Language and Literacy 

  • Music Themed Book of the Day: Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo -David John

Newscaster of the Day: Emily shared about her trip to Uganda! 

  • The students that Emily met in Uganda answered the questions from the Pre-K students.
    • Della asked, "What do you eat for breakfast? I eat fruit like mangoes, strawberries, and cantaloupe. I also love pancakes and bagels."
    • Students responded:
      - porridge
      - potatoes
      - posho (cornmeal mash)
    • Fjola asked, "What does your house look like in Uganda?"

    • Students responded:
      - green, orange, gray.

    • Colin asked, "How do you get to school in Uganda?"

    • Students responded:
      - motorcycle, car, walk.

    • Arun asked, "How is it like in uganda?

    • Students responded:
      - It's GOOD! It's hot. We like to play football (which is what we call soccer). 

    • Emily asked, "Do you have any pets?"

    • Students responded:
      - Yes! We have dogs, cats, and rabbits!

    • Emily asked, "What is your greatest wish?"

    • Students responded:
      - to be invisible
      - to fly
      - to be the strongest person in the world
      - to be the fastest person in the world
      - to be a spider
      - to be a gorilla
      - to be a princess.

    • We discussed how a lot of these responses seem similar to what the Pre-K students at Buckle My Shoe would say too!

    • Emily also shared some photos of animals that she saw in Uganda (gorillas, hippos, chimpanzees, and lions)!


Today Diane came into our classroom to make houses with the students out of clay and seashells for the "magical forest" coming soon into the sensory room at BMS.

  • David John: This is a fairy house with rocks and clay and sea shells stuck on the side. Tomorrow I want to make a mermaid house. 
  • Ines: My house is for the real mermaids to go in. 
  • Pearl: My house is a mermaid house. It has a lot of sea shells on it. I made a mermaid out of the clay too. 

Spring Wishes 

  • Artemis: my spring wish is to wear warm clothes! 
  • Della: I wish to get a greyhound because it's my mom's favorite dog. 

Mail and Mail Boxes 

  • Today we started our postcard project with the Pre-K class. Each student will write their own BMS postcard to a family member, and we will mail them all together when we take our field trip to the post office in the next few weeks! 
    • Colin: I want to send a post card to my friend Penny because she sent me a letter. 
    • Mishaan: I'm sending my post card to my dad. I want to say thank you for sending me mail. 


  • Today we had french with Florence. We started our lesson with the Bonjour song. Then we played a body parts dice game. After we did the hokey pokey in French!