Language and Literacy 

  • Today we did a special activity with Dylan's aunty Lynn and his grandma Chris. First aunty Lynn read Wild Sea Creatures: Sharks, Whales, and Dolphins! (Wild kratts). Then each student made their own "aquarium" with small water bottles, oil, glitter, food coloring, and ocean stickers! 
  • Books: More Caps for Sale

Morning Meeting: Vacation Journal Sharing

Della: What I saw in spring break was birds and palm trees, in Florida. I played basketball with my dad and mommy. I played in the pool, and made a sandcastle. Then we had an easter egg hunt in Florida. At the very very end I visited dad at work. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • Pre-K received a post card from Tessa who visited Florida over spring break! 
  • Jay received a card from his cousin Nyah in London! Nyah drew Jay a picture of a pink dragon, and she labeled it with the word "Dragon." She also sent a picture of herself, Jay, and Jay's brother. Some students commented that Nyah is very beautiful!


  • Making Earths and Solar Systems 
    • Tessa: I made the silliest planet. Pluto is cold because it's the farthest planet away from the sun. 
    • Mishaan: This is the sun. This is where the Earth is going to go. That's Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. 
    • Della: This planet is the one I know that has a circle in the middle. The other planets spin and spin and never stop. 
    • Arun: The sun is in the middle.

Pattern Blocks

  • Charley: We're making an owl, car, and helicopter.
  • Adlai: I'm using a diamond and a hexagon.
  • Pearl: Diamond, diamond, triangle, diamond.


  • Zachary: Secret Millennium Falcon!
  • David John: This is a horse with a jet pack. It can fly higher than space!
  • Adlai: This can spin and shoot anything that tries to destroy it. And it can fly.


  • Ines: Mine is not falling! I did make it balance.
  • Jay: This is the cannon and this is the hole where stars shoot out and go to space. 
  • Colin: People can go under on this path. And people can climb up this ladder and walk on this path.