Work Together Wednesday 

  • Today we had a book sale! The Pre-K class worked together to create a Super Kid and Super Family book in honor of the Hope & Heroes organization. This organization "funds the life-saving work on childhood cancer and blood disorders at Columbia University Medical Center." Thank you to all of the parents for your generous donations! 
    • Cole: So Arun passes the money to me, I put the money in the box, then Colin hands out the books and Tessa puts the bookmarks in the book for the people who buy it.
    • Jay: If you give us $100, we'll give you back $20.  
    • Arun: I put the money in and call out who gets the book. 

Happy Birthday Alexander! 

  • Today we celebrated Alexander's birthday with his family. First Alexander's mom read The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet. Pre-K loved this book! Then students each had a turn hitting the piñata!  After, we sang happy birthday to Alexander and enjoyed cupcakes! 

Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Fjola: Mommy and me were are going back home to brush our teeth and sleep. We are also walking and in the car. On vacation we saw ice and mountains. we saw a waterfall. That's statues and that's me and that's my doll. That's me and Valdi seeing the ducks in the pool. I collected a leaf and feather and pine needles.
    • Artemis: Where did you get pine needles? 
    • Fjola: In the forest 
    • Tessa: I have pine needles back at Wood lock 
    • Arun: I saw remote control people surviving in the ice. 
    • Pearl: How did you remember everything?
    • Fjola: I looked at it closely and then I started to remember it. 

Magna Tiles on the Light Table 

  • Louis: Mia has this idea, so we're making a house! 
  • Mishaan: Whoever has magna tiles at home should bring them so we can make a magna tile house and go inside it. 

Work with a Partner to Paint a Picture Together 

  • Mia: I want to be a mommy and an artist. 
  • Ines: I'm gonna be a mom and have a bunny for a pet. 
  • Della: This is a house 
  • Colin: This is a spy treasure map! 
  • Leo: No, gold treasure! 

Geo boards 

  • Ines, Cole, Zachary, and Tessa worked together to connect their geo boards together. 
  • Ines: We're working together!