Language and Literacy 

Today Pre-K wrote a superhero story to sell during the Week of the Young Child for the Hopes and Heroes charity. 

  • Jay: One day, super boy woke up and saw a villain outside his window. 
  • Colin: The villain was stealing people's things. 
  • Louis: Super boy flew to the villain. 
  • Charley: Super boy said "stop stealing people's things because that's bad!" 
  • Arun: Then super boy used his laser eyes but the bad guy used a shield to block it, and super boy got a bruise. 
  • Cole: Supergirl swooped in when she noticed super boy had a bruise. 
  • Mishaan: They both tried to get the burglar, but the shield blocked them. 
  • Zachary: The bad guy jumped off the building and the super kids called the police but the bad guy froze the police. 
  • Tessa: Then super dad and super mom came to the rescue. They used their lasers to put the bad guy in jail because he didn't use his shield quick enough. 
  • Fjola: They made sure that Mr. Freeze the bad guy was safely in jail. 
  • Della: The super family realized that super baby was in trouble. A bad guy was taking super baby to jail. 
  • Dylan: The super family got their super friends to out match the bad guy, and they used their super work together powers to get super baby back safely. 
  • Ines: And then they all became friends. 
  • David John: Then the bad guys got out of jail using the code 30258. 
  • Leo: Then super cousin used a little fuzz ball to take them to the president. 
  • Pearl: The super kids created magic to make the bad guys good. 
  • Adlai: The super family and super friends and bad guys who are now good got a ride on a dragon. 
  • Mia: They rode off into the sunset! 


  • Painting Donation Box 
    • Arun: Green for money! 
    • Louis: I want red. the red side is so beautiful. Red is my favorite color more than any other color. 


  • Today we made earth day cookies in honor of Earth Day tomorrow! First we made sugar cookies from scratch, then we added blue and green food coloring, and rolled them into balls like the earth!