the goats too! This is me with a whale and this is me with a Nemo. This is the last day when my face was painted. 
    • Pearl: Was it long to get there? 
    • Mia: Very long. 
    • Artemis: How did you get to hold the animals?
    • Mia: Actually I was not holding the animals, they just put them in the picture. 
    • Tessa: I love your book! 


Welcome Caterpillars! 

  •  Cup of caterpillar observations -In the coming weeks we will document our caterpillars growth as they turn into chrysalides and then into beautiful butterflies! 
    • Alexander: The bottom stuff is what the caterpillars eat. It helps them make a cocoon. 
    • Tessa: This is a caterpillar and then it goes in its cocoon and becomes a butterfly. 
    • Louis: After tomorrow they will be butterflies! 
    • Tessa: There are spikes on them. Caterpillars are really spikey. 
    • Charley: I'm going to draw a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.