Language and Literacy

  • Tessa's music books of the day
    • Mole Music: This book showed us the power of music. It has the ability to melt away sadness and anger. It also showed us that if you practice, you get better and better!
    • Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin: This book taught us the different names when various numbers of instruments are playing (solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, etc.). It had a lot of fun words and sounds!


  • Students began making invitations for Special Person Day. They worked hard on writing the words and drawing pictures on the invitations.
    • Mia: This is a heart balloon!
  • Students used felt mats and felt letters to spell their names and make the alphabet.


  • Stamps
  • Dyeing Paper
    • Cole: Ines wants purple.
    • Ines: I pushed it in. That's better.
  • Drawing


  • Block area
    • Colin: I'm building a house.
    • Charley: And a park!
  • Self portraits with small blocks
    • David John: The triangles are the feet and eyes and nose. And the rectangles are the mouth and arms and body.
    • Jay: I was in a battle. And I was driving a ship.
    • Zachary: This is my neck, this is my nose. These are my eyes, my eyebrows, my hair, my arms, my feet.
    • Leo: That's my two eyes, my two arms, my mouth. My legs, my hair. That's it!
  • Legos
    • Dylan: I made a time machine. It can take you back to time.
    • David John: It can blast you and it can turn you into anything. I would turn into a big monster in a rocketship.
    • Leo: This is a shooter! It can transform.
    • Jay: This is a duck goose. It can chomp anything in the world.
    • Louis: Mine can smash. When there are bad guys, it can sneeze and blow it to space. It's called the big birder.


  • Bonjour song
  • Simon Says (Jacques a dit) - We practiced the different body parts in French.
  • Ring around the Rosie in French. We did it fast and slow, loud and soft, and high and low.


  • KidzBop on GoNoodle - We sang and danced to the song "Happy."
  • In the gym, we played "Pre-K Ninja Warrior." Each student completed an obstacle course involving crawling through a tunnel, walking on a balance beam (with obstacles on it!), and throwing a ball into a basket. Students cheered for each student as they took their turn.