Language and Literacy 

  • Music Themed Book of the Day: Groovy Joe, Ice cream and Dinosaurs -Zachary's mom, Bridget came in to read his book of the day to the class during lunch! 

Morning Meeting: Good Morning Bakers! 

  • Greeting: Students greeted each other with Hoppy the bunny.
  • Share something that is happening in your life! 
    • Leo: My dad's leaving tomorrow. I don't know where he's going. He's leaving really early in the morning. I'm gonna make chocolate chip cookies. 
      • Louis: Why didn't he tell you where he is going? 
        • Jay: Why does he have to leave? 
    • Colin: I have a camera and I might bring it to the show tomorrow. I use it myself, I know how to work the whole thing. 
      • Mishaan: Was it that computer like you showed me at your house? 
      • Collin: Maybe 
    • Tessa: My grandma died, she was 104. 
      • Zachary: She was very old! 
        • Mishaan: She is 100 years older than you. 
    • Dylan: My mom's sick because she had a cold. 
      • Artemis: How did she catch a cold? 
      • Dylan: Maybe she gets up to go to work and she gets up in the night and gets a cold. 
      • Adlai: Is she coughing a lot? 
      • Dylan : Yeah, she's sneezing and coughing. She's even home from work! 


  • Today during centers we made ninjabread cookies from our book The Ninjabread Man. But first students wrote out the recipe! 

Singing and Action with Josie! 

  • Today the 3B teacher Josie came in for a workshop with children's songs, finger plays, and action music for enhancing group time and facilitating learning through music and movement.