Language and Literacy

  • Today we read Super Kids and Super Families Working Together -This book was written by Pre-K to sell for the Hopes and Heroes charity. 

Happy Music Monday! It is the beginning of the Week of the Young Child, and today we are celebrating with music!

What is your favorite instrument? 

  • Jay: Harmonica 
  • Artemis: Keyboard 
  • Zachary: A triangle! Not the instruments, just the shape! 
  • Ines: Trumpet
  • David John: Kazoo! 
  • Adlai: Gong because it makes a loud noise and sometimes shakes.
  • Cole: Electric guitar, trumpet, and drum. 
  • Della: Piano 
  • Arun: Electric guitar and bass guitar. 
  • Charley: Flute 
  • Colin: Acoustic guitar
  • Fjola: Accordion 
  • Pearl: Maracas 
  • Louis: Accordion 
  • Mia: Piano
  • Mishaan: Acoustic guitar 
  • Tessa: Acoustic guitar 
  • Leo: Electric guitar and cymbals and piano.
  • Dylan: I like the banjo and piano and electric guitar. 

Music with Josie 

  • Today Josie the 3A teacher and some Pre-K parents came in to share songs and finger plays with us! We sang: 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive, Wind the Bobbin Up,  Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, and Pass the Bean Bag! 


  • Illustrate pictures for Super Kids and Super Families Working together. 
    • Mishaan: The sky is grey because it's raining and this is lightening. 
    • Jay: This is Superboy's sword and shield and cape. 
    • Louis: Superboy is flying to the villain. 
    • Cole: The big one is the villain. 
  • Write the name of your favorite instrument.

Mail and Mailboxes

  • Ines got a card from her nana Pattie!
  • Artemis got a card from her grandma Kathy in Canada!