Language and Literacy 

Today Colin's parents, John and Jess came in for a special activity. First on a world map, John asked students to point out where The United States of America is and where France is! Then he asked what do New Yorkers usually eat?

  • Mishaan: Pasta! 
  • Dylan: Candy and hotdogs 
  • Fjola: Pizza 

Then we found France on the map. We talked about what people like to eat in France: baguettes, snails, and crepes. John read Crepes by Suzette. After, students enjoyed homemade crepes with their choice of nutella, bananas, and strawberries or all three. They were delicious!

Newscaster of the Day: Arun

  • Arun: I went on a real sailboat and I got to steer. One time when I was sleeping my mom took a picture of me. I went to coco's pool and I went on an alligator. My mom took a picture of me saying caps for sale. This is my emoji stress ball. 
    • Mishaan: Did you swim in the ocean to get to the sailboat?
      • Arun: No, we got on it, and then they pushed it out.
      • Cole: How did the alligator fall?
      • Arun: There were too many people on it! 
      • Artemis: Where did you get that ball?
      • Arun: In Antigua.
      • Louis: What store did you get it in?
      • Arun: I can't read so I don't know. 
      • Dylan: Why did your mom take that picture?
      • Arun: Because she thought it was cute. It's really nice there. Its always hot.  


  • Draw a portrait of a friend 
    • Charley: I'm drawing Artemis because she's my best friend. 
    • Fjola: This is me and Libby. 
    • Mia: I picked Ines. 
    • Dylan drew a picture for Libby. 
    • Pearl: I'm drawing Ines 
  • Skittle and Corn Syrup Painting - First, students sorted the skittles into different jars by color. Then they poured corn syrup over them. We let them soak in the corn syrup for over one hour. Then we mixed them up and used them as paint!
    • Louis: Mine is lighter green and yellow. 
    • Libby: Mine is purple. 
    • Louis: Super Shiny 

Music with Isabella 

  • Isabella taught us about a pentatonic scale, which is 5 notes. Students got to play the notes and make up their own song.