• Today for Week of the Young Child we celebrated Tasty Tuesday! First students put all of their favorite snacks into the mystery bag and then each student picked a new snack and ate it! Then during morning meeting we played a skittle taste test game. First students tried each flavor of skittles from a cup and then they were blindfolded and had to guess which flavor skittle they were eating. Lastly, students made english muffin pizzas and enjoyed them as a snack after lunch! 

Morning Meeting: Vacation Journal Sharing 

  • Cole: I flew to on a plane for a long time to get to Maui. There's a place in the hotel where you have dinner and where the hula dancer comes. There's a boy that runs around and lights the sticks. I watched it on the last day.  When I went down the slide the kid squirted me wth a water bucket! This was the best shaved ice place! On my birthday we went on a helicopter ride and I saw that a volcano erupted. Then I went for an easter egg hunt on the beach and the easter bunny was there. 
    • Mishaan: How did you guys know the volcano erupted?
    • Cole: everyone knows in Hawaii. 
    • Zachary: Did the boy try to get sticks? 
    • Cole: He does it every day. we either missed it or it started raining. 
    • Arun: How did the easter bunny come?
    • Cole: He was just dressed up as the easter bunny. 
    • Colin: How did you get to go on the helicopter? 
    • Cole: My choices were a helicopter or a boat, but the boat I couldn't see any whales. 

During morning meeting this week, students have been using small notebooks to write down their thoughts. This helps them raise their hands without calling out because they can write down their idea or draw a picture of it. Then they will remember what they want to say, even if they do not get called on right away.

Making Bookmarks to Sell for Donations  

  • Arun: 2 arrows getting ready to shoot. 2 arrows by themselves, and 1 arrows not getting ready to shoot. 
  • Della: A design 
  • Pearl: I'm drawing mom 
  • Cole: I just wrote my name, 


  • Leo got a postcard from his dad in St. Lucia! 
  • Mishaan got an easter card from his family in Pennsylvania! 
  • Artemis got a card from her grandpa in Canada. 


  • Louis: This is a museum where reptiles live like lizards, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, dragons and even dinosaurs!