Happy Birthday Adlai! Today Adlai's family will come in to celebrate his birthday with cupcakes! 

Language and Literacy

  • Morning morning writers: Adlai, Ines and Artemis. 
  • Morning meeting greeting: Popcorn on a Train! 
  • Book of the Day: A Year in a Castle and Goodnight Little Dragon -Adlai. 
  • Spring Countdown Calendar: Today we discovered that there are only 14 days left until Spring! 


  • How We See Ourselves- Draw the other half of you're face. 
    • Mishaan: That thing with the circle is my face. 
    • Pearl: That is me and my mommy and my grandma and my other grandma. We're going through a big blue rainbow. 
    • Dylan: I don't know exactly what I look like so I draw it like that. 
    • Jay: I'm in the clouds flying. 
    • Louis: I draw a lot of eyebrows. 
  • Post Card Project 
    • Ines: Dear Dad, Have a great day. Love Ines 
    • Pearl: Dear Gwennie and Mom, Gum balls! Love, Pearl
  • Magic Forest Houses out of Clay and Seashells. 
    • Ines: The snails will see the mermaids. 
    • Cole: Two persons and two aliens. 
    • Mishaan: There are little shells on the inside. 
    • Dylan: I have two purple shells. 
  • Self Portraits on cardboard with natural materials


  • Louis: I need to draw it first! It's a dinosaur home. 
  • Cole: And a mountain. 

Mail and Mailboxes 

  • The Pre-K class received a post card from Alexander from when he was in London visiting his grandparents! 
  • Dylan received a letter and superman stickers from his Grandma and Pop-pop in Massachusetts. 
  • Della got a card from her papa. 
  • Tessa got a postcard from her grandma and grandpa in Florida. 
  • Leo's dad sent him two postcards from Colorado! 
  • Mishaan's cousins Molly and Maya sent him postcards from Mexico! 


  • Today students sorted fruit loops by color!