Language and Literacy 

  • Ines wrote the Morning Message. 
  • Morning Meeting Greeting: High-five your neighbor and say good morning! 
  • Music themed book of the day: Playtime Music Box -Della

Today each student chose a center buddy out of a hat. Each pair had to choose a center together and work together. Here were the pairs:

  • Dylan and Tessa. 
  • Jay and Zachary. 
  • Adlai and Mia.
  • Leo and Alexander. 
  • Mishaan and Pearl.
  • Cole and Charley. 
  • Arun and Della. 
  • Ines and Colin. 
  • Artemis and Fjola. 
  • Louis and David John. 


  • How We See Ourselves -Draw the Other Half of You're Face. 
    • Arun: It's me and my other face. 
    • Zachary: That's my face but I put them in the wrong place. 
    • Ines: I did my straight hair and my eyes and a little nose and my mouth. 
  • Easel Painting 
    • It's a rainfall -Della 
    • It's a rainbow house for butterflies -David John and Louis. 
  • Drawing 
    • Mishaan: This is a picture of the Titanic. 
    • Fjola: This is Artemis, that's me, and that's my mommy. 


  • Zachary: I pulled out garbage, but it's too much! 
  • Tessa: It's a huge garbage chute. 

Sensory Bin

  • Animal washing! 

Dominos -Matching numbers 

  • Tessa: I'm making a bridge!